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The Canadian Peeps!

So I'd like to maintain a board for the Canadian customers.  A place where we can share our events, promos, problems etc.


I sometimes see deals and info for Canadians and rather then posting a new convo all the time maybe we can just share on this board.


I think it would be easier to communicate with each other if we only had one board to follow.




Where to shop!


So I do have a list/link somewhere with brands and where they are found.  I'll try and dig it out and if you want it pm me Smiley Wink


For those who don't know...


Shoppers Drug Mart and Murale have a wonderful loyalty program and your points are worth "cash" in store.


The Bay is bringing in more brands... just recently Burberry. I'm thinking we will see more good things come.  They also have a VIP program... I am not too sure how it all works but it applies to all purchases from the store and you get a 20$ off 100$ makeup purchase coupon almost every month... Like who wouldn't want that!  Hello MAC!


Beautylish ships to Canada and they are FAST!  Order processed and shipped within the hour and arrives the next day!


Now that we have Nordies in Canada you might be able to call a counter and get items shipped to you.  Some things you can get shipped from the site.


Apparently Saks is coming.  I believe The Bay is the one who will be owning them and bring them in.


If you get a good SA at Holts you can also get stuff shipped to you.


Sorry been MIA from this board a long time.





Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Man, it had to be THIS weekend. Bah! This sounds like fun!

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

The Bay now offers 3 free samples with every online purchase! You can choose at checkout. They look to be good sizes.

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Nice! Some of those are deluxe size. 


I really like how our Canadian retailers are stepping up their game. 

Re: The Canadian Peeps!


Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Kiehl's is having a family and friends sale (20% on EVERYTHING) from June.5 to June.8 on the online store and all free stand stores across Canada (not including the counters inside the Bay and Holt Renfrew). This sale happens only once a year, so it is time to stock up!

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

The Bay is having a Friends and Family Sale. 10% off beauty and fragrances. 

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

What? They do? Yayyyyyyy! 

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

My computer ate my earlier post. Bastille gets you up to 20% Off at lancome, tonight and longer if they forget to turn it off. Any good clinique bonuses coming up? Sears is due i think.

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

YSL Kiss & Blush event at the Eaton's center  in Toronto (and other locations) July 18th and 19th. The card says:


"Learn from our experienced artists how to mix and match colour with this new hybrid air-whipped texture, perfect for both lips and cheeks"


Exclusive Gift:


Recieve a complimentary trial-size tient touche eclat foundation upon your Yves St. Laurent consultation exclusively at Sephora.


Also at:

Sephora Metropolis (BC)

Sephora CHinook (Calgary)

Sephora West Edmonton


Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Friends and Family Event
Sunday, July 13, 2014 to Saturday, July 19, 2014
Crabtree & Evelyn

20% off your entire purchase of $50 or more


Toronto Eaton Centre.

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Heads Up for Canadian Estee Lauder lovers. At the canadian website of Estee Lauder They have a limited Edition Double wear foundation kit for $49.50 That includes aDouble wear light foundation, Concealer, Primer, Foundation Brush and Eye Gel. It is available in intensity 1, 2, 3 and 6 (Previously this set was available only in intensity 6)

According to CS Rep I talked with Every thing is full size except Eye gel which is Trial size.

Shipping is free and you get to choose a free sample. Available sample options include a Deluxe size Mascara and other foil samples.

 Eye Gel is not shown in the Pic.

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

From The Bay. This is nice if you can buddy the promos.

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Thanks lovinglondon, I just availed it with some extra perks like free shipping and free beauty blender cleanser.But after Rouge event I'm seriously considering to limit my BT time, all the enablers here are making me crush my wallet. 

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

The next clinique beauty bonus at the bay is mid-september. Illamasqua also has a sign up at the Yorkdale location stating that all regular priced products are 25% off.

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Is that 25% off only @ yorkdale location or@ all Bay stores.

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Fatimamummy: I only was the poster at the Yorkdale location.. I would try calling and let us know!

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Sherway Gardens also have Illamasqua on sale. They're out of the cream pigment in Hollow and Hydra Veil - hope that helps someone's shopping trip!

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

SDM has 20X the points event on for Costmetics if you buy $75 or more from Aug 16-22. I also noticed that in the same week they have Smashbox primers for 10X the points and Quo brushes for 15X the points.


This means that you would get 30X the points if you buy Smashbox primer and 35X the points if you buy Quo brushes.I checked on a Canadian deal board with people who use the Optimum program a lot and they confirmed that brushes are included as cosmetics. To have these extra multipliers during a 20X the points event is pretty rare and makes it a great way to get Optimium points even faster! 


Too bad I just bought some brushes for my daughter during the Surge event. 

Does anyone have any Quo brushes? Are they any good?

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Managed to confirm it is all Bay locations where Illamsqua is on sale!

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Yes and it is online as well..... Ah I'm trying my best to hold onto my nobuy.

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Not sure why I couldn't find this thread via search, but apparently Toronto will be getting a Muji mid-December. I don't know if third-party links are allowed on this board, given that we post promos from competitors on here anyway (and I really wouldn't consider Muji one- if anything else, I foresee more impluse purchasing to fill voids)


Via The Globe and Mail:



Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Yeah, I saw that too! Hopefully the markup isn't crazy high! 

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Heads up guys, The Bay is offering 6 free sample with online beauty purchase ( no minimum required) , There are around 8 deluxe samples out of almost 12.

Since Illamasqua is on sale so this is an excellent time to grab one sale item and 6 free deluxe samples. 

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

I really hope this isn't the case.... but I tried to find Sephora through ebates Canada just now, and it's not there anymore. Please, please, PLEASE don't let this be yet another way Canadians are getting screwed by online retail

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

You are right , I'll check if a MOD can clarify about it.