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The Canadian Peeps!

So I'd like to maintain a board for the Canadian customers.  A place where we can share our events, promos, problems etc.


I sometimes see deals and info for Canadians and rather then posting a new convo all the time maybe we can just share on this board.


I think it would be easier to communicate with each other if we only had one board to follow.




Where to shop!


So I do have a list/link somewhere with brands and where they are found.  I'll try and dig it out and if you want it pm me Smiley Wink


For those who don't know...


Shoppers Drug Mart and Murale have a wonderful loyalty program and your points are worth "cash" in store.


The Bay is bringing in more brands... just recently Burberry. I'm thinking we will see more good things come.  They also have a VIP program... I am not too sure how it all works but it applies to all purchases from the store and you get a 20$ off 100$ makeup purchase coupon almost every month... Like who wouldn't want that!  Hello MAC!


Beautylish ships to Canada and they are FAST!  Order processed and shipped within the hour and arrives the next day!


Now that we have Nordies in Canada you might be able to call a counter and get items shipped to you.  Some things you can get shipped from the site.


Apparently Saks is coming.  I believe The Bay is the one who will be owning them and bring them in.


If you get a good SA at Holts you can also get stuff shipped to you.


Sorry been MIA from this board a long time.




Re: The Canadian Peeps!

SDM special on Fragrance ends TODAY!  130$ worth of Fragrance for 65 000 points.  Plus you might be able to add the 20% off coupon that's valid only today.  I got my coupon by e-mail

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

172$ E.L beauty bonus when you spend 80$ or more at Holts right now.

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Hello ladies! I have two new things from Hudsons Bay to share. First off there is a tomorrow only  coupon for 20$ off when you spend 100$ on cosmetics/Fragrances, so as good as a 20% off sale if you were planning on spending 100$. April 10th only I think


Hudsons Bay Coupon April 9 2014.jpg


Secondly they are apparently also hosting a Lancome event:


Lancome April 9 2014.jpg

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

thanks for sharing this!

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Shoppers is having their redemption event this weekend! Save an extra $15 when you cash in 50k points, or $30 if you cash in 95k points. This is a great time to spend those optimum points!

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Any Calgarians here? What have you heard about the new Nordstrom opening in the fall? Jealous you get the first one. When it does open, would love to hear about what cosmetics events/gift with purchases etc they had to celebrate, may save up my makeup purchases for the Ontario openings Smiley Tongue

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

MAKEUP FOR EVER – Learn To Play, Friday, Apr.4 & Saturday, Apr.5

I have tons and tons of makeup. And sometimes it’s fun just to sit down and play with it all. Personally, I like to experiment with different looks and techniques (can anyone say YouTube beauty videos?). I’m still trying to perfect that smoky eye look!

Luckily, this weekend (Friday, April 4 & Saturday, April 5) Sephora + MAKE UP FOR EVER are giving you a chance to learn how to play…with your makeup!!

You know I’m all over this right? You’ll be paired up with your own professional artist who will teach you how to perfect a particular look. You can choose from Highlight + Contour, Classic Lift, Smoky Eye (this one’s for me!!!), and Lip + Cheek!

When you’re done you will be matched with a foundation that is perfect for your complexion as well as take-home instructions on how to do the look you learned yourself.

So…this weekend, I guess you know what I will be doing…learning to play with my makeup!

Pop-Up Make Up School + Boutique
Yorkdale – Centre Court TORONTO

Friday, April 4th – 10a – 9p
Saturday, April 5th – 12p – 9pm


Re: The Canadian Peeps!

The Bay is having their Friends & Family sale! 20% off almost everything with an HBC credit card, or 15% if you don't have one. 

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Sephora has stopped carrying the Too Faced eyeshadow brush set (only the full set). Does anybody know anywhere else in Canada where I can find it? Thanks!

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Hi bcteagirl,


It does not look like the 3 Piece eyeshadow brush set from Too Faced is available at any Sephora stores. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. You may want to try the Sephora Collection Natural Resources Everyday Eye Brush set, a comparable product available in store and on our website. 

<3, Randee

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Anyone one out there from Saskatoon that went to the rouge Event on the 30th?


Re: The Canadian Peeps!

OMG OMG I found it in QC!!!! This is fantastic no more shipping costs "happy dance" and smoooooooooooooches all around!

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Do any Canadians know where I can get L'Occitane? They are out of stock for the "great" 15% sale here and I'm pissed.

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

You can order from their website, it is available at the Bay and SDM. L'occitane has own boutique too!

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

EL event was great fun!!


Just a note for Torontinians, Holika Holika (Vietnamese cosmetic brand) has just opened up at 311 Queen St. E. Today they have 10% off, and after that a free sampler (skincare stuff) with purchase. It is not an expensive brand,and fun so well worth checking out. They put samples in my bag on top of the discount today, I bought face masks and a BB cream to try for summer.


I am hoping some beauty peeps can tell me where I can buy Tarino Tarantino cosmetics (especially the eyeshadow pigment) in Toronto? Online shipping from the brand website is quite high.


Thank you!

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

I saw Tarino at Winners last week Smiley Happy

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

The Bay is offering a 16 piece gift set with $125 purchase.


Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Cool, thanks!

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Hey! everyone! Just found out that Murale *owned by SDM* is having a promotion! The site says "Receive a $30 splurge card or coupon code when you spend $100 or more on almost anything in store or online"


I believe that when it says 'in-store' it means, a Murale location. But i'll settle for online too! Smiley Happy

Sephora, you just got served. Murale is offering a 30% discount if you want to look at it like that! Woohoo! 

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Have you ever ordered from That kind of promotion is so worth getting on board on! Seriously kinda sucks that there's only 1 store in Toronto. How is the shopping experience? Would you say it has the same number of brands as Sephora? Thanks!

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

I ordered from Murale for the fab and free promotion! I live in Vancouver so the shipping took a little longer, but they have some of the same brands as Sephora (that I noticed) and some brands that Sephora doesn't carry that I like (like Cake Beauty). You just have to go through their website and see. PLUS! You can combine GWPs... so you can get brand specific ones and general ones too which I thought was super awesome! Aside from the Fab and Free bag I ended up getting a Nest fragrance GWP and a Cake Beauty GWP! Smiley Happy Hope that helps.

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