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The Canadian Peeps!

So I'd like to maintain a board for the Canadian customers.  A place where we can share our events, promos, problems etc.


I sometimes see deals and info for Canadians and rather then posting a new convo all the time maybe we can just share on this board.


I think it would be easier to communicate with each other if we only had one board to follow.




Where to shop!


So I do have a list/link somewhere with brands and where they are found.  I'll try and dig it out and if you want it pm me Smiley Wink


For those who don't know...


Shoppers Drug Mart and Murale have a wonderful loyalty program and your points are worth "cash" in store.


The Bay is bringing in more brands... just recently Burberry. I'm thinking we will see more good things come.  They also have a VIP program... I am not too sure how it all works but it applies to all purchases from the store and you get a 20$ off 100$ makeup purchase coupon almost every month... Like who wouldn't want that!  Hello MAC!


Beautylish ships to Canada and they are FAST!  Order processed and shipped within the hour and arrives the next day!


Now that we have Nordies in Canada you might be able to call a counter and get items shipped to you.  Some things you can get shipped from the site.


Apparently Saks is coming.  I believe The Bay is the one who will be owning them and bring them in.


If you get a good SA at Holts you can also get stuff shipped to you.


Sorry been MIA from this board a long time.




Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Would it be possible to tell me what is in the boxes (item and colours?)? I can't read the packaging and trying to decide if I should ask my sister to pick up something for me ...

Thanks soo much !

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in New Lover 2.5g
Lipgloss in Greek Holiday
Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer in St. Moritz 2mL
Pro Prime Pore Refining Primer 8mL
Orgasm Illuminator (sample sized, not pictured)
Nails Inc London Nailpolish 4mL

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Thank you !!

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Sephora at Eaton Centre has a Dior Event this weekend (March 7-9, 12 to 6 pm). Here's what's on the promo card I got today:


Join Us at the Dior Backstage Hero Event

Exclusively at Sephora

Behind the Scenes at Dior


Discover the hero products used backstage at a Dior Fashion Show. Watch and Learn Artist's Tips and Tricks and discover why Dior Hero products are must haves for your beauty wardrobe! Book your appointment today!

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

I think you are getting a mini size miss dior perfume with any Dior purchase

Re: The Canadian Peeps!


Armani International face designer is coming to the Bay (Holt Renfrew is having a similar event later this month, I'm wondering if it's the same thing :s) Store's phone number is on the card so you can call and book if you are interested. There will be GWP (deluxe sample+ compact mirror for over $145 and full size lip gloss and makeup bag for over $245). They also offer a masterclass in the evening with Reza Zaimeche ( there is a small deposit, I'm not sure how much).


Sorry about the picture! If anyone knows how to rotate it, please let me know.


Here is the number and the date just in case you can't see from the pic:

Vancouver Mar.14-15 6046816211 ext 6201

Queen Mar. 18-19 4168619111 ext 6522

Yorkdale Mar. 20 4167898011 ext 7624

Montreal Mar 21-22 5142814422 ext 2625


Re: The Canadian Peeps!

It finally came! YAY my Murale order!Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 7.24.03 PM.png

Re: The Canadian Peeps!


Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Hey you guys! I don't know if anyone knows this already, but I was in London Drugs today and they had 30% of theBalm and Mineral Fusion makeup! 
Also! There's a facebook offer for a free sample of YSL Gloss Volupte.. Just check their page and email yourself the offer!

Between the 1st and 31st of March, visit your nearest Yves Saint Laurent counter at The Hudson’s Bay to receive a COMPLIMENTARY sample of Gloss Volupte.
Offer valid only while supplies last at participating locations:
British Columbia:
Hudson's Bay Richmond – 6060 Minoru Blvd, Richmond, BC
Hudson's Bay Vancouver – 674 Grandville St., Vancouver, BC
Hudson's Bay Yorkdale – 3401 Dufferin St., North York, ON
Hudson's Bay Downtown – 176 Yonge St., Toronto, ON
Hudson's Bay Carrefour Laval – 3045 Boul. Le Carrefour, Laval, QC
Hudson's Bay Guerlain – 585 rue Ste-Catherine Ouest, Montreal, Québec

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Where did you find the email offer for the YSL Gloss Volupte? I looked on both of YSLs official pages and didn't see anything that would indicate the offer Smiley Sad

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

I saw it on their facebook page.. ... and I can't link it haha. But it was there! It's on the Yves Saint Laurent Fragrances & Beauty facebook page... If you google YSL facebook offer it hits as the second option to click for me. Smiley Happy

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Murale is turning 2 and has some pretty great online-only deals right now.  Free shipping, too!


Here's their banner.


Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 4.09.44 PM.png

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

These are all of the GWPs Murale is offering for their 2nd anniversary.
Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 8.39.24 PM.png

I'm pretty sure that Benefit GWP is one that you can buy at Sephora for $15Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 8.39.39 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-03-19 at 8.39.34 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-03-19 at 8.39.29 PM.pngAlso, they have some good samples right now, including deluxe samples of Benefit's They're Real mascara.


I just placed an order for $84.00 before tax (an Estee Lauder eyeshadow trio, a Clarins cleansing gel a Clarins and make-up remover). With that order I'm receiving the Estee Lauder GWP which includes a Pure Colour Lipstick, Pure Colour Lipgloss, a nail file, and Nail Lacquer valued at $85, and the Clarins GWP that includes a make-up bag, full size Joli Rouge Prodige (lipstick), a deluxe sample (10ml) of Multi-Active Serum, a deluxe sample of Body Lift (30ml), and a sample of their One-Step gentle Exfoliator valued at $60. I'm also getting 2 foil samples, a 1.2ml perfume sample, and deluxe samples of They're Real (I'm assuming it's the half size like what we got with last years birthday gift) and It's Potent eye cream.


So for $84 + tax, I'm getting about $160 of free stuff....and I'm not being double charged duty. Also, this gives me 840 points which will eventually be redeemed for cash.


Sephora has a lot to learn from SDM and Murale.


Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Nice haul! I'm placing an order, too Smiley Happy

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Where do u see all those images of the gwp?

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Thanks for the post!

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

SDM posted this on their FB page! FREE POINTS!

Optimum Members we have a special offer just for you! Give us your email address and we’ll send you personalized savings and offers on the stuff you buy most. Plus, enter promo code 2200 when you update your Optimum profile and receive 2,000 bonus points!

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Hello Canadian ladies! If you are in or near Toronto, I have extra invites to the Estee Lauder Warehouse sale next weekend that I am giving away. They are invites with an official seal on them, the back says you have to surrender them when exiting (paying). I have one for Friday (28th, 10-8pm), a pair for Saturday (Mar 29, 9-6pm) and a number for Sunday (Mar 30th, 9am-5pm). It is at Markham fair grounds. I haven't been before myself (Will be going!) so I don't really have specific answers on what to expect, other than the ticket says they are allowed to limit you to a certain number of a type  of product (E.g. no more than 3 gift baskets). 


I know some people sell these, but I am not. So a rule here is that they are for your use, not for selling. You must also be able to pick up at the Toronto General Hospital on a day I am in (Usually 7:30-3:30 on days I am in) or near the Lawrence/yonge subway station.


If you are quite interested, PM me the following info:

a) Which day you are interested in tickets for

b) Ideally how many tickets you would like (min/max)

c) When/where you would be able to pick up. I hope to arrange to have multiple people pick up close to the same time, so please give general ranges and dates that you can be avail.



Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Ahh! This is so nice of you! I wished I read about this post a while ago as I would have loved to go! Smiley Happy Props to you for sharing!!

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Aww! Maybe next time Smiley Happy


Was tons of fun!

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Today's a great day for buying makeup at SDM. I had 2 coupons emailed to me... one for $20 off a $75 purchase, another for 16,000 points when buying cosmetics, plus if you spent $125 you get the big GWP bag. I also got a 10,000 point coupon for a product-specific purchase, so it was a good haul today! I'll post a pic of all the samples later Smiley Happy

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