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The Canadian Peeps!

So I'd like to maintain a board for the Canadian customers.  A place where we can share our events, promos, problems etc.


I sometimes see deals and info for Canadians and rather then posting a new convo all the time maybe we can just share on this board.


I think it would be easier to communicate with each other if we only had one board to follow.




Where to shop!


So I do have a list/link somewhere with brands and where they are found.  I'll try and dig it out and if you want it pm me Smiley Wink


For those who don't know...


Shoppers Drug Mart and Murale have a wonderful loyalty program and your points are worth "cash" in store.


The Bay is bringing in more brands... just recently Burberry. I'm thinking we will see more good things come.  They also have a VIP program... I am not too sure how it all works but it applies to all purchases from the store and you get a 20$ off 100$ makeup purchase coupon almost every month... Like who wouldn't want that!  Hello MAC!


Beautylish ships to Canada and they are FAST!  Order processed and shipped within the hour and arrives the next day!


Now that we have Nordies in Canada you might be able to call a counter and get items shipped to you.  Some things you can get shipped from the site.


Apparently Saks is coming.  I believe The Bay is the one who will be owning them and bring them in.


If you get a good SA at Holts you can also get stuff shipped to you.


Sorry been MIA from this board a long time.




Re: The Canadian Peeps!

You Beautiful Canadians get GREAT PROMOTION CODES..many hat I wish I could get in AMERICA ( Im a VIB ) ,,,

Plus I LOVE TO VISIT CANADA IN THE SUMMER, take 90 from OHIO, stop in Penn ., and the New York winneries then cross the Peace Bridge and just start Driving up the Q looking for a beautiful few places to visit and stay...


Ohhh, my fav. country to visit - CANADA !

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Yay!  Sign me up!

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Has anyone seen the Clinique promo they have at the Bay? Spend 35 bucks and get a killer seven piece sampler set? I bought on of the new blushes and a mascara primer, and then I got this sweet set! It has a makeup remover, sample mascara, chubby stick, a sample of eyeshadow/blush, and two moisturizers. Smiley Happy

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Were they all deluxe-sized minis or were there any full-sized? Just got home from work, so I haven't had a chance to flip through the fliers!

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Deluxe sized. 

The makeup remover - 50 ml

Moisturizing Lotion+ - 30 ml

Skin Correcting Moisturizer- 15 ml

Mascara - 3.5 ml

Chubby Lip Balm - 1.2 g

Mini Eyeshadow Duo/Blush - 1 g for eyeshadows, 1.8 g for blush


It was actually very good for a freebie, and you only hafta spend 35 bucks! Smiley Very Happy

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

If anyone is interested in picking up some Tarte stuff, they have the 20% off sale with the code SWEET (until Feb 9). Good time to pick up palettes or anything you're interested in without having to wait until Nov for the VIB sale. They've got free shipping with orders over $75 too.

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Sears also has a Lancôme gift with purchase if you spend 35 or more on Lancôme products. The gwp is a 8 piece set

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Thanks! That's a really low spend requirements. I never thought about Sears for my Beauty purchases. 

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Just wondering who's interested in a Canadian travelling box? I'm sure all the lovely make addicts have something to trade. If so, anyone wants to start one? I'm not sure how this works and but it does sound like a great idea.

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

I am certainly interested, I know that there was some discussion here about starting one:


If that is not panning out (did not hear back from her) I could possibly start one, I have enough saved up Smiley Happy

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Thank you for the linkSmiley Happy I prefer a traveling box within Canada because it's going to travel faster and no need to deal with customs. What do you think?

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

I would love a travelling box in Canada.

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

I think that would be awesome! Smiley Happy

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Hope there's some good deals/gwp's this weekend! Smiley Happy *yay payday! lol*

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

_20140216_191848.JPGFor anyone looking for the YSL Beauty Blossom Lipstick set for Chinese new year ($75), I found it at the Sephora in Upper Canada mall (Newmarket) today. There were two more left, so hurry over =). I think they're open for Family Day.

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Thank you!!

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

I want this but I'm sure it's gone by now. Smiley Sad


Any other sightings? 

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

I haven't seen it anywhere else, seems to be sold out in a lot of places =\. You can call to see if they still have it and put the item on hold for you.  

Re: The Canadian Peeps!



Bite just posted this on FB:


Vancouver! Swing by the Sephora Pacific Center and create your very own custom lipstick at our BITE Lip Lab. Friday 12-7 & Saturday 1-7. See you there!

Re: The Canadian Peeps!

Jealous! they best be coming to Toronto next!

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