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The BeautyFall: Thoughts?

Have you guys seen this yet? Right on the Sephora homepage, they're is a link to the beauty fall. You enter your email, then it's just luck! A ball falls and lands on a free sample! Then you can use a code to get the sample with your online purchase. I just had 2 general questions: 1) do the samples change every day? And 2) What's that 10% off in the bottom corner of the ad? Is this a sale of your purchase? Is it only online? Share your thoughts on the BeautyFall here! I just hope that this isn't replacing the Friends and Family sale in November...

Re: The BeautyFall: Thoughts?

10% off is awesome Smiley Happy Sephora's been listening to the many ladies on BT who would like to see more % off promotions


I don't think its replacing anything, I just think it's something special for their Facebook fans near the holidays

Re: The BeautyFall: Thoughts?

I think they are the same all month.

Re: The BeautyFall: Thoughts?

I think it's really interesting, yet strategic, Sephora. Smiley Wink No, seriously, I like this new method. Don't care for the free shipping because I am Rouge, but a nice deluxe sample or 10% off code is awesome. Smiley Happy

Re: The BeautyFall: Thoughts?

I did this for the first time today and received a free shipping code. My shipping is already free so I didn't do anything with it. What was the sample you received?

Re: The BeautyFall: Thoughts?

I got free shipping yesterday and 10% off today. 

Re: The BeautyFall: Thoughts?

I have played it everyday sense Friday and all 3 times have got the same thing, its frustrating. So I do not think they switch the sample. ALL I want is the 10% off, or free shipping. I wish we could share codes because I know there is people with codes they don't want.


Also if someone could answer are these free deluxe sample allowed in addition to other sample offers?Example because I "won" it can I use it and another code for another sample(that's already on Sephora specials page )... Because if not I really didn't win anything really I just have another choice of sample basically.

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