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Post in Besides Beauty

That awful moment when...

You see yourself in the lighted bathroom mirror and think:


"That new face cream is really working!"


Then you realize you haven't put your contacts in yet.  Smiley Sad

Re: That awful moment when...

It was a complete mess too and it was my Butter London polish at that.Smiley Sad

Re: That awful moment when...

I was inside my apartment and waiting for a package to arrive. Finally, I heard knocking sounds, quickly put on a sweater and opened the door and said hi to the ups guy but he had the weirdest look on his face. I was like ok not the friendliest ups guy on earth but who cares i got my sephora order. Then, I heard water noise still running in the restroom sink cause I forgot to shut it off all the way so i went to the restroom to shut off the water and omg looking at the mirror I had about 10 pink dots on my face and my chin from kate sommerville acne and my forehead had the origin charcoal mask that I had put on 15 minutes ago and totally forgot. I must have scared the UPS guy for a few seconds there. I was trying to look decent by putting on a sweater but my face was so not ready to be seen by strangers. Omg I was so embarrassed!!!!!!!! If only there was a hole to hide my face.

Re: That awful moment when...

How bought when you have just applied mascara, and then you sneeze. Beautiful little black lines all around your eyes Smiley Happy.


Re: That awful moment when...

I prefer to refer to this as "panda kisses" Smiley Very Happy

Re: That awful moment when...


Re: That awful moment when...

OMG!  I just have to say I LOVE this post!  I've done most of these and I absolutely agree with the original post.  I've done my makeup and it's super gorgeous and makes my skin flawless & then I put on my glasses & fix it, lol!

Re: That awful moment when...

@mafan- I feel your painSmiley Sad and I started sitting my polish down on an old cloth and sit right there and don't move until I'm completely done and the polish has the lid on super tight.

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