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Thankyou Sephora! :)

Hey, everyone! I was just thinking about how much fun I have on here, and was thinking that I-and everyone else- should show our appreciation to Sephora-the moderators, online assistants, web designers...and so on....

I love makeup, but i really love being on here talking to you gals about makeup, but also about other things-like heart parties and opinions on totally off topic stuff!

I'm homeschooled now, so I can talk to my firnds easily now too! 

Also, big thanks to all the fellow beauty-talkers who know what I'm talking about when I say that beauty talk si NOT jsut about talking about beauty-am i right?

It's about making friends through talking about beauty and......ok, yes, talking about beauty! Smiley Tongue

***Great big hug to you all! Smiley Wink***

Thanks! Smiley Happy

Re: Thankyou Sephora! :)

Thanks sephora!!!!

Re: Thankyou Sephora! :)

Well said bee!!!


I know when i have a rough day at school, I can always count on you girls to make me smileSmiley Tongue

Re: Thankyou Sephora! :)

Great idea, bee!  And a BIG THANK YOU to Sephora for Beauty Talk.

I completely agree with you, bee.  I love being able to talk about all of those things and feel that I've actually "met" a lot of great people here, too!   Beauty Talk connects all of us together even though we are from different parts of the country, different ages, etc.  We are all connected by our love (and addiction in some cases, ha ha) to makeup and so much more.  Beauty Talk is wonderful and I've enjoyed talking (or writing) will all of you so much! Smiley Happy

Re: Thankyou Sephora! :)

Aww @beebrunet! Thats so sweet!


I know what you mean. Beauty Talk is definitely a great way to connect with people who love the same thing you do. Plus, it gives us a chance to chat about all kinds of things! 


I am so happy that I found Beauty Talk. I've learned so much by being on here and I am so grateful to all those who take the time to participate and share their knowledge!!!



Re: Thankyou Sephora! :)

I totally agree with you -- not only do I love discussing these things, anyway, I feel really fortunate that I've had the opportunity to "meet" some great people, too! Even though we're all really different -- different ages, different geographic locations, different backgrounds -- we're all now connected through this, which is fun! It's new for me, too -- I've never participated in any kind of online forum until now.


Smiley Very Happy

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