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Tattoo Fonts

So I really want to get a tattoo that says "always pray and never give up" but I don't know how I want the capitalization to be, the font, or if it should be one long line or two shorter. I know I want it on my ribs, but for the design part, I'm lost.

Re: Tattoo Fonts

thanks so much!

Re: Tattoo Fonts

I have really been looking into some fonts for my future tattoo as well, you should go to the site "dafont" and you can find Thousands of fonts there (and they are downloadable) and it shows you how they look so you can scroll through them quickly.

They are also put into categories! My advice is to look in the "script" category!


Re: Tattoo Fonts

If you have Microsoft Word, you could type the text and then try the text in the same font and in multiple font sizes as well as in different fonts.  Cut out the text and stick it on yourself to see which font and size you like best.  Also try @syritt's suggestion and hand write the text and see how you like that too.

Re: Tattoo Fonts

Hi Mollycj, 


I have font writing on the inner arm- when I got it done, I originally planned on a tiny Katy Perry like arm tattoo (google hers to see how small it is!) 


My artist said that wasn't a good idea because over time it WILL run together and could have the potential to be blurry. He also gave me the good point that if you can't read what it says from 5 feet away, its too small. So keep in mind that anything too intricate has potential to blur, but if you have the right artist who can design and place it so it doesn't, go for it! Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Tattoo Fonts

Just make sure whatever you get, the spaces between the letters are not too close. The tattoo will blur a tiny bit with age, and you don't want the letters to run into each other or not be legible. With something like Old English or Cool, you also want to make sure the letters are big enough that the little details will stay put.


In my opinion though, it might be more interesting if you wrote out the words and they put that on you. That way it's more personal, and no one will have the exact same thing even if the words are the same. ^_^

Re: Tattoo Fonts

Couldn't agree more with Syritt, I just recently had to cover a font tattoo that was too small and bled together overtime : /. 

Whimsically yours,

Re: Tattoo Fonts

i like old english, and cool


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