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Tarte - Advertising towards the older crowd

Let's be honest, sometimes packaging makes a big difference (I'm looking at you Hourglass and Marc Jacobs) and I can't help but think that Tarte packaging looks like something I would buy for my mom... or grandma. It's what I expect people to be ordering off QVC (nothing against QVC shoppers), but, you know what I mean right? Am I alone in thinking this?


EmilyNoel put up a video on one of their giftsets and it's the first thing I thought when I saw the packaging.



At Danny's suggestion, here's what I wrote way down below to clarify: My definition of old is 85 and above, nursing home status. What I meant with the packaging was the colors and gold trim reminding me of curtains in homes that have achieved historical landmark status. In fact, it reminds me of Hearst Castle, if you've ever been there.


Glad no one took offense (to the person who implied I was offended by the packaging, not sure where you got that from). Love that we can have mature conversations where people disagree without getting catty or mean. This is why BT is the best and unlike other corners of the internet. Heart you ladies!

Re: Tarte - Advertising towards the older crowd

The hilarity is that I think the exact opposite of Tarte - like it is more geared towards the younger crowd, like below 30.  That being said, I had hubs get me the Tarte of Giving Collector's Set and am super stoked to rip into it!!  I'm in my mid 30's BTW...

Re: Tarte - Advertising towards the older crowd

I don't think Tarte products packagings aim to reach  an older crowd. I think they want to showcase the idea of natural and organic products and an eco-friendly brand. In my opinion they just look kinda cheap sometimes, maybe like something you'd give a kid or a young teenager. I know, I KNOW that shouldn't matter if the products are great, but I confess I've many times chosen other products over Tarte's for that reason. If I'm paying 25 bucks for a blush, it just seems easier to do it for one that comes in a packaging like Bobbi Brown's or Laura Mercier's, which aren't even that fancy compared to others, just sleek and simple.  I'm 25, btw.

Re: Tarte - Advertising towards the older crowd

I thought about this thread when I came across my Trueblood set by Tarte.The packaging is definitely not geared to the "older" crowd.

Re: Tarte - Advertising towards the older crowd

I wouldn't say I feel it reads "old", I'm not sure how I really feel about the line as whole packaging wise, but it definitely doesn't read luxe. I actually have one lipstick, the Glamazon lipstick in Inspired, it's a gorgeous color, but I really hate the packaging, it feels cheap

Re: Tarte - Advertising towards the older crowd

What an interesting post! Everyone definitely has a point of view on what cosmetics are attractive to them and what they find tacky or unappealing, and at times, the opinions are exact opposites! Interesting.


Of course these days we ladies in our 50's or 60's are not considered old, and we like what we like for the same reasons someone in their 20's or 30's likes what they like. I don't think anyone was saying differently. I personally buy my cosmetics based on their performance, but I do love sleek, clean packaging.  That just appeals to me.


Interesting how some think Tarte's packaging is old fashioned, some think cheap looking, some think sleek and environmentally friendly, some think geared toward a younger crowd - can you image a Tarte marketing exec reading this thread? They'd run away screaming!


As far as Tarte packaging is concerned, I have one blush - love it, don't really care that much for the case but no biggie. And I have the Stop and Stare Eyeliner and Lash Set, which I absolutely love, and I think the designs on the eyeliners and mascara are really pretty. And I have a sample of Tarte BB Cream, which may actually be my HG of foundations. So who knows, right? We all know it's what's inside that counts!!

Re: Tarte - Advertising towards the older crowd

you suspect wrong mafan Smiley Wink you are defintely not my mothers age although she would be flattered to hear you say that. But happy almost your birthday! I'm a November baby too

Re: Tarte - Advertising towards the older crowd

This thread is interesting.  I'm 50 (in 2 1/2 weeks) and regardless of your disclaimer that 85 is what you meant by old, I fit in the demographic of your mom, at least, I suspect.


But I've only been buying makeup for a couple of years.  So I don't have associations with "I used that when I was young".  And I really don't remember what my mom's makeup looked like because I wasn't really interested in playing with it. 


So me, I buy things because I like how they work.  I like Tarte's palettes and love the Aqualilies one.  I like LipSurgence. I love Lights, Camera, Splashes mascara if I need waterproof.  I don't like their Glamazon pure performance lipstick.


I have things I like from a ton of brands, from my YSL lippies and Hourglass powders to my Maybelline Color Tattoo shadows and Sinful Colors nail polish.  Very few things have I bought just for packaging -- maybe that gorgeous Dior nail polish!


And my mom is in her 70s and bought Too Faced Shadows and Nars blush/bronzer after getting her makeup done and Sephora.  I do think as I've gotten older I've come to care a lot less about what other think about my choices, and that's a great part about getting old.


Then again, I was excited about finding powder that came with a puff (that I got from Crabtree and Evelyn) and have loved lavender scented things for years and years.  Maybe I'm just an "old, old lady" at heart. lol!

Re: Tarte - Advertising towards the older crowd

When my mom was in her late 40's she took me to Sephora & we got eye liners. She went with a green shimmer liner from Hard Candy. When Sephora stopped carrying the brand, she got her green liner from Urban Decay. Most of her makeup is from Chanel, but she still buys her liners from Urban Decay & she's now 60. Packaging, brand... doesn't really mean much to her. She likes the way green eyeliner makes her eyes pop, and it works for her. She wants something that lasts, doesn't bother her eyes & goes on smoothly. She's well aware who Urban Decay "tries" to market to, but if it works, it works. 

I love Clarins & Guerlain makeup products that some say look like they are made for older women, I don't care. 

Sure I'm a sucker for cute packaging, but If a product sucks, I don't want it no matter how cute it is. 

Re: Tarte - Advertising towards the older crowd

well if nothing else I'm glad I was able to get a different conversation going here on BT, glad most people know it wasn't coming from a negative place. I really enjoy seeing other people's opinion Smiley Happy



Re: Tarte - Advertising towards the older crowd

First thing to come to mind when I think about Tarte's packaging is the color, purple. When I think of Tarte I also think of a glistening, dark skinned Amazonian woman of natural beauty for some reason. Maybe because of their Amazonian line and the designs they use. I never though "older generation" or "grandma" though. If anything I would say Tarte is more geared toward teens-young adults judging by their design and color choices in the packaging. 

Re: Tarte - Advertising towards the older crowd

I shop by the quality of the product, not by how the container looks.  Packaging only becomes an issue if it in any way impedes my use of the product...which to date, Tarte's packaging never has been.

Re: Tarte - Advertising towards the older crowd

sephoramusthave can you please tell me how I'm 'bashing' this line? Thanks in advance!


glossyguru, lol, you're right saying that using their products makes you feel like you're in a nursing home is EXTREME as you say, unfortunately I didn't say that.  I said the packaging, in particular the holiday packaging, seems aimed at a much much older crowd. 

Re: Tarte - Advertising towards the older crowd

Which you defined as 85 years old and "nursing home status." And I said a BIT extreme, as in mildly, to a small amount of extremity (lol is that even a real word?)


Not trying to create an argument, just trying to let you know where I'm coming from! 

Re: Tarte - Advertising towards the older crowd

I can kinda (sorta?) see where you're coming from on the whole "old" thing, but I am 14 and don't feel like I'm in a nursing home when I use their products, I think that comment was a bit extreme. They're just trying to make it look natural yet luxurious, hence the flowers and gold trim

Re: Tarte - Advertising towards the older crowd

I avoided Tarte for the longest time because of their cheesy packaging! And I'm pretty much Mom age. It wasn't until I found BT and people on here (*cough* lylysa *cough*) kept raving about how awesome the blushes were, that I finally tried some Tarte products. It's not just the cheesiness but the bulkiness of the packaging that turned me off....I like my makeup items as streamlined as possible for travel purposes.

Re: Tarte - Advertising towards the older crowd

I don't think that Tartes packaging is geared towards an older generation at all. I see it as being geared towards the natural/earthy group. I don't own any tarte makeup myself but am very interested in their blushes. A lot of their packaging have caps that looks like wood, which is a nice change from the typical black packaging.


I wish that their packaging was more compact/slimmer, and I am not a fan of their powder shadows, but I would never ever think to bash a line just because it looks "old".

Re: Tarte - Advertising towards the older crowd

I really don't buy because of what the packaging looks like.  I read all reviews and go from there, I don't care if it is pretty or flashy, it usually stays in my bathroom cabinet or in my purse, I buy what works for me.  I guess now I am going to start looking at the package.

Re: Tarte - Advertising towards the older crowd

Interesting. I got the opposite impression from Tarte's packaging my first purchase of the brand, which was the Tarte of Giving set.  I kept thinking I needed a 15-year-old to give it to.  (Partly because there's so much product in there, I'll admit!) 


I always associate Clinique with my first makeup and therefore as a "teenager" thing.  It's only been recently that I've rediscovered how awesome some of their products are.  Too Faced looks like off brand Hello Kitty to me.  Terrible. 

Re: Tarte - Advertising towards the older crowd

Good idea dannyc. I just udpated my post.

Re: Tarte - Advertising towards the older crowd

I think their packaging is floral, and cardboard because they are an Earthy company. They don't test on animals & try to use mostly natural ingredients. So it's not old, but more like a no-frills approach. 

The Aqualilies collection didn't look old in any way.

P.S. you might want to edit this post & state your age, or your definition of old. It all the way at the bottom of the second page, some might not read it. 

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