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Talk about a compliment!

So I went to the Sephora inside the JCP at our mall looking for Caudalie Cleansing Water since I'm running low.  One of the beauty advisors apparently saw me and said my name, so I automatically looked up.  She looked familiar but I couldn't place her.  We talked for a bit, catching up while she showed me some things I had been looking at, and I mentioned I had a nearly 8 month old daughter and was 31.  I then got hit with this compliment:


"You haven't aged a bit!"




I finally placed her face when I was leaving the mall...she had been a sophomore cheerleader when I was a senior and on the squad with me!  Nice to know that I turn 32 this year and I apparently still look like I could pass for 18!  ESPECIALLY after having Ashley and doing Weight Watchers!

Re: Talk about a compliment!

That is so awesome!  And it is great to see you back on BT!  I hope you and your family are doing well and are enjoying the summer!

Re: Talk about a compliment!

Happy to hear and happy to see you on here again! Smiley Happy I'm always thrilled to be carded (though sometimes secretly annoyed) and it's nice when people you haven't seen in ages recognize you as how you looked back when.   Hope you and little Ashley are doing great! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Talk about a compliment!

That's an amazing complimentSmiley Happy! Always great to hear those.

<3 Melissa

Re: Talk about a compliment!

Nothing like an age related compliment to make your whole day great!Smiley Happy

Re: Talk about a compliment!

That's great to hear! I usually get told that I look super young, I was carded for a movie a few months ago and I'm forever getting carded when I get tattoos. It can be kind of annoying, but I know one day I'll be extremely grateful.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Talk about a compliment!

Yay!  Bet it totally made your day (or week)!


I moved away from home at 18 (14 years ago) and ran into an old neighbor who said, "Oh my gosh you look the same!"  when I bumped into her at the store.  Totally made my day!


Congrats on losing the weight! It isn't always easy.  (I know - I've done it 4 times!)

Re: Talk about a compliment!

The best part is she was surely being sincere. I bet that made your day!

Re: Talk about a compliment!

That's great, waterbaby1981!

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