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Post in Besides Beauty


What's your favorite pair of TOMS??? Please post a picture!

Re: TOMS????

Oh gosh I love Toms! I have a few pairs but I love these two the most! They make me feel even more cheerful when I wear them Smiley Very Happy



Re: TOMS????

Ooh those rainbow ones are cute

Re: TOMS????

I used to love all their cool ballet flats, but they're gone! booo. I did order a pair from Nordstrom for $78, but now I think of it, it wasn't worth the price because they didn't last that long.

Re: TOMS????

Smiley Sad

Re: TOMS????



Tom Ford


For the shoes: 



Wore them last night even though its cold outside

Re: TOMS????

Good Answer! Smiley Happy  That's what I call thinking outside the Tom's Shoe-Box! Smiley Tongue

Re: TOMS????

@kssweetheart  I couldn't just pick a 'pair' of Tom Ford products… I want more!!

Re: TOMS????



I know what you mean, I'm the worst when it comes to making decisions, it's terrible!


Well, actually it's really not that terrible. But it kinda is.


No, I think it's not that bad. But the more I think about it the more I think it Is terrible.


I need to put this into's not really all that bad....On the other hand......


Yes, I really do know what you mean - I always want more - just call me Veruka! Smiley Happy

Re: TOMS????

That's my favorite Tom, and you can't have it!!! I actually haven't tried those Lip Color Shines, but I do like the regular (excessively expensive) lipsticks.

Re: TOMS????


@1SultrySCENTNut, we actually own two boxers (Rudder and Ruby) Rudder is German/American and Ruby is Russian/German! Smiley Happy Got to love the boxer!


Re: TOMS????

I have to say that it's a tie when it comes to Tom Hiddleston Vs. Tome Hardy... they should be in a movie together! Smiley Happy

Re: TOMS????


Re: TOMS????

FYI, you can edit a previous post.  Click the drop-down arrow that appears when you move the cursor over your post.  EDIT REPLY is the first option.

Re: TOMS????

Tom Selleck!!


Magnum, Blue Bloods, Jesse Stone, Quigley Down Under, An Innocent Man, Three Men - Baby & Little Lady, and I liked Ike too!


Sit down & get yourself a cup of Tom, this could take a while......Wait....What???


Silly me....get yourself a cup of JOE....silly girl.....a cup of Tom is all mine! Smiley Tongue


Love that man!! Delish!

Re: TOMS????

You'll have to fight me!!  You forgot  Monte Walsh / Last Stand At Saber River / Crossfire trail..... Wanna have a movie Marathon?? 

Re: TOMS????

Oh no I di-int!!! I was going to go on but I thought I'd probably annoyed enough people by that time. I haven't seen Monte Walsh, I was trying to bring it up 'on demand' this am and it wouldn't work, I'll try again later, did you love it? 


I think a movie marathon would be Awesome!! All Tom and nothing but Tom 24/7! Yum. I'll start the popcorn if you bring the bandages for when I kick your bootie fighting for My Tom! Some cold packs might help you out too. Smiley Tongue


I thought I was going to have a problem with **kenny** but I think I may have scared her off. She posted a gorgeous pic of him 1 page back, go take a peek.


What time do the games begin? Smiley Happy

Re: TOMS????

I don't scare off 

I did see that pic.

A rainy day  will be good with me.....

Re: TOMS????

Thx, @comfyrock! I tried that but for some reason my computer won't let me... ;(

Re: TOMS????

Ah, each browser seems to have it's own special glitch on this forum.  IE won't let me reply directly to posts.  Chrome seems to be the least quirky...and now I've jinxed it!

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