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Summer Vacation

So summer is just around the corner- what plans do you have for the summer? I hope to get in a couple of kayak trips on local rivers and a day or 2 at the beach. I just love the sound of waves on the sand and those cool ocean breezes!

Re: Summer Vacation

I have the first part of the summer for major fun since my summer class starts in July.  Lanndan and I are going to go to Dollywood.  However, he still can't get me on the big roller coasters lol.  My feet are staying on the ground!  We also have tickets to Ripley's Aquarium, but I'm not sure if we're going to use them during the summer or later on in the year.


Once the weather stays dry, I am dying to get on my dirt bike!  While I was watching my cousin race last weekend, I wanted to go riding so bad!!  I don't race, but I love riding.  


Lanndan and I take random day trips and just goof around at different stores and whatnot.  We'll be going to Bay's Mountain and maybe have a picnic.  Warriors State Park is also very nice.  I love to take pictures of the ducks lol.  I'll also be hanging out with my furry family, and I hope the local Humane Society is taking in new volunteers.  I miss volunteering!  


Of course, I'll be practicing acrylic and playing with nail polish. hehehe.

Re: Summer Vacation

I have a trip to Mexico planned for August with my boyfriend and his parents. His mom LOVES Mexico and planned the whole trip. I barely know where we are staying and I don't care because I have 9 days off of work and as long as I'm on the beach with a drink in hand, life will be good. Can you tell I wish it was August already? Smiley Very Happy Other than that, it's just going to baseball games and doing outdoorsy things in nice weather, think hiking, camping and berry picking! Yay summer!



Re: Summer Vacation

I'm going to be a chaperone for a trip to Catalina Island (never been) with my niece's 6th grade class. It's a week long, and apparently we'll be snorkeling, kayaking, and a bunch of other stuff.


Then it's off to Northern California, I think.

Re: Summer Vacation

Besides weekends upstate in the mountains and a few day beach trips my Summer is centered around a soccer tournament. My boyfriend is organizing an International tournament the week of 4th of July. It's an awesome men's tournament that goes on every 2 years. So far it's been held in Sydney, Adelaide, Nottingham and Toronto... now it's our turn. 

If we can find flights under 2g a piece then we're going to Ukraine Labor Day weekend for my friend's wedding. 

Every single weekend we have something going on from now until October with weddings, rafting, hiking, birthdays... It's nice since we don't have to make plans, but sometimes I just need a weekend to stay at home and do nothing. 

Re: Summer Vacation

I have never been to the ocean!  I'd love see it someday...


All we have planned right now is to take the kids to Adventureland amusement park and then Living History Farms.  It's less than 2 hours away from where we live so it's only a mini vacation but a vacation none-the-less!


We're discussing taking a trip back home to Wisconsin later in the year too.  I miss visiting "home" and seeing friends and family, but drama always ensues with my mother and that just makes it more stressful than fun.

Re: Summer Vacation

I liked the Pacific Ocean somewhat better than the Atlantic when I visited, but maybe because I went to the San Juan Islands kayaking and the crystal clear water was awesome. Though it was way too cold for comfortable swimming. From where you live, I guess it's about the same distance to go there, so you'd have your pick. Florida was nice and warm for swimming and the diving is very nice.

Re: Summer Vacation

We never really take vacation until September, which is great because things are less crowded because kids are back in school. It does make for a long summer. 


This year we're going to Jamaica, and the plan is to go scuba diving. So over the summer we plan to get certified. (The lessons are paid for, the doctors said okay, and the gear is on its way, so we just have to book the lessons now.)


We are going to Cape Cod for Memorial Day weekend, which we do every year. We'll probably go one other weekend, too, if we can manage it. 

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