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Summer Time Plans

Now that my semester is officially over, I am ready for summer!  Has anyone already planned any activities, or do you mainly play it by ear?


I've not planned too much yet, so I'll be playing it by ear.  During June, I'll be taking my final science class at one of the community colleges, but I'll still have plenty of summer time.  Next week, my boyfriend, some friends, and I are going to Dollywood.  The new roller coaster, The Soaring Eagle, is open now, but you won't catch me on it! lol  I don't care if it's the "first wing coaster in America," my feet are staying on the ground!  I'm not a roller coaster person.  The only two that I have been on are The Thunderhead and The Blazing Fury.  I said "heck no" to the Tennessee Tornado and the Mystery Mine. 



However, Dare Devil Falls is one of my favorite rides!





Other than that, I have no idea what all I'll get into.  I'll still do some volunteering, and I gotta work on moving my stuff back home.  That part I am dreading.  Since my schedule is a 3 day a week one next semester, I'm going to commute from home.  It never hurts to save money, especially in this economy.  It'll be nice to be back home because the apartment complex is slowly turning into one of the party ones.  That is not for me.  I do not like being woke up at 1 in the morning by hooting, hollering, and morons knocking on doors.  If they would have knocked on my door, they might have met my can of pepper spray lol.


I'll also be spending time outdoors.  Summer time is **bleep** season! lol.

Re: Summer Time Plans

I cannot wait till it starts to get warm again! It is SOOO foggy out today and it makes me feel like winter is still here. I think this summer, ill take a trip down to San Luis Obispo again. I like how calm and slow it is out there. Not much to do but, eat and shop! I know they have a cute Sephora out there tooSmiley Happy 


<3 Melissa

Re: Summer Time Plans

Today's high is 105, so it already feels like summer here.


I keep flip flopping on whether I want to take A&P in the 5 week summer session.

Re: Summer Time Plans

We are heading to Munich on the 6th of June, and then going up to Berlin. We also have a ropes course that has two new obstacles that we need to check out. We are planning on spending a lot of time on the beach, camping, and hiking. I am so ready for summer this year!

Re: Summer Time Plans

@brandiandi  The Ropes Course sounds like it'll be fun!!

Re: Summer Time Plans

Yeah, I am excited! I am just trying to get through these last few days of class...ha

Re: Summer Time Plans

I was going to take a 5 week anatomy/physiology course.. but I don't think I can handle that. So I will be cleaning and purging my closet and cabinets.. and hopefully finish painting the cabinets and maybe start on the walls.


Also hope to get a lot of hikes and camping in. Going on vacation late in the summer near the Sierras.

Re: Summer Time Plans

@Kimmi YES send me one over! Smiley Happy hahaha


@lowrah hiking and camping! Sounds like so much fun i'll have to add that to my summer time plan list!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Summer Time Plans

jet skiing in clear lake!

Re: Summer Time Plans

Thanks Kimmi for breathing some more life into the boards! Smiley Happy I've been stumped for some fun topics to talk about LOL


Summer is usually my favorite time of the year! I love the sun and hot weather. Good thing because I'm going to New York in August and have already heard how nightmarishly hot and thunderstormy it gets that time of year! So excited since I've never been there and I have so much planned including a trip to Caudalie's spa! I can't wait for that and Ellis Island (even if it is touristy) to see what my grandpa saw in the early 1920's. Smiley Happy


I too DESPISE roller coasters... Embarrassing story, I was once still screaming on one AFTER we already stopped and were pulling in for a stop... I love waterparks though! Hopefully I can round some people off to Raging Waters in San Jose with me.. Water slides are SO fun and yet sorta scary to me.


Other plans hopefully include more trips, even if its small ones throughout California. There are so many cute little towns and cities out here I have not discovered and it could be a fun weekend trip! 


Lastly? Hopefully REALLY starting my search for a new home and a new pet! I miss having dogs, and even my birds or fish! I love animals too much and the pang for a new dog is striking hard. Exciting summer! 


Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Summer Time Plans

@dianabt  How I wish I could send you one of the dogs from the shelter!  On Friday, the lady I work with brought in 2 black lab mix puppies!  I'm not sure what they're mixed with since the lab traits are extremely dominant.  Whatever it is, it has a curled up tail over their back like a chihuahua lol. 

Re: Summer Time Plans

@thehousehunters:  Rates are pretty low at the moment so it's a good time to be looking. 


There are lots of online resources to help too.  To make sure that there are not too many "shocking" (ie more likely to be declined for a loan) results, talk with a financial professional first before a realtor.  It's a good way to see where you stand and less likely to look at out of budget properties.  One of the key things is finding a realtor that works with and represents you in mind.


It's a lot of responsibility and may not be for everyone.  Good luck in the search.

Re: Summer Time Plans

I'm going to go kayaking more this summer. Nothing beats a lazy afternoon paddling around some of the larger lakes in PA, some have small islands that we stop at and have a picnic and go swimming. My kayak is big enough to fit a folding beach chair into, so I can lounge around the island (some have nice trees) and read a book or just take a nap. Roller coasters make me nauseated, I remember as a kid always trying to go with my friends and ending up spending an inordinate amount of time in the ladies room afterwards. Popcorn, cotton candy and a ride on a roller coaster always spelled disaster for me. Then I felt sick for the rest of the afternoon until I finally gave up the whole messy business. I like old time carousels with the beautiful painted horses. I've never been to a water park, it sounds like fun.


@diana & janine- Good luck in your house quest. It really is nice to have a place of one's own, and the benefits of owning a pet are really nice. I love having a dog, he makes me exercise even if I don't feel like it since he has to go for a walk at least 4 times a day. Plus big dogs walk fast, you can get a lot of exercise just going along. Plus people with pets live longer!

Re: Summer Time Plans

For summer, we plan on going to the pool we joined, and taking a trip to Ocean City for a few days...and when my husbands vacation comes, we're all ( me, the hubby, and 2 kids) are heading for the Maya Riviera. I need to have cocktails brought to me on a beach and have a body massage. Plus I get to practice my Spanish.

Re: Summer Time Plans

I'm so excited for this summer! Usually I try to go on a vacation come summertime with friends and family, but this season is going to be a little different. I'm getting ready to be a first time home owner, so I'll be spending a large portion of my time over the next few months starting (and hopefully finalizing) everything! I'm really eager and nervous at the same time Smiley Happy.


I am planning on possibly going down to Los Angeles later this summer with my boyfriend. I have friends down there and I figure it'd be a great mini weekend vacation...and despite my age I still love, love, love Disneyland so hopefully I'll be able to visit the magic kingdom!

Whimsically yours,

Re: Summer Time Plans

As of now, not sure.  Probably taking it easy and enjoying the weather.  If it gets too hot, there might be more basement projects ahead. 

Re: Summer Time Plans

Too much work to do for elaborate plans. Sometime during the summer, I would like to:

- go to a water park or beach.

- paint some stuff. I love watercoloring but don't have any idea what to paint.

- spend days in bookstore, just sipping latte while reading interesting books on the couch.

- finding a go-to stress relieve dog. I LOVE pets. Playing with dogs and cats make my stress go away. I'm mostly an introvert but ppl walk their pets outside in the summer, so I'm hoping to chat up some of them and on good enough term to knock on their door and play with their pets when I'm stressed.


I'm a very very mediocre cook but am good with dessert (cakes, cookies, bars, mousse, cheesecake, chocolate). I haven't done any of those for months due to classes etc, so this summer, I'm up my dessert game and am looking to add some fail-safe recipes to my repetoire. I'm shy and introvert in person, but finally decided to ditch that and chatted up my apartment neighbor, an Indian lady. I mentioned I love Indian food, and 3hrs later, she dropped 5 freshly made Indian dishes off at my door. They are so ridiculously good so I'm making some dessert in return, which will kick off my summer dessert exploration. For now, I'm debating between chocolate rum cake, chocolate truffle with liquor in it, or lemon bars....might go with last one...


If you guys have any good dessert recipes/blogs/or just stuff you'd like to eat, I'm all ears. I'm open to all ideas (except for pies and macaroons).

Re: Summer Time Plans

I'm going to Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, Instanbul and Toronto!

But thats only gonna take me half the summer.

The other half I'm staying home and going to a water park, a resort, and just having fun with friends!

Re: Summer Time Plans

I have a week-long vacation in June. I have a few definite plans so far. I'm going to the Vintage Indiana Food & Wine Festival and following that with a triple-A baseball game. There's also a job fair at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Hopefully that will help me find a way out of my current job and into one I want. Other than that I'll have to wait and see what the weather and my wallet look like for the rest of that week.

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