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Summer Time Games

Tomorrow is the "official" first day of summer.  In my neck of the woods, it has been summer for a little while now lol.  Anyway, with summer comes cookouts and games outdoors.  What are some of your favorite outdoor games?


During the weekend, my family, Lanndan, neighbors, and I have been chillin' outside.  We play volleyball, badminton (which I never looked up the rules for lol), lawn darts (not the dangerous ones lol), and some sort of disc golf game.  Kmart has good sales from time to time lol.


However, my favorite game would have to be corn   hole!!  I had to put the large space because last time the editor thought it was a curse word for some reason.  If you have never played corn   hole, you need to make it your summer goal.  However, I'd start out with some sort of set from Walmart like we did.  If you go to someone to make one right off the bat, it can be expensive, especially for the design.  I found plans online, and my dad built a set in the woodshop last summer.  The Walmart set was on its last leg lol.  I did the drawing and most of the painting.  My mom helped me paint some of it so we could get it done quicker.  There are sites to ordered various colors of the bags, but we found ours at a sporting goods store.  


Corn    hole!!!


I had to change the image title because corn   hole wasn't allowed.  I don't get it.



Re: Summer Time Games

omg kimmi the multiple references to "Corn    hole!!!" had me laughing hysterically!  I have no idea why it would look like a curse word to the editor, but it just looks so funny the way you typed it with the big space. LOL!!


Those boards are awesome, so bright and fun!!

Re: Summer Time Games

I can't figure out why, either!  The letters in corn don't resemble a certain "hole" compound curse word.  I don't know if it's used as some sort of slang somewhere in the world or what.  I'm left scratching my head in confusion lol.

Re: Summer Time Games

Corn   hole can be used pretty much to describe the same place as that other compound word, haha. Not to describe a rude/inconsiderate person in the same way though. I think it's because whole corn kernels can be hard for some people's systems to break down, so it just goes right on through. Smiley Frustrated Mostly it's used for this game though!


Um. Hope that helps?? Not what I thought I'd be posting about today, lol!

Re: Summer Time Games

Oh my gosh Kimmi is there anything you can't do?  That is some really good painting on the boards there's nothing like summer time on the South that's for sure!Smiley Happy

Re: Summer Time Games

Lol, thanks!  And you're exactly right about summer in the South.  However, I usually wait until the evening when it's a bit cooler before playing games.  The dogs do the same thing lol.  Smiley Very Happy

Re: Summer Time Games

Those are fabulous paintings on the boards, they are works of art in themselves, not to slight your Dad's great carpentry skills! That crab with the shades just cracks me up! How does Brutus and Meat Head like the game? If I had a corn  hole game, bet my dog would steal the bags and the game would have to be over. 


I like croquet. I don't know the official rules, either. We just try to hit the ball through the wickets, and make it tougher by playing on ground that has a lot of terrain, like puddles and hills! lol We got our croquet set at a yard sale, I haven't seen them in stores around here, but I bet they'd be expensive. We had to repaint the balls and post, and make some more wickets out of fence wire, but it was pretty cheap. 

Re: Summer Time Games

Thanks!  We don't play close to the dog pen, but I'm sure they would be watching lol.  Meat Head watched my cousin and his friend pass a football back and forth.  He sat there with his long ears perked up.  My mom bought him and Brutus a small football to play with the next day lol.


I haven't played croquet in forever!  My cousin and I didn't play by the rules either lol.  My mamaw had the croquet set, and I am not sure where it's currently at.  Now that you mention it, I've not really noticed any sets in stores around here either.  I don't go in them too often, but major sporting goods store may have them.

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