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Summer Resolutions

It's halfway through summer (technically), at least in the Northern Hemisphere.  NE U.S. is in a heat wave, so it's extra summery right now.  What are some things you want to do for the remainder of your summer?  I always try to do a few summery things like grab an ice cream cone at a park or at the beach, have a beach day, find the "song of the summer," see a few movies, binge something fun on TV/streaming, come up with a summer look or two.  Was curious about the rest of BIC, what are your summer rituals, songs, resolutions and/or bucket list items?


Summer To Dos:


Song: Really enjoying the Barbie Soundtrack✔️

Movie: Only completed half of the barbieheimer, so need to.  Joy Ride was great (kind of raunchy)

Sephoria: Counting down the days!

Trip: probably not this year, maybe a short weekend somewhere 🤔

Summer Look: definitely loving sculpting and blush a la  ✔️Cheek Challenge Summer 2023: Collabs with Makeup Challenge of the Week / Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022/2023 

Ice Cream: There's  a Carvel that opened up nearby, so I have definitely made good on this ✔️✔️✔️


Courtesy GIPHY & FlydeweissCourtesy GIPHY & Flydeweiss

Re: Summer Resolutions



My end of summer resolution is hiking to Hanging Lake and a beach  trip in September.



Re: Summer Resolutions

Oooh, just looked at a pic.  I'm not much of a outdoorsman, but that should be a beautiful hike @CorgiMommy 

Re: Summer Resolutions

@danielledanielle  it is a true Colorado treasure

Re: Summer Resolutions

I hope you get to check off a few more of your summer to do's @danielledanielle 🌞 

Going for ice cream is classic summer, what flavor would you get? I went to a place that had fun flavors I had never heard of before like "Dough nut Grow up" and "Camp Fire Delight" 🍦 ( but I still went for my fav Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup 🙂)

Re: Summer Resolutions

@CynthieLu , I've been enjoying their salted caramel cold brew 😋


I like "Dough Nut Grow up" name, that's clever.

Re: Summer Resolutions

Ooh that sounds yummy! @danielledanielle 🙂

Re: Summer Resolutions

Screenshot_20230807-192419_Chrome.jpgI'm loving your resolutions, @danielledanielle! Summer resolution for Sephoria virtual registration confirmed 🥳 

Re: Summer Resolutions

@missaa8 , Sephoria Euphoria 🎉🎉

Re: Summer Resolutions

@danielledanielle agreed! I hope the in-person attendees show online viewers their "swag bags" 💖 

Re: Summer Resolutions

@missaa8 Woohoo! Let the countdown begin 💖

Re: Summer Resolutions

I missed out on the other option for online. Have you seen any of the treats for the paid virtual ticket holders, @Mellmars1185?

Re: Summer Resolutions

@missaa8 Sorry, no I have not. I don't think they are available for Canadians.

Re: Summer Resolutions

No worries, @Mellmars1185! 💕

Re: Summer Resolutions

@danielledanielle Great thread idea!  I have some similar goals as you!  I am off work this week so I am hoping to check ✔️ some things off my list soon.

  • Barbie Movie
  • Beach Day (s) ✔️
  • Baseball Game (s) ✔️
  • Make dishes with items from my garden ✔️
  • Sephoria
  • Read hopefully 2 more books by the end of summer
  • Participate in more challenges in the BIC
  • Shop my stash more
  • Live in the present

I will report back as I complete some of my goals to keep myself accountable.

Re: Summer Resolutions

The last two are good all year round, but Sephoria is also going to make your stash bigger 😂 @Mellmars1185 

Re: Summer Resolutions

@danielledanielle There is always room for more  😁😂

Re: Summer Resolutions

@danielledanielle The sound track isn’t half-bad! There’s definitely a few bangers on there. I really enjoy Lizzo’s vocals on Pink. It sounds like she took vocal lessons and put it a ton of vocal work because she sounds really soulful on it. And the mention of Midge right at the end gets me every time! 🤣 Ryan Gosling’s I’m Just Ken was on repeat for a while just to relive that scene. 😂


I’ve been wanting to participate at least once in the Cheek Challenge Summer 2023: Collabs with Makeup Challenge of the Week 

Hopefully in the coming weeks as I’m off for a bit and should have plenty of time between taking my kids out for some summer time fun.

I also want to sort through my wardrobe and makeup collections, get them into better storage and declutter.


I bought a cheap sewing machine to hem pants and fix a few other issues with clothes that I want to keep, so I need to refresh my memory on how to use one.


And I need to get a decent hike in before September.

Re: Summer Resolutions

Half bad?  It's no bad!  It's been on repeat for me since it came out 🤣😂


This is a nice, ambitious list, and looking forward to your cheeky looks @JoSometimes !

Re: Summer Resolutions

@danielledanielle I'm in the Southwest and it's been brutal. 30+ days of >110 and the lows are in the 90s. I'm slowly dying over here. My goal is to make it through August and hopefully into some cooler weather 😰💦

Re: Summer Resolutions

Ugghhhh, so sorry, stay cool @makeitup305 .  The heat waves are all over, but 100+ is terrifying.  Hydration is the upmost to-do 🥵

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