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Summer Fun!!!!

So granted the Summer brings heat and humidity that can bog our skin care, make up, and even hair styling routines down with a boat load of issues from oil, frizz, shine, and sweat, but Summer time also launches fun products from brands we love, brings our abilities to best waterproof and lock down our long wear items for days we might want to look a bit made up by the pool or on the beach, and Summer also brings us great opportunities to get out, travel, and venture into a bunch of outdoor activities!


I want to know, Beauty Talk, what's your Summer fun?!?!


Do you hike and bike? Do you swim your heart out? You you travel nonstop? Do you just hit up your local Sephora for new product so much they know you by name Smiley Tongue? What exciting and fun things do you do or have you done so far?


Share pics, experiences, and stories!!! Smiley Happy I always love learning more and more about each of you!


This past weekend was my boyfriend's birthday and he decided he wanted to....JUMP OUT OF A PLANE!


Skydiving time! Yup! He got video and photos taken of his venture, but the crew did manage to snap a quick one of us smootching before we were going to jump out! I had such a blast, there's really nothing quite like it and for anyone considering it, GO FOR IT! It's 1000 times better than a roller coaster and once your parachute is open and you're just gliding it's so breathtaking and actually so relaxing! The first part (the jump out of the plane with the instructor) is super surreal, you're free falling through clouds and you feel the temperature get cooler as you do!


I got to land standing with my instructor which was pretty cool! This is one experience I definitely want to relive!

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

Wow skydiving is a blast!!! My mom took me back in 2005 for mother's day and my birthday, it was AMAZING!!!! It definately is 1000 times better than any rollercoaster I've been on. I was also able to land standing up with the instructor what a rush it was but at the same time so very peacful too. You wear some goggles when you jump so your eyes stay protected. I wasn't into makeup as much as I am now so I was probably wearing maybe foundation if that. I definately incourage everyone to try it. As for scuba definatley no makeup required for that, it will just mess up the goggles, but it too is a blast and its a whole diffrent word down there. Everything seems to fade away and you can just be in the water with no worries or anything. I love it but definately do your research on the company who is certifying you.  It seems were are into some fun extreme sports!!!!! Go us!!!

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

Our experiences sound virtually the same! It's almost crazy to say being up in the air so high is relaxing, but the slow and steady pace at which you're coming down just lets you be worry free and take in everything around you!



Re: Summer Fun!!!!

Wow that looks terrifying! 

This summer I'm going on my "girls trip" (mom, sister and I) to Alaska! I'm pumped we're going on a sea plane and doing some hiking and rafting, and of course some shopping. I'm also excited to start some belly dance and salsa classes this summer.

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

That sounds super fun! Hiking, rafting, shopping. WOW! Can I fit in your suitcase? lol

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

*At airport*


Security: "Kenny, could you please open your suitcase"

Kenny: "Sure...." *unzips case*

PLOP! *out falls Spyski*


Smiley Tongue

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

Wowie! You'll have to snap tons of photos while in Alaska with all your outdoor plans! Belly dancing is a blast, it's such an easy routine to get into and really shows you how to "work what you got" and highlights the curvature of the female form!


Haha, sky diving isn't so scary, when you're so high up, the initial free fall is mainly just encompassed by seeing blue and clouds rather than just ground. It's very surreal!

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

Kenny** You will love Alaska!! I live here and this summer has been absolutely amazing sunny days HI 70's low 80's great weather and it has been like that for the past month. You will have a blast on your vacation up here, don't forget your camera sunrises are amazing!!!!

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

That weather sounds AMAZING! It's already in the high 90s here with the heat index crawling into the triple digits! >.<

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

Lylysa, first of all, you are so much braver than I am lol.  I would need a nerve pill or something before I could jump out of a good airplane lol.  That is such a cute photo of you and your boyfriend!  That's an awesome facebook profile picture!




So far, my summer has started with different things.  Hiking and having a surprise cookout for my papaw's 79th birthday.  He absolutely loved it!  My parents and I have been working on house projects.  Reorganizing the porch and whatnot.  Last weekend, we painted the kitchen and my bathroom.  This weekend will be my parents' bathroom.  I'm convinced painting burns a lot of calories lol.


friendly deer.jpgLanndan and I went to Bays Mountain, and this is such a sweet deer there!


fire pit.jpgMom was hoping for a fire pit for Christmas, but she didn't drop hints too well lol.  Better late than never lol.  Roasted hot dogs over a the fire are the best hot dogs lol.


me and papaw.jpgFrom the surprise cookout.  I always mess with my papaw's hat, even though I'm 21 lol.  However, I'm the only one who can get away with it lol.  He usually gets me back, too lol.


squishy nala.jpgI always take pictures the animals no matter what the season is.  Squishy face Nala lol.

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

^_^ Awesome photos, Kimmi!!!! Hahaha, squishy face Nala is too cute! She looks like she is enjoying the heck out of those snuggles! We need to make that a Sephora cat meme!


Your pawpaw looks like he's got a great sense of humor, especially with rocking his hat for a photo like that! Haha! The baby deer is super adorable and that fire pit looks wicked, yum for roasting hot dogs, did you make smores too?

Re: Summer Fun!!!!



I couldn't help it!

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

Oh, memes. You get me every time Smiley Very Happy

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

I think we ALL make that face when we make a purchase in store or get our goodies shipped to us!

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

Hahaha, LOVE it!


I check the point perks every morning... hahah

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

It's like a mini thrill when something new is added/changed!

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

omg i love this


Re: Summer Fun!!!!

I love the memes!!!!!  Those are just too adorable!!!  Perhaps Nala wants to go to Sephora for makeup to match her new collar! lol.  Actually, she would just find the most interesting tester and turn it into a toy lol.  

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

Hahaha, you see "kabuki brush", Nala sees "cat toy"!

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

It's a good thing she has never seen my makeup brushes, or they would probably go missing lol.  

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

lylysa- You are just the cutest little thing  you look like one of those little Indian dolls in this picture and great job on doing the jump I'm sure it would be a blast!

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

Aww, thanks! Smiley Happy


My instructor asked if he could play with my hair once we jumped since they would be flying everywhere! Haha!

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