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Summer Fun!!!!

So granted the Summer brings heat and humidity that can bog our skin care, make up, and even hair styling routines down with a boat load of issues from oil, frizz, shine, and sweat, but Summer time also launches fun products from brands we love, brings our abilities to best waterproof and lock down our long wear items for days we might want to look a bit made up by the pool or on the beach, and Summer also brings us great opportunities to get out, travel, and venture into a bunch of outdoor activities!


I want to know, Beauty Talk, what's your Summer fun?!?!


Do you hike and bike? Do you swim your heart out? You you travel nonstop? Do you just hit up your local Sephora for new product so much they know you by name Smiley Tongue? What exciting and fun things do you do or have you done so far?


Share pics, experiences, and stories!!! Smiley Happy I always love learning more and more about each of you!


This past weekend was my boyfriend's birthday and he decided he wanted to....JUMP OUT OF A PLANE!


Skydiving time! Yup! He got video and photos taken of his venture, but the crew did manage to snap a quick one of us smootching before we were going to jump out! I had such a blast, there's really nothing quite like it and for anyone considering it, GO FOR IT! It's 1000 times better than a roller coaster and once your parachute is open and you're just gliding it's so breathtaking and actually so relaxing! The first part (the jump out of the plane with the instructor) is super surreal, you're free falling through clouds and you feel the temperature get cooler as you do!


I got to land standing with my instructor which was pretty cool! This is one experience I definitely want to relive!

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

Girl you couldn't PAY me enough money to get me to jump out of a plane so KUDOS and I'm glad you had fun!!


I go to the beach every year, I'm going to South Padre Island next month Smiley Very Happy


I spend a LOT of time in the water---waterpark (Schlitterbahn!!), lake, swimming pool. Getting a tan, reading beauty magazines, swimming and relaxing. That's my kind of summer fun!!

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

Schlitterbahn is on my bucket list! Oh, I love waterparks. We have a couple smaller ones on the Gulf Coast, but nothing as awesome as that one!

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

Have funnnnnn!!!! I haven't been to a water/theme park in forever!


I love being in the water!

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

I'm a para-educator (aide) in a special ed classroom so I generally have the summer off.  This summer, in the fun category, I'm going to spend a lot of time writing and a lot of time finding fun walks to go on.  I love walking and during the school year I am often too tired and cranky to get out much so I'm super psyched to have the time off to wander around in the woods.  I'm also going to Chicago \o/.  In the not so fun category I'm having surgery on Thursday and am taking some online classes this summer.  But I choose to focus on the walking and writing and going to Chicago.


I'm super jealous of your skydiving, I've always wanted to do that. I'm glad you had so much fun!

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

You totally need to one day Smiley Happy it's a blast!


Hope surgery goes smooth and you recover in no time!


Yay for getting back into the hiking/walking kick and for travel!

Re: Summer Fun!!!!


Glad you enjoyed the experience. The pic is super cute of you two! Love the look on the faces behind you guys as well Smiley Very Happy


I did my first jump in 2011, surprised my friend for his birthday! It was definitely surreal, from the moment you're suiting up all the way to the moment you're on your way back home sharing your experience with eachother! My goggles got tear juice in them when free falling so it was very hard to see, but once the chute opened (my fav part) it was all good from there! Makes me want to go again just reading about your experience!


As for my summer, more bluewater fishing!

My dad, brother, boyfriend, and I are pushing to enter tournaments next year so we can get enough experience (weather permitting) this year. My dad will be back in town ready to go in July, so the anticipation is killing me...almost as much as the release of Disney's Ariel line at Sephora! 

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

Fishhhhhing! My family are huge into deep sea fishing and always make a huge outing for it!


When the chute was open I was so caught up with looking down that I kept forgetting to look out and around because you can see for dayyyyyyyyys when you're up in the air!

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

Wow that's crazy! I have friends that are dying to skydive (I could never, I can barely handle roller coasters without tearing up).


In just a few weeks I will be going to Kauai! I've been to Maui in the past, but I'm excited for a more mellow lush atmosphere. I'm planning on relaxing, catching up on some reading in the sun, a little swimming, and hiking.


Oh and they'll be filming Jurassic Park 4 while we're there (nerd alert I know) which I'm extremely excited about. Apparently the gate is still up, but is a bit of a pain to get to. We'll be renting a car and if it has 4 wheel drive maybe we'll give it a shot.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

Make a cameo in the film! Smiley Tongue Go for it! "Is that Janine waving????" Hahah!


Ohhh, it's so fun, Janine, it's actually not as bad, the whole time the chute is open it's very mellow and calm (unless you run into crazy wind), but Hawaii is super fun too! My cousin got married on the big island a few years back and I've been dying to make another trip, it was so beautiful!

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

Jurassic Park was SUCH a big deal when my brother and I were little! We've seen those movies so many times. I was crazy excited to hear they were making a 4th too! Jealous of your Hawaii trip, hope you have an amazing time!

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

That sounds so awesome Lylysa! Not sure I could ever try skydiving either, roller coasters are probably the best I could do Smiley Very Happy


I usually take day trips down to the beach with local friends (we live about 1.5 hours from Wrightsville Beach, NC. We have more barbeques outside in the summer and hit up local outdoor food festivals Smiley Happy We've been itching to go to Busch Gardens again too, so that will probably happen soon!


I'm also taking a week-long trip to Myrtle Beach with my parents and brother and sister-in-law in August!

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

Myrtle Beach is gorgeous, at least that's what my buddies tell me! Enjoy the beach!

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

Thanks, I can't wait!

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

whooo hoooo! the picture is super sweet too Smiley Happy

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

Thanks, Roxystar! ^_^ The folks working at the sky diving place were all surprised I wasn't getting a video/photos taken too (for me the trip/experience was for my bf more than myself so there was no need to splurge on moi) and wanted to still include me since they knew it was a gift for him. They were super sweet and a very fun team! They took care of business ensuring we knew all the proper procedures but also made sure the mood was light!

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

Great picture!  Sounds like quite an experience.


Our vacation isn't until September, so we're working most of the time.  Still, we're working to get SCUBA certified this summer.  We do our lessons in August, but we're spending time walking now building up our cardio and hopefully finding somewhere we can swim without a ridiculously expensive membership.


We're going to a bunch of concerts.  We see Heart on Friday, Bon Jovi, and Pat Benetar.  (Remember, I'm almost 50 if you're wondering why these concerts appeal. Smiley Happy )


We did go into Boston to the museum last weekend and we'll probably do some other things over the weekends.

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

You'll love diving, I hope you get certified! It changed my life Smiley Happy

Hey, us younger whippersnappers like Bon Jovi as well! Sounds fun

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

It's been forever since I went to a concert, I know for sure Bon Jovi is going to put on a kick butt show!


Scuba diving sounds awesome!!!! That's the ONE thing I wish I got to do when I was in Hawaii! See if you can bring an underwater camera and snap of pics with the fishies!

Re: Summer Fun!!!!

What I wanna know is.....WHAT MAKEUP WERE YOU WEARING as you flew through the clouds??????  You totally need to do a "Skydiving Makup" tutorial! Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy


Skydiving sounds so incredible!  Love that photograph too!





Re: Summer Fun!!!!

Hahaha! Well since you asked!!! Smiley Tongue


I went the route of my normal skin care/AM routine (Ole Truth serum, Dr. Brandt Ruby eye cream, CeraVe AM lotion) then kept it basic with Korres Pomegranate primer, Garnier's brightening rollerball with a tint just under my eyes, Fusion Beauty tinted moisturizer, Cargo Blu Ray powder, Too Faced Sweetheart blush (YES, I am STILL addicted), Cargo water resistant bronzer, UD PP in Sin, Clinique eye shadow duo in Like Mink, Benefit High Brow, Bare Minerals loose shadow in Dulce Du Leche (from a discontinued kit, it's a very shimmery vanilla shade), Smashbox waterproof cream shadow liner, Fairy Drops mascara, Benefit Brow Zing in Dark, NYC lip stain pen, topped off with Tokyo Milk Dark lip balm in La Vie En Rose.


Smiley Tongue The mascara, eyeliner, lipstain, and bronzer are definitely some stay-put items. It was warm out so my make up withstood being dropped from 14,000 feet in the sky to humidity and heat!

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