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Summer Films

Summer time is not only about swimming pools and cookouts, but, hopefully, blockbuster hits.  What films have you seen this summer?  Are there any films on your "to see" list?


I wanted to see the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie.  However, for whatever reason, the theatre where I live didn't have it long.  I heard the film was good from my friends on facebook.  How could they banish Captain Jack so soon like that! lol.


A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend and I went to see Cars 2 (I'm a Pixar geek lol).  It was alright, but the first one was better.  The original characters are still in it except for the Hudson Hornet.  I don't think anyone could voice his character like Paul Newman did.  I also really enjoyed the short Toy Story film that was on before the movie started it. 

Re: Summer Films



I just recently saw the newests Harry Potter in theatres with my best friend. It was such an amazing movie! The end was a little different, but it was still adorable. I cried at least 10 times. (I cry in like every single movie Smiley Tongue)


I really want to see Crazy Stupid Love. It looks really cute and funny! No Strings Attached and Horrible Bosses look hilarious. I'll end up seeing those early August with my best friend. Smiley Very Happy And I wanted to go see BridesMaids in the start of summer, but I haven't yet.




Re: Summer Films

@gabidee   Crazy Stupid Love looks like it would be a good movie, too.   Bridesmaid looked like it would be HILARIOUS!!!!

Re: Summer Films

I don't go to the movies a lot...I spend too much money on makeup, ha ha.  So I wait for them to come out on DVD, but I would really like to see Bad Teacher.  Looks hilarious!

Smiley Happy

Re: Summer Films

Ohh how I love to talk about movies! I have HBO and netflix (on the wii) and I'm always catching myself watching the rejected movies that turned up free. I'll always make a reference to some unheard of movie and then realize that nobody else has probably seen it. At least these movies that made it to theaters are heard of! Smiley Happy


The three most recent movies I've seen in theaters were (starting with most recent):


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-  My sister took me along to see this one, and it was interesting! I only read the first and second books when I was in early elementary school, but I have always found the movies to be fun and captivating. I actually didn't see part one of the Deathly Hallows until after I saw the second part in theaters, and I didn't find it confusing. It was a good movie!


Bad Teacher-  I have to give this movie credit. A lot of humor these days is just trashy, but this one had standards. It actually had a decent plot and (unlike the movie reviews) I did think Elizabeth (Cameron Diaz) was the one I wanted to side with. (I wouldn't go too far by saying her character was at all a protagonist though lol). It criticized the way people are socially, and I just ate it up. Everyone in the theater was laughing, and the humor wasn't trashy. I am defintely getting this on DVD. I seriously loved the way this movie made me laugh!


Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (forgot the actual title lol)- The first one was great, the second and third were too complex and confusing (sorry, Disney!) But this fourth one was really intense! Its plot was simpler, and they definitely added in some cutesy romance! Overall, I would see it again!


Great thread! Smiley Happy

Re: Summer Films

I saw HP 7 and it was EPIC!!! Smiley Very Happy But i am a fan of Harry Potter Smiley Wink My dad saw it and he didn't like it. He hasn't read the books and has never been a fan of the movies. I was inspired by the HP movie to do makeup looks: 

Harry Potter Makeup Looks #1 Hufflepuff - BEAUTY TALK

Harry Potter Makeup Looks #2 Ravenclaw - BEAUTY TALK

Harry Potter Makeup Looks #3 Slytherin - BEAUTY TALK

Harry Potter Makeup Looks #4 Gryffindor - BEAUTY TALK


Movies I want to see: 

Winney the Pooh


The muppets movie or whatever has the muppets in it coming out soon

Breaking Dawn (maybe) I used to be a Twilight fan


Re: Summer Films

@Pandapple6:  I want to see Zookeeper as well.  It looks like it would be funny, and it doesn't look like a talking animal movie that is primarily aimed at lil kids. 


@martka: I was wondering about Bad Teacher.  My boyfriend and his friends went to see it, and he said it seemed more like a guy flick.  But after seeing your take on it, it seems like something I'd like to see. 



Re: Summer Films

I just saw HP & The Deathly Hallows Part 2 - IT WAS AMAZING! They messed up some stuff in the end, but it was still an excellent film with excellent visuals and excellent actors.


I got to see Pirates 4 and thought it was decent. I thought it was a great movie actually, but totally unecessary to the plot of the series and it felt a bit empty without Orlando and Kiera.


! I want to see The Help when it comes out as well.

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