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Summer Favorites

I thought it would be fun to play a little game & see what everyone is up to & enjoying this Summer! 

For the novelists out there, feel free to explain why...



Lip product- Dior addict lip glow for day, YSL glossy stain &/or a NARS lip gloss for night

Eye shadow- Tarte Aqualilies shadows or MUFE/UD shadow sticks

Eye liner-  I tend not to wear liner in the summer except to tight line & that's with the Too Faced 3-way lash liner

Mascara- Givenchy purple

Foundation- Dior airflash (recently learned it was long-wear) or the Diorskin compact 

Blush- Tarte Aqualilies or NARS orgasm

Bronzer- Tarte Aqualilies or Hourglass waterproof

Primer- Murad Hybrids for Acne or Hourglass 

Finishing powder/spray- UD all nighter with Guerlain meteorites 

Makeup Look- minimal foundation, full countered, minimal eyes, lipgloss 

Nail polish color- any shade of neon or holograph on toes, light pinks or blues on hands


Skin care

Makeup Remover- NUXE rose water

Cleanser- Ren calm3 clay

Exfoliator- AmorePacific Treatment Enzyme Peel

Toner- Kate Somerville 

Serum- OH truth serum AM, Perricone Blue Plasma PM

Moisturizer- OH sheer transformation AM, Korres wild rose Vita C sleeping facial PM 

Treatment- DDG A/B Pads or OH lemon peel

SPF- PTR SPF brush, or Boscia self defence



Shampoo- Just got a trim last week & my salon started carrying Kerastase. Phasing Clear scalp out and using bain force architecte to control frizz. It's only been 3 washes but I like the change.

Conditioner- Phased out Clear scalp & using ciment anti-usure with really nice results. 

Styling Product- Alterna dry oil mist

Treatment- Bumble & bumble Tonic

Tool/Accessory- wide tooth comb. Haven't touched my mason brush in almost a month. 

Hair Style- down with no heat waves (braids), or in a messy bun (with a braid to the side, or underneath) 

How often are you washing your hair?- 3x a week. 2 was not enough with the the heat we've been having Smiley Sad 

Body Lotion- Soap & Glory Righteous Butter Body Lotion or Fresh acai age delay

Body Wash- PTR blemish buffing beads for chest/back/arms, Caress for the rest

Body Exfoliator- OH loofa scrub 

Body Treatment- Perricone Cold Plasma Body on arms & dry spots 

SPF- Neutrogena cooling spray 

Scent- Fresh lychee 


For Fun

Song you can't get out of your head- Pontoon by Little Big Town 

Book/Magazine- none at the moment, but I have a bunch downloaded on my nook waiting to be read

Exercise Activity- Hot Yoga in our loft (it's like 90 degrees up there when the AC isn't running), hiking, or kayaking. 

Game- Bocci ball during the day, nails or corn hole at night

Highlight of your summer so far- Spending a week in upstate NY with international friends I haven't seen in 2 years. Even though I was busy helping run the tournament, I still got to enjoy myself and make some new memories. 

What are you looking forward to?- A friend's wedding in Ukraine at the end of August, going hiking/camping in the Carpathian Mountains for 4 nights after the reception. 

Summer Activity- Going to lake houses/cabins upstate; fishing, hiking, bonfires, grilling, tubing... 

Movie- haven't had time to see any yet Smiley Sad 

Vegetable- Squash or Jersey Corn

Fruit- Rainier Cherries 

Meal- any meat grilled

Desert- frozen yogurt

Drink- White wine sangria, mojito, Magners Irish Cider on ice

Beach or Pool?- Pool to relax & read by


Write in- anything I forgot, that you would like to add Smiley Wink 


Re: Summer Favorites

Last time I signed up for Missha's email, they sent me a full-sized BB cream. I'm not sure what the free gift for signing up is these days, but they're always having some sort of sale on their site Smiley Happy

Re: Summer Favorites

I feel slightly evil posting these pictures, but they're so DARN GORGEOUS


New Deborah Lippman Mermaids Collection!! Deborah-Lippmann-mermaids.jpgDeborah Lippmann Mermaids Collage.jpg

Excuse me while I go wipe my drool off the floor...

Re: Summer Favorites

SO stunning but such a pain to remove! haha

Re: Summer Favorites

Oh lord, glitter polish is such a PITA to get off! I need to invest in some pure acetone- I'm always impressed when I go to get my toes done and the lady can remove my polish so easy with that stuff! Thanks for your thoughts on the BB cream, definitely sounds like something I'd want to try! Smiley Happy

Re: Summer Favorites

You're very welcome! I wish Sephora never stopped carrying Fairydrops mascaras either Smiley Happy

Re: Summer Favorites

My husband was horrified the first time I picked up acetone at the hardware store for heavy duty nail polish remover, hah! I swear it is magic though. 

Re: Summer Favorites

The things we do to look good! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Summer Favorites

Fun post!


Lip product- really grooving on my Starlooks lip liner, so creamy!
Eye shadow- Keeping it simple with my awesome Laura Mercier Artist Palette for Eyes.  Love that the dark mattes also double as really good eyeliners with a damp brush!
Mascara- Still going strong with L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes.  How did I ever live without tube mascara???
Blush- Becca Beach Tint in Watermelon, or Tarina Tarantino when I want some pop
Primer- Keep forgetting to apply this, probably because it feels gross after all those other layers of skincare, esp in the hot humid summer!
Finishing powder/spray- hellooooo Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder!  Or sometimes Lancome Dual Finish
Makeup Look- Sadly, full coverage foundation to hide acne/scars, everything else very toned down and minimal
Nail polish colorSo totally into nudes, may never go back to color!

Re: Summer Favorites

One of these days I'm going to let you ladies enable/convince me that I need the Hourglass Powder!

Re: Summer Favorites

I LOVE Beach Tints! They also smell so good Smiley Happy

Re: Summer Favorites

Lip product- Bright coral-y lispticks, Givenchy Mandarine Bolero, Tarte Aqualillies Timeless, and from my Wantables box: Face Stockholm Gladje, which I was shocked to discover is EXACTLY the same color as Timeless, but a bit more moisture to the formula,so I put it on top to keep my lips from getting too dry. 
Eye shadow- Too Faced Glamour to Go palette Spun Sugar Edition - pretty selection of golds and silvers for a reasonably neutral eye. 
Eye liner- Tarte waterproof gel eyeliner black for tightlining
Mascara- Guerlain Maxi Lash
Foundation- MUFE Mat Velvet 15 Alabaster mixed with a teeny bit of Tarte BB Tinted Treatment in Light because it's summer, haha. 
Blush- Tarte cheek stain in Tickled or Stila convertible color in Peony
Bronzer- Too Faced Chocolate Soleil or the one in the Spun Sugar palette
Primer- Hourglass Mineral Veil
Finishing powder/spray- UD all nighter or de-slick and/or Tarte finishing powder
Makeup Look- minimal foundation, neutral eye, bold lips
Nail polish color- something way too bright usually, haha


Skin care
Makeup Remover- Caudalie Make up removing cleansing water
Cleanser- PTR Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel
Exfoliator- AmorePacific Treatment Enzyme Peel, Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Face Polish
Toner- Caudalie Beauty Elixir
Serum- OH truth serum, Dior Capture Totale One Essential
Moisturizer- Amor Pacific Natural Protector SPF 30/PA+++, Korres wild rose Vitamin C sleeping facial 
Treatment- DDG A/B Pads, Amore Pacific Treatment Enzyme Peel
SPF- Boscia self defence, Amore Pacific Natural Protector SPF 30/PA+++



Conditioner- Beauty Defender conditioning spray
Styling Product- Living proof thickening cream
Tool/Accessory- uhhh, bobby pins? I don't do much with my hair Smiley Tongue
Hair Style- cut pretty short or if it's longer then up and out of my way
How often are you washing your hair?- as little as possible, maybe twice a week.
Body Wash- Bliss Lemon and Sage
Body Exfoliator- Bliss Minty soap + scrub
Scent- Cartier Baiser Vole



For Fun
Song you can't get out of your head- Misery is a Butterfly - Blonde Redhead 
Highlight of your summer so far- Coming home to stay with my parents for a while.
What are you looking forward to?- OMG hearing when my immigration interview is and getting that over with! 
Summer Activity- Hah, just being able to go out of the house and understand everything anyone says to me. I missed that.

Movie- watched the Big Lebowski again recently Smiley Happy
Vegetable- anything in a salad I think
Fruit- Rainier Cherries!! Yes! 
Meal- grilled steak, my dad will fire up the grill all winter in the garage if necessary when it's -40 out and it makes you appreciate it even more!
Dessert- frozen yogurt from Tutti Frutti, lychee flavor or maybe red velvet Smiley Very Happy
Drink- White wine, silly frozen cocktails, yum. 
Beach or Pool?- Beach!

Re: Summer Favorites

Is it odd I always have to smell the Guerlain Maxi Lash mascara everytime I use it? I wish Guerlain came out with a perfume with that scent!

Re: Summer Favorites

It smells good!! Mascara usually smells not especially pleasant, so trying the Guerlain for the first time was a pleasant surprise! For some reason I think it smells like it should be a lotion smell rather than a perfume smell, but I would probably buy it either way, haha. 

Re: Summer Favorites

The first time I used it I didn't know anything about the scent.  For the first two minutes after putting it on I was puzzled where the nice scent was coming from.  Finally I realized it was the mascara, which surprised me because I'd never had a scented one before.  

Re: Summer Favorites

YSL mascaras have a pleasant scent as well. But Guerlain definitely knocked it out of the park with this one!

Re: Summer Favorites

For some reason, I always have to smell my new mascaras when I first open them! Glad to know I'm not the only one Smiley Very Happy

Re: Summer Favorites

Hahaha are you kidding? Ever since companies have been putting out chocolate and vanilla smelling bronzers, I've been smelling every beauty product I've come across Smiley Very Happy

Re: Summer Favorites

Ahahaha, today I was swatching a bronzer and smelled it before realizing it was not scented at all and I probably looked insane. 

Re: Summer Favorites

LOL! I picked up the Too Faced Loves Sephora palette and started smelling the eyeshadows. It was too early, and in my defense, they had the chocolate soleil packaged in there.

Re: Summer Favorites

I have to smell my Too Faced Chocolate Soleil every time I open it!! The crazy things these makeup companies do to us...

Re: Summer Favorites

Lip product- Bite Beauty Lipstick in Fig
Eye shadow- This has kind of been a big fail for me this summer.  I have Naked 2 but am bored with the brown shades.  I bought a duo from BareMinerals in Scenic Route (Golden Olive) and it just looks awful on me.  I hate to waste it so I'm trying to incorporate it without looking horrible.  
Eye liner- I tend not to wear liner in the summer except to tight line & that's with the Too Faced 3-way lash liner
Mascara- I've just been using samples.  Currently it's Guerlain Maxi Lash, which is good, but the scent is strange to me.  
Foundation- This summer I've LOVED Dr. Jart Black Label Detox BB.  
Blush- Josie Maran Coconut Water Cheek Gelee in Pink Escape
Bronzer- none
Primer- none
Finishing powder/spray- Laura Mercier Setting powder to set concealer 
Makeup Look- minimal foundation, blush, blended eyes, and natural pink lips
Nail polish color- none, but I'm getting a gel manicure with my mom next week.


Skin care
Makeup Remover- Sens'Eyes from Make Up Forever
Cleanser- First Aid Beauty Cleanser FAB Face Polish

Exfoliator- First Aid Beauty Face Polish
Toner- First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads
Serum- First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Serum
Moisturizer- First Aid Beauty Daily Face Cream



Shampoo- Devacurl No Poo
Conditioner- Devacurl One Condition
Styling Product- Devacurl Light Defining Gel
Tool/Accessory- wide tooth comb. 
Hair Style- Down and Curly or ponytail
How often are you washing your hair?- as often as I can while taking care of my three little ones while my husband is away Smiley Wink
Body Lotion- Josie Maran Whipped Argan 
Body Wash- samples
Body Exfoliator
Body Treatment
SPF- Josie Maran Daily Moisturizer SPF 40 
Scent-Tocca Giulietta or Bianca


For Fun
Song you can't get out of your head- I Love It--Icona kids love dancing around to this.  
Book/Magazine- no time for that
Exercise Activity- chasing after kids
Highlight of your summer so far- We spent a week at Walt Disney World
What are you looking forward to?- My husband getting home from being away for 6 weeks.  
Summer Activity- mostly just playing outside with the kids  
Movie- haven't had time to see any yet
Vegetable- corn
Fruit- melon
Meal- grilled BBQ Chicken
Desert-ice cream
Drink- water
Beach or Pool?- I'd like to say beach but the reality is a kiddie pool  

Write in- 

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