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Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

Okay, BTers.  It's a busy day for me, but rote-work busy and my brain is b-o-r-e-d.  So I started thinking about revamping my wardrobe as it's time for some updates.  And then I started thinking about styles I like, people whose style I admire and those than I think are somewhat disastrous.  


There are a lot of famous women I admire for their style; however, my personal icons are made up of women who are, perhaps, not conventional beauties or dress completely outside the norm.  Some are inspirations for clothing and makeup, others are inspirations for their confidence and attitude.  Like...


Anna Piaggi,


Charlotte Gainsbourg,


and, Audrey Hepburn. 



Hopefully I won't get blasted for this but, for me, I see Kim Kardashian as a fiasco.  There doesn't seem to be an ease or organic sense of style and she doesn't dress for her body.  She often seems overly made-up and it seems she has also started playing with her face.  That's just my opinion, though.


I'm curious about other people's style icons and influences.  Who are yours?



Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

I've been binge watching Mork & Mindy lately (because I'm a nerd and I've always been obsessed with vintage TV shows since I was a wee child) and I gotta say, Mindy (played by Pam Dawber) is so on point in most episodes... I find myself wanting to dress/style myself more like her with that that late 70s early 80s stuff! I have actually bought some plaid shirts, sweaters, and dark denim recently because of watching this throwback--So thanks for the inspiration, Pam aka Mindy! Haha 





Someday I will figure out how to get my hair do this: 




There was this one episode she had on a HUGE turtleneck sweater with a blazer over it, a vest over that, AND a scarf to top it all off! I was like "My gawd, how is she pulling that off without looking like a homeless person!?" but check out how awesome it was:

image04.jpg(I'm not daring enough to attempt that, but dang!)

Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)


Wow, my style icons range from classic, bohemian, preppy, to downright eclectic. I love Halle Berry, Jennifer Anniston, Kourtney Kardashian, Kate Moss, Katherine Hepburn , Audrey Hepburn, Maryland Monroe, Denise Huxtable (yes the character), Gwen Stefani, Gweneth Paltrow, Samantha from sex in the City, Olivia Pope from Scandal, Erica Badu, Jacqueline from boomerang, Elizabeth Taylor in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and Zoe Saldana . As for disastrous looks, I never recalled cared for Courtney love, Peg Bundy, or Vh1's I love Miss network style choices. If it makes them happy though so be it.

Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

This is such a great topic!

While I'm all for doing your own thing and not copying someone else's look, I also understand that art inspires art and nothing is 100% original.

A few people I've shamelessly ripped off over the years:



Ian McCulloch...the epic hair, the bomber jackets, the raincoats, even the ugly sweaters, and I dare not mention all of the plumping lipgloss I've gone through for this man's influence. lol



Siouxsie Sioux. There is not one female goth who doesn't worship this woman. Not one.



Ric Ocasek...I owe everything I am as a frontman (woman) to this guy.



Cyndi Lauper. My hero then, now, and always.



Dwight Yoakam = the reason I wore tight jeans all through high school.

Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

We have pretty similar tastes in inspiration. Well, except the Dwight Yoakam - though I he is one of my rare country music exceptions. 

Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

Cyndi was one of my first style icons (…at 3). I loved the vinyl cover of She's So Unusual and I still love her! Smiley Happy

Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

the winners icons for movie iconic heroes makeup etc. 


milla Jovovich: Resident evil franchise, Fifth element etc. (likes makeup acting, style)






Jennifer Laurence - hunger games franchise and random indie films ( likes acting makeup & attire)






Kate Beckensale: underworld franchise! Likes acting and just casual makeup




not my style, not good at acting attire or makeup!

sarah jessica parker seen in don't know & don't care what!


anne hathaway (was a rude allowance in the dark Knight rises) 



Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

@where you stand YES!!!!!!!!! milla jovich and katniss rock!

Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

I love Naomi, Silver, and Adrianna's makeup from 90210! I think it also might be because I think they are so incredibly beautiful.upload_1549623947464720798.jpg

For style, I really like the outfits on the character Ashley Davenport in revenge. I also like thefashioncitizen on youtube and some other people.



Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

Oh wow I like the last pic she's pretty!!

Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

Yeah her and her sister have amazing style and are lovely! You should check out their youtube channel thefashioncitizen

Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

Oh I probably will now. I love fashionable people <3

Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

This is too hard for me. Some days I want to be Kat Von D, others Jackie O. I find all these pictures inspirational, and would rock those looks depending on my mood.



Lol I guess I'm too fickle to be tied down to one style :/

Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

I know what you mean!  And it's not a bad thing at all.  We like to call it fickle/finicky around my house.  My poor son got my weird, abstruse sense of style.  Some days he walks out of the house looking like a professor, with tweed, cardi and bow-tie.  Other days he looks like the love child of Sid Vicious and Marc Jacobs.  Fashion should be fun!

Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

That is so awesome that you encourage his sense of style! More parents should be like you Smiley Happy



Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

Thank you!  Though a lot of people would argue against it. Smiley Wink  There is a lot that goes wrong in life organically, enough troubles and frets so I try to avoid creating them.  Why should clothes be a big deal?  Don't get me wrong, I believe in trying to be appropriate to the situation (e.g., work), but personal flair and expression can also sometimes keep us this side of crazy.

Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

Probably the same people who believe in gendered toys or that wearing pink makes boys "gay" or "feminine" (which is offensive that those are considered insults)


Yea, work keeps me very conservative, but I love being able to express myself via makeup and clothing during my me time.  It's crazy how many people don't recognize fashion and makeup as a form of art and expression. 

Re: Style Icons (... and Fiascoes?)

I agree with Nikki -- sounds like great parenting, and I wish more people shared this attitude! Smiley Happy

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