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Structure Serene (Nightly Routine)

it's goes to say, without hesitation that having a good nightly routine before catching some zzzz's helps your body which in return helps your overall health & wellness including beauty. so let's talk nightly routines. Doesn't matter if your a night owl or early riser. What do people do before they throw in the towel and catch forty winks for the night?



Re: Structure Serene (Nightly Routine)

Great post! I love to hear everyones routines Smiley Happy




Brush teeth

shampoo/shower (I'm not a morning shower person unless I really have to work on my hair lol)

face wash (usually one with light scrubby beads to make sure I'm taking the days germs off!)

toner or complexion wipes (I am LOVING the PTR ones so many of you raved about!)

Face Serum

Eye Cream

and if needed, spot treatment!


I also like to follow up with a really nice lavender-nightime soothing hand cream I have. The smell is so soft and lightweight and super calming. Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Structure Serene (Nightly Routine)

Take a bath, brush teeth/floss teeth/rinse with mouthwash, do my whole skincare routine, put on PJ's, do my nails if needed, put on handcream if needed and NAP TIME. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Structure Serene (Nightly Routine)

Brush teeth, wash face with OH on the go cleanser, Treat with invigorating night gel or PTR retinol fusion PM, moisturize with OH (which one depends on my skin's needs at the time) or La Mer. If I'm not too lazy, then I use Perricone Cold Plasma Body on my legs & arms, and some foot cream. Hydrate my lips with some Jack Black and crawl into bed. I read pulse news on my iPhone or play a game of sudoku before I fall asleep. We don't allow a TV in the bed room, and it helps to wind down without a lot of distractions. 

Re: Structure Serene (Nightly Routine)

One of my personal goals is to get into a better and more consistent night time routine. A lot of times I'm out late on weeknights (dance practice) and then am so tired when I get home I rush through the process of getting ready for bed and pass out as soon as my head hits the pillow.


SO, in an ideal world my night time routine would be:

- Brushing/flossing, and all that good stuff the dentist tells you to do

- Wash my face (I love Boscia's Purifying Cleansing Gel)

- Apply acne medication, night time moisturizer & eye cream

- 10-15 minutes of yoga or stretching (something I've ALWAYS wanted to do, but always seem to get too lazy)


I also love to read once I'm in bed, or maybe watch a little TV, although I have to be careful not to get sucked into a particular story because I'll keep myself up later than intended!

Re: Structure Serene (Nightly Routine)

I will wash my face with my burt's bees cleansing cream, then moisturize my lips with blistex, my body with aveeno lotion ( or

lo-lo, as I call it ) , and my face with F.A.B. ultra repair cream. before all this I take a quick shower, then close up thee night with a nice cup of tea and watch hgtv ( anyone else obsessed with love it or list it and property brothers? tell me it's not just me, lol )

Re: Structure Serene (Nightly Routine)

Brush teeth, wash face with Tea Tree Cleanser, Tea Tree Toner, and then put on Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion (Body Shop addict here), and lastly Tarte Maracuja Oil.


If it isn't one of the nights (or mornings, I'm a night-shifter) that I literally fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow, I like to read or watch some TV or YouTube. Helps me to clear my mind! I also try to stretch before going to bed to keep my flexibility up for sports Smiley Happy

Re: Structure Serene (Nightly Routine)

I always watch T.V.before bed it takes my mind off of everything else and usually not always sleep really great.

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