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Starting a makeup collection??



hey guys I'm Alex I just turned 15 today and this year i have recently just became like OBSSESED with makeup and I really wanna start a makeup collection my betseyville bag is full but its really not a lot of makeup i dont wanna spend to much money i wanna try to save up money for makeup and things do you have any suggestions how i could or where to start?

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Re: Starting a makeup collection??

Well, you know what you need most but I'd suggest finding a good foundation, mascara, and a good eyeliner to start. eyeshadow's a little easier to figure out-mostly all pricey brands have good eyeshadow (:  

Re: Starting a makeup collection??

I have put together some great ideas and tips that are not too budget busting.


Clinique Almost Lipstick – At 15, bold lips might not be the most appropriate makeup in school.  These are nice sheer washes of color without going overboard.  If these are not appealing, lip balm (or tinted lip balm) is another route to venture.


Urban Decay Mini 24/7 Glide-on eye pencil Set- Darks.  These colors will go well with hazel eyes.  Since the price of one full sized 24/7 is 18 USD, purchasing this set gives more variety and options in your makeup collection.  These will also be easier to use and not have old eyeliners sitting around forever.  The size is also great to tote around in smaller handbags. 


Mascara does not have to be high end to be good.  There are plenty of brands to choose from.


As far as eye shadows are concerned, Sephora Collection has a great variety of colors and palettes to choose from.  For example; this palette Sephora Collection (Hot Hues Baked Eyeshadow Palette - Burnished Cocoa) has a great variety of neutral colors for 24 USD:



 I also recommend having an eye shadow primer around to get the best color payoff (it helps a lot of the drug store brands too).  the primer is a nice canvas for certain eye shadow textures. 


Make sure to remove and wash off make up at the end of the day.  Sleeping in makeup is not a good idea. 


Last but not least is to save up and invest in a good set of brushes over time.  Be practical and choose the ones you will actually use.  Take good care of them and they will last for years.  There are some less expensive options (real techniques, eco tools) that may work in your current budget. 


Look around at the items offered by Sephora’s own brand: Sephora Collection.  The sale section from time to time has really great deals on items (usually being phased out or discontinued).  Also a great place to look at makeup bag storage options. 


I did not include any foundations because the best results are usually in person (and those with great skin can skip using it).  When trying to color match, test not only on the side of cheek, but down the neckline as well.  If not a foundation wearer, use an SPF.  It might not be the most picture friendly but it is good for early age prevention (sunburns are hard to cover up).


Never be afraid to ask about samples or trying out products.  Your own analysis and judgment are your best resources for determining whether or not to purchase an item.  There are lots of youtube videos out there that are intentionally aimed at younger age groups and driven to sell a product.  However, it may end up being awful (ie hate the texture, irritation, etc).


Start small and build gradually.  Buying too much can result in neglecting products and then finding them years later (expired).  Best of luck!

Re: Starting a makeup collection??

Hi ohsnapitsalex!

These are your basic items needed when starting a new makeup collection. 


- Foundation

- Face powder

- Concealer

- Eye shadow palette ( a set of 4-6 colors that match your eye color)

- Mascara

- Eyeliner- Black, Brown, and a bright fun color.

- Lipstick -  A natural color, and a bright color.

- Bruch set (Foundation brush, Powder brush, Eyeshadow brush, Eyeliner brush, Eybrow comb, Lash curler)


Good Luck with your new makeup!




Re: Starting a makeup collection??


- Foundation

- Lipstick ( traditionaly Red )

- Face powder (blush)

- Concealer

- Eye shadow palette 

- Mascara

- Eyeliner- Black or Brown

  Brush Set



Re: Starting a makeup collection??

Lots of good suggestions! Have fun!

Re: Starting a makeup collection??

Hey girl! I have some really cute ideas for starting out a makeup collection. I know it is kind confusing when you just started but don't worry. I think you should start out with a Falsies Mascara. It is very easy to use. Eyeliner is another big part I would use any drugstore product. I would not start with these high-end cosmetics because you are just beginning. Eyeshadows should be a quad so you can mix and blend colors and learn unique colors. For Eyelashes if you want buy the full ones not the individuals.For blush a soft color nothing to vibrant. Powder etc. Any drugstore item. I also think buying 4 quads of eyeshadow of different tints will help so you can work with a different element. Xoxo Chow 

Re: Starting a makeup collection??

You have been given some great suggestions!!  Spend your money on your basics, like foundation, mascara, and skincare.  Then get as many samples, kits, and blockbusters as you can!! The more products you try, the more you know about what you like.  In the meantime, all those little things are adding up and you will have a lot of products to choose from!!  Good sets to try are Sephora Favorites Glitz & Glam, Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lip Vol. II, Sephora Favorites Beauty and the Bride, Sephora Collection Shopping Bag Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, Josie Maran Seductive Golds, Too Faced In Your Dreams Collection, Urban Decay Mini 24/7 Glide On Pencils lights and darks, Bare Escentuals Big and Bright Mini Eyeliner Trio, Benefit Cosmetics The Big 10, and Benefit Cosmetics The Realness of Concealness.  Go to the store and try the testers, have a pro apply makeup, and take home lots of samples.  Ask for samples everytime you buy.  Online, always get your samples and always use a promo code.

Re: Starting a makeup collection??

Ok I'm a dork, I don't think they do Realness of Concealness anymore.  I was thinking of Confessions of a Concealaholic

Re: Starting a makeup collection??

My best advice to you: invest in a good, soft brush set and take good care of it! I would give a suggestion, but I mostly have a bunch of random brushes from all over (mostly sephora's dip dyed double ended brushes...I really like these and they come in pretty colors) I also use the brush cleanser from works really well and keeps your brushes in their tip top shape Smiley Happy


Some staple brushes:

- Powder brush (for powder foundations and sheer powder)

- Flat foundation brush (for liquid foundations)

- Cheek brush (for blush and bronzers)

- Eyeliner brush with smudger brush

- Multiple eyeshadow brushes for lids, crease, brow bone, etc. 

- Lip brush

- This isn't a brush, but good quality tweezers keep a fresh face and I always keep them with my make-up brushes for touch-ups

Re: Starting a makeup collection??

Hi ohsnapitsalex - I Love your name, I'm actually a little jealous. I always wonder how/why people choose their screen names.(maybe that's a good thread to start) I'm also fascinated with the names people choose for their pets(have to start that one too, never actually started one)


First of all, happy birthday! This is a great question. I really don't like a lot of makeup on young girls. Usually there is a certain radiance to young skin, unless you have problematic skin - acne etc. Tell us what your skin is like and maybe we can help guide you to what you really need.


There were some great suggestions posted already. I say you need lip gloss, any and every brand, color, flavor. You don't really need to spend a lot of money, there are so many great options out there. I  think Bare Escentuals is an awesome line for anyone really, it's good for your skin, and isn't too heavy. You might like to try some sets that include gloss, eyeshadows and liners, mascaras, blush etc.  It's a bit more economical than buying products individually. There is an Bare Escentual Eye Shadow Trio in the sale section of Sephoras website right now. BE is fun because they have tons of colors, with great names, you can mix them, layer them, apply them dry or wet, I think that might be a fun option for you. I have tons of BE products. It's really a little embarrassing, I started collecting and it is so terribly addictive. I have well, well over 100 eye shadows alone, I'll have to try and count, although I have them hidden away everywhere, every little nook & cranny is filled with things, I forget what I have. You should check out the Value Sets section and check out BE and other brands. QVC has several BE Today's Special Values every year (in case anyone is unfamiliar it's an item that has a special low price for just one day, then the price goes up and I believe even if the item were to go on sale it will never be lower in price - I should know that for sure, haven't been watching as much, I must be slipping) Anyhow, with BE TSV's you can usually sign up for Auto-Delivery and then every 3 months or so you get another kit, with all different colors, for the same TSV price. It's fun. You get to play around with lots of great things.


In general I say keep it light, bright and fun. Now is the time to play around and enjoy yourself. I'm not a fan of things like black eyeliner or dark, heavy lip products on someone so young. That's just me, though. It'll be fun to see what other ideas people come up with.


So Happy Birthday!!! Have fun and have a wonderful year! Let us know what you end up going with, okay? Have fun and enjoy yourself (but not too much) By the way, if you ever see the name - ohsnapitscindy - it might just be me, kssweetheart j/k Smiley Tongue

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