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Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

So, it's time to go on an extended no buy. I have more than I could ever enjoy for quite awhile.  However, if you have gotten to know me a bit- it's going to be easier said than done!


So, this thread is hopefully going to be a support group for me- and anyone else who wants to join me in a summer of no buy.


The tricky thing is that I've got about 40% of my toner left and maybe 20% of my daytime moisturizer- and I see pan on my HG concealer.  I have to buy the concealer since it's a staple product (and I have used up all of the other concealers that match my skin). I'd like to use up some skincare before repurchasing my daytime moisturizer- but if my skin reacts, I'll revisit the issue.


When will the no buy end?  I'm not sure, but fall collections will be on counters, if not on the leaves!

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

@starletta8 how much do you usually pay for your heel caps?


There are some other options out there (I think Target has a kit for $5)?


Sorry to hear about your AC unit. that is terrible! We had to replace our central heat & Air unit last winter and it was like $4k! 


Do you have any unopened items from recent purchases that you could return?  Like items that are not necessary? That way you could afford skincare/foundation. Smiley Happy 

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

@roxystar4 It's minimal (less than $15), it's just a matter of remembering to grab the shoes and go to the cobbler.  I'll always pay a pro for my few very good pairs of heels (this is one of them) since they're long-term investments.


Yeah, I was shocked by it- I'll have to purchase an entire new system in another 5-7 years.  At least that gives me time to budget and save.  So much for the kitchen upgrades I've been eyeing.


I actually ran into one of the items I've been mulling at the outlets the other day. (Full sized Clinique 7-day scrub cream). We'll see how long the deluxe sample lasts me- I'm not much of an exfoliater girl, but during the summer I like making sure all of my sunscreen is off. Even a month ago, I would've bought without thinking. Now, I passed it by.

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

@starletta8 I am glad you passed on the scrub. Esp if you still have a sample you can use. Nice work!


I dont blame you for wanting to get a professional to fix your nice shoes. I have a few cheaper ones that could use new heel caps & am going to try the target kit for those.

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

I know I *need* to do this, I just don't know if I wanna lol. I'm on project 10 pan for skincare/fragrance already....okay fine. Summer for me means June and July so I'll do a all around no buy for all things beauty related during those months only. I'll buy things only if I run out of something completely.

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

I forgot to mention that I had a flat last week on the way home from work and I ended up needing to buy all new tires, which set me back a good 500 bucks. So yes, I needz this no buy.



Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

I think I may need to cave and get the Versace Bright Crystal perfume, I tried it the other day, and it smelled like a slightly more sophisticated version of a perfume I used to wear over a decade ago, I couldn't stop smiling when I caught a whiff of it!  

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

OK, I have to share this with you all.  It's official- I have the sweetest man out there.  He surprised me after dinner tonight with the Bobbi Brown TM that I've been gushing over. Unbeknownst to me, on his way out last night he smuggled my sample (labeled with the product description) out and stopped by the store after work. 


I know he feels horrible about my home woes (and being out of town last week so I couldn't just stay at his place) and appreciated my good spirit about the whole thing (minimal whining with no AC; no moping after wiping out the rest of my contingency funds Friday). Apparently I kept checking myself out to see how the TM was wearing and- in his words- it was kinda fun to see me happy about something when I was having a "crud"tacular week.


So I don't have to break my no-buy after all!

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

That is way too sweet! Your lucky to have a guy like him Smiley Happy


Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

I really am lucky!


(This also may have been a thank-you for helping him weed and mulch so that he could watch auto racing all day and night-or so it seemed- on Sunday.)

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

Crap I placed 7 orders this week.  But I promise I won't purchase more until after I'm back from vacation Smiley Wink

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