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Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

So, it's time to go on an extended no buy. I have more than I could ever enjoy for quite awhile.  However, if you have gotten to know me a bit- it's going to be easier said than done!


So, this thread is hopefully going to be a support group for me- and anyone else who wants to join me in a summer of no buy.


The tricky thing is that I've got about 40% of my toner left and maybe 20% of my daytime moisturizer- and I see pan on my HG concealer.  I have to buy the concealer since it's a staple product (and I have used up all of the other concealers that match my skin). I'd like to use up some skincare before repurchasing my daytime moisturizer- but if my skin reacts, I'll revisit the issue.


When will the no buy end?  I'm not sure, but fall collections will be on counters, if not on the leaves!

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread



Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

Omg those are gorgeous! What brand? where did you get them?!?!


Lol, when I need to talk myself out of something, I just sort reviews by lowest ratings and read the ones that are <3 stars. Instead of beauty purchases I don't need, I'm saving money and starting to look for a replacement for my worn out pink camoflaudge cowboy boots. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be anything as unique and good quality and <$100 right now. =/

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

@starletta8 I agree with beauty tester - these brushes are really beautiful.


Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

Those are from the dearly departed B Never 2 Busy 2 Be Beautiful (B Never) brand- Lush's former UK cosmetics brand.


Just a nice example of why it's better to hold out for the unique items sometimes.


I'm really hoping the AC doesn't cost too much because I just saw one of my HG handbags on Gilt for ridiculously cheap. Like as cheap as I paid at the outlet for the outlet version of the purse on uber sale cheap.

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

@starletta8- I knew you could breeze right through it.Smiley Happy And yes you have a humongo nail polish collection that is absolutely amazeballs and it's like you said you won't need any for a looooong timeSmiley Happy

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

I took an advance on one of the purchases I mentioned in my initial post out of pure emotional shock today.  I now have enough concealer to get me through the rest of the summer.


It was a moment of "I just had to spend several thousand dollars, what the heck is 20-some more?".


Yeah. I bought a new AC unit today.  I might be on a no-buy aside from things I legitimately run out of (ie skincare, foundation, etc) until further notice.  And further notice hopefully will be before New Years'.

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

Aww, *hug*. Lol, if we live near each other we should totally do a swap, a couple of your nail polish for my 5-6 deluxe/mini foundation (liquid, pressed and loose powder) and the 2-3 sample packets.


Yeah, my retail of the month is going to be a pair of boots instead of a Sephora order (not feelin' it). I tend to walk on the outside of my feet, so there's almost .75in difference between the left/right edge of the heel for my 5yr old leather boots (a new pair only cost $20-$30 more than the cost of resole, so I'm getting new ones. Bye bye, pink camofloudge).

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

I bet I'm way pasty, LOL.


Boots are good! I have a pair of Cole Haan heels sitting by my door waiting to go to the cobbler for new heel caps.  They've been there for weeks!


I started working through some of my samples and now I want tinted moisturizer. Smiley Sad


On the flip side, I had to go to the outlet mall (I needed to pick up corn on the cob dishes and those little forks you stick in the end since I have corn- and no way to serve it).  I was actually in two of those outlets that sell makeup- stuck to my no-buy! Woot!

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

Stay strong! You can do it! I've got the 1oz of Laura Mercier TM and Boots no7 TM. They are pretty nice since I almost never wear foundation.


I almost brought boots but decided I can wait until fall. I did buy a pair of silver sneakers with studded toes cuz I have a $10 off from Kohls and it was $19.99. Ha, now I feel like one of those hipster teens.


And you are making me craving corn...

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

My dilemma is that it'll be as expensive as buying a new foundation. I'm faithful to foundation during the work week, so TM wouldn't be a bad purchase- aside from the fact it's a purchase.


Those sneakers sound like fun!

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