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Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

So, it's time to go on an extended no buy. I have more than I could ever enjoy for quite awhile.  However, if you have gotten to know me a bit- it's going to be easier said than done!


So, this thread is hopefully going to be a support group for me- and anyone else who wants to join me in a summer of no buy.


The tricky thing is that I've got about 40% of my toner left and maybe 20% of my daytime moisturizer- and I see pan on my HG concealer.  I have to buy the concealer since it's a staple product (and I have used up all of the other concealers that match my skin). I'd like to use up some skincare before repurchasing my daytime moisturizer- but if my skin reacts, I'll revisit the issue.


When will the no buy end?  I'm not sure, but fall collections will be on counters, if not on the leaves!

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

Thanks, arielaaaaaaaa and AlwaysGlamorous.I had to go sit in the car once it hit 80 inside. Unfortunately, window units are against HOA regulations- so I get to sweat for awhile longer.

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

Aw i totally feel for you. Our AC always always always messes up right when summer starts. It's hot year round where i am but summer is unbearable! I know mine is going to go out soon. We have a back up window unit in the living room so when it happens i sleep in there. I hope yours gets fixed fast! Good luck.

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

UGH! That sucks! But YAY for No Buy! 

Our old place doesn't have AC (well we put in window units during the summer) & it's been so hot & humid the past 2 days that I'm putting my foot down & forcing us to move this weekend to the new house that has central air. 

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

Ouch, that's a bummer. Yeah, I keep forgetting random taxes, my yearly website hosting fee, and replacing big item things that inevitably happens every year. If you can't have temporary window unit.....all I can think of is open all your windows at night, get a nice big fan, and put some bowls of ice around. I don't know if it's just an asian thing but I also have a bamboo/straw mat for bed and pillow cover, which definitely helps.


Be strong! I find re-organizing my stash helps when retail temptation gets too strong, but that's just me. >.<

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

@Starletta8- Aww! I'm sorry about your air we have central heat and air and ours went out about 2 years ago  and it was in the middle of summer it was TERRIBLE! I feel for you and I hope it gets fixed sooon.Smiley Happy

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

Thanks, beautylovingirl!  I'm in the home stretches now.

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

@starletta8- Sending Happy thoughts your way!!!

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

How's the no-buy going for everyone else?


I finally admitted the size of my nail polish stash- it's clear that I don't have a need for more nail polish, save base and top coats, for 15 years. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

Your nail polish collection is truly impressive (how do you keep your polish/mascara etc from going bad/dry out??? I get paranoid after 2-3 yrs).


Unintentionally but no-buy is going well. I resisted Murad VitC peel promo cuz I don't do peels often in the summer. I resisted the sun safety kit cuz I only want 3 or 4 items, which is not enough to justify the price. I'm in the middle of talking myself out of the Hello Kitty and brushes in the sales section. The only definite purchase I know is that whenever the next Disney princess is coming out, I'm ordering the second I see it. period. But I heard that's in the fall, so I'm safe for now. *phew*



Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

Aside from these last two days, my polishes have always been stored in a climate-controlled environment between 65 and 73 degrees, year-round.  I also never expose them to sunlight long-term- and (again, until NOW) keep them in a non-humid environment. That seems to do well.


Mascara I toss faithfully.  I'm less concerned with polish since it shouldn't be in my eyes!


And you don't need the brushes!  Wait for a really cool set!

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