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Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

So, it's time to go on an extended no buy. I have more than I could ever enjoy for quite awhile.  However, if you have gotten to know me a bit- it's going to be easier said than done!


So, this thread is hopefully going to be a support group for me- and anyone else who wants to join me in a summer of no buy.


The tricky thing is that I've got about 40% of my toner left and maybe 20% of my daytime moisturizer- and I see pan on my HG concealer.  I have to buy the concealer since it's a staple product (and I have used up all of the other concealers that match my skin). I'd like to use up some skincare before repurchasing my daytime moisturizer- but if my skin reacts, I'll revisit the issue.


When will the no buy end?  I'm not sure, but fall collections will be on counters, if not on the leaves!


Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

I may join you on this.  I'm a grad student, so the summer means no income.  To top it off, my cat needs dental work and I'm moving in the fall.  The numbers are practically adding themselves up.



If anyone can recommend a fantastic drugstore facial sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher, something that won't make my face greasy), I'd be much obliged.  I'm also looking to replace what high end staples I can with something more affordable for the time being, and sunscreen's first on the chopping block.  I've been eyeing Neutrogena's Sheer Dry Touch, but I've heard conflicting things.

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

Cetaphil makes some good sunscreens.

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

Neutrogena Sheer Dry Touch is amazing. Love the stuff- I break out with tons of products, but have never had problems here. Neutrogena also makes a sunscreen specifically for the face- Neutrogena Clear Face Sunscreen Lotion (SPF 55) which I have used regularly and have not broken out with either. Both products kept me from getting burned all last summer. The best part about both is that they are broad spectrum and protect you from UVA and UVB rays Smiley Happy

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

I'm trying to do a no impulse, no buy LOL! There area few staples I need like a waterproof mascara, SPF, a new night serum and a new lightweight night cream. I got a sample of the Perricone Blue Plasma (YUCK it smells like fish, but it works) and am experimenting with my moisturizers for a good combo. All of mine are too heavy & leave me feeling greasy in the morning. I might have to crack & purchase OH Sheer Transformation to go with it. Oh & I guess purchase the Blue Plasma. I have items in my cart that I "need" to purchase, just waiting on the sun kit to come out. After that, I'm done for a while.

I did some major spring cleaning while packing for moving. I purged a lot of items that were old & I never used, but found I have so many eyeliners and samples.  

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

Day #2 and I had to stop myself from just stopping by Ulta or Sephora on my way home from work- then I almost started browsing the website.


This is going to be harder than I thought.

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

You may need to find a different route home from work! *giggle*


I managed to go to Sephora today and leave with all free stuff. w00t! I got 2 100pt items (Algenist Pore Gel & Dior Essential One), my birthday gifty and a sample of Glam Glo. It was a good feeling and the cashier even congratulated me! ha!

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

Day #3 temptation(s):

  • Got an email for two events I want to attend at 2 different Sephoras this week.  I may go to the one and try to be in line to get one of the gift cards they're giving away to the first 100.  If I get one large enough, that's how I'll deal with the future toner/daytime moisturizer loss since it's not money out of my pocket. But being in a Sephora and not buying is going to be ugly.
  • Temptation #2: I don't need it, but I want the other YSL Tie & Dye topcoat so I have the full collection.  It'll seem even that way!

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

OK, I'm partially saved from the re-opening event.  It's today, not tomorrow, so I will be at work (like 90% of people in my area) when they give out the gift cards.


My compromise: I printed the free tote email and will call before I leave work to see if they still have one. If they do, I'll pick up either cotton rounds or another retractable lip brush (both essentials, my Shiseido balm has taken over the brush I have, leaving me none

for lip color). I can look, play, get samples- but those are the only 2 possibilities that fit into my no-buy.

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

I hope you can do it Starletta8. I'm going to be completely honest here there's no use in me trying I'll never make it.Smiley Happy

Re: Starletta8's Summer of No Buy Support Thread

I'm literally restraining myself right now- Le Metier de Beaute is on Hautelook right now.  I'm in love with my one lipstick from the line...I popped on there to look for work clothes, not makeup!

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