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Spring Break Plans???

Hey hey!


So with March comes Spring Break! I know not everyone is in school to where you get the week or some time off, but I know there are still tons of extra activities and even special events that occur during this time for anyone to enjoy so I wanted to know what or if you had any plans.


Whether it's making a visit back home, taking a vacation or trip, happy hour with the ladies or a couple of girls' nights, hitting up the theaters, concerts, going to the beach, lounging by the pool, or even just staying in, what's on the schedule?


As for me, no specific plans during the week, minus work. My weekends this month are crazy packed, everything from make up/hair bookings, family dinners, to people visiting from out of town, to birthdays, I'll be keeping busy!

Re: Spring Break Plans???

Edamameeeeeeee! *droooooooool*


I could snack on that stuff for hours!

Re: Spring Break Plans???

Sounds like you have a lot of fun things going on!  I will be seeing family, and hopefully we're going to go see the new Oz movie Smiley Very Happy

Re: Spring Break Plans???

Oooo, that's right! It is coming out! Will you be travelling to see your fam or are they coming to see you?

Re: Spring Break Plans???

Going to see them, they'll be coming out to see me in a few months though, and considering there's some fighting between members (this is normal), this allows me to see the greatest amount of family. Smiley Happy

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