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Splurge or Save?

Is there no pleasure in the world so great as finding that inexpensive beauty product at a drugstore whose quality exceeds that of its luxury counterpart? Smiley Happy


Are there any types of beauty products you like to - or even prefer to - get from drugstore brands? What products do you insist on getting from higher end brands?


For me, I'm pickier with my skincare items -- I like to use Clinique and Ole Henriksen. The only exception is cleanser and toner -- if I go out of my way to buy these, I'll usually go to Ulta and buy whatever brand's on sale, lol. As far as makeup goes, I think my only must-always-be-a-splurge is foundation. It's for my entire face, I wear it the whole day, and almost every day, so I need to be absolutely sure it has good quality ingredients. Plus there's more variety in shades!


While I have high end brands for pretty much all types of products, almost all of them are from point perks, free deluxe samples, on sale, or from value/combination sets available where I get to try multiple items in one purchase. I have a TON of high end makeup that way, but apart from foundation I never really go out of my way to buy individual/single makeup items at regular price. That's when I turn to drugstores! I actually have quite a few eye makeup items (shadow, liner) and lipsticks from brands like Ulta, NYX (those eyeshadow pigments! so many pretty colors!), and Wet n Wild (they have surprisingly good lipstick!).


Ah, and fragrances. My perfumes are my babies. Smiley Happy I get everything from Jordan Sparks and Britney Spears to Gucci and Dior! If it smells good and comes in a nice bottle, I want it! Smiley Happy

Re: Splurge or Save?

I'll buy from the drugstore whenever I can, which hasn't been much at this point in my makeup journey, because I still really need help picking out shades.


My greatest hope is that someday I learn what colors look best on me and I buy a lot more from the drugstore, my makeup habit is wearing my wallet out.


Some things I get consistently from the drug store are hair care (I have a buzz cut so I am super unpicky about what I use, i just try to make sure it is cruelty free which is sadly getting harder and harder) and facial cleanser (I use purpose which was recommended by my dermatologist and works really well for me so why start splurging?) and sunscreen.  Sometimes I splurge on a face sunscreen (and use that on my tattoo as well) but generally I just buy whatever is cheap.

Re: Splurge or Save?

I shop both high end and drugstore.  However, with a college kid budget, I don't go super high end.  No Dior makeup for me until I walk across the stage with my degree lol.  


HAIR CARE: I splurge.  My curls are picky, and my products come from Ulta and Sally's Beauty Supply.  My curls are loving the Redken Curvacious shampoo and conditioner, and they also love the Tigi Catwalk Curlesque Mousse.  


DRUGSTORE: I love drugstore mascaras!  My lashes have natural length, so they seem to work well with most mascaras.  My current favorite is Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes mascara.  The small brush for lower lashes is awesome!

Brands that I like: Avon, Maybelline, Revlon, and Neutrogena


HIGH END: Nothing compares to Urban Decay eyeshadows.  I am forever loyal to them! lol.  Almost all of my shadow singles and palettes are UD except for a Mark Girl pastel palette and Still Pressed Pigments.  I also love the other UD products I've tried.  I tried a sample of their Naked foundation, but it smelled like paint to me.  :/

Brands that I like: UD, Kat Von D, Benefit, and Tarte


FRAGRANCE: Pretty much whatever smells nice and doesn't have a bad reaction for me.  I remember trying one of the Addidas scents in middle school or high school, and it made me itchy!  I love items from Bath and Body Works, and their sprays in the "fancier" bottles last a good while on me compared to the original plastic ones.  I have about half a bottle of the Beyounce Pulse perfume left as well.


NAIL POLISH: I love a variety of brands from different places.  OPI, China Glaze, Zoya, Orly, Avon, Fingerpaints, Essie, Sinful Colors.  

Re: Splurge or Save?

I go inexpensive when it comes to shampoo and conditioner, and splurge on hair treatments, mask, and oils for my hair. My skincare is mainly all high end as well, with some drugstore makeup wipes and cleansers. 

When it comes to makeup I'm across the board! I use to really go crazy for EVERYTHING hahaha, so I have a good amount of blush, lipstick, eye shadow, etc and when I first started off I usually only bought from the drugstore. Now I'm hoarding high end makeup. The only makeup I tend to exclusively buy high end would be any foundation, tinted moisturizer, etc, I find that for some reason drug store just doesn't mix well with my face, it probably has to do more with the poor color selection than anything else. And lashes I go exclusively drug store!!

Re: Splurge or Save?

I don't mind buying drugstore brand lipsticks and mascaras. But I've been burnt so many times on lipsticks that looked good in the package, but didn't wear well or wasn't a great shade after all.  That's what I like about Sephora!  I get to try it out and if I don't like it, I know I can return it.  However, I don't think I have returned anything in the last year!

Re: Splurge or Save?

The items that I'm willing to save on are not that many...mostly because I like shopping in higher end places like Sephora.  My wallet could use a break though.  


I've been experimenting with some cheaper products and have found two new ones I like.  


I've been using NYX Slide On Eyeliner.  It is waterproof and really does stay for me without smudging.  It is a pencil that will have to be sharpened, but for $7, I like it.  

Also NYX lipliner in Nude Pink is perfect for me.  I can get it for under $4.  Again it is a pencil that has to be sharpened, but it is the perfect shade.  

Re: Splurge or Save?

Fragrances I will buy cheap or expensive, as long as it smells good. I  worked for a high end beauty store where we would get free samples of amazing brands like, benefit, bare minerals, too faced and so on...  Then also I would by regular brands, like Almay, Revlon and so on. So I've tried a lot  of different brands and I have come to the conclusion that there are a few things that are rarely worth the splurge and those items are; lipstick, mascara, false eye lashes,  primer, blush, toner, body lotion, and hair brushes.

Then there is threw my experience a few items that are usually worth the $$$, foundation, make-up brushes, face moisturizer, face was (especially if you have sensitive skin), shampoo and conditioner, concealer, and unique eye shadows.

FAV "CHEAP" BRANDS. physicians formula, L'Oreal, avon.

FAV "splurge" BRANDS: Cargo, Smash box, Boscia.

Re: Splurge or Save?

Aww, I love Avon!! My mom used to be a sales rep when I was in middle/high school, so most of my beauty products at the time came from there. I never felt like buying their products when my mom quit (and we no longer had the discount, lol) but I've been meaning to revisit them, if anything for nostalgia's sake. Smiley Wink

Re: Splurge or Save?

I honestly don't know the first time I spend more than like $10 on makeup because my grandma still does Avon in her town in the middle of nowhere, so she still has oodles of customers. She'd just dump all the catalogs on the table and tell us to circle whatever we wanted! Smiley Very Happy Actually I should go look at the catalogs in the house, I can see if there is anything good these days. Seeing her and my mom less often and wanting to try other brands meant I had to get used to buying my own make up (ugh, that was ROUGH)

Re: Splurge or Save?

My neighbor sells avon, and my mom and I order from her often.  I love the Glimmersticks Eye liners because of the smaller point.  There's also a new mascara out that seems to be getting amazing reviews, and it was featured on the Today show this past week.  

Re: Splurge or Save?

Oh, how I miss flipping through those catalogs!! Ah well, they still have all their products online, and apparently do free shipping all the time!

Re: Splurge or Save?

I have very sensitive skin so I go only High end for skin care, as well as foundation, but other than that I don't really care. Mascaras I only buy drugstore because I get bored easily and always want to try a new one, and since they have short lives, I can't afford to be paying 25-30$ a tube Smiley Happy

Re: Splurge or Save?

When it comes to skin care, my face is very particular (and aparently it has no concept of price tag) so I have both drugstore and high end. I get what keeps my face happy.


As for makeup, it is very similar - both drugstore and high end, though I get whatever makes me happy.

Re: Splurge or Save?

Popped in to the drugstore to wait out the marble sized hail flying around outside and found Philosophy Purity Made Simple wipes for $12 a pack and Benefit That Gal for $15! I love it when you stumble across the perfect clearance rack! Smiley Very Happy Does it still count if it came from the drug store even if it isn't your typical drugstore brand??

Re: Splurge or Save?

Smiley Surprised What drugstore did you go to??

Re: Splurge or Save?

Shoppers Drug Mart, I don't think they are in the US at all, just Canada. They are sort of a decent medium between a usual drug store and a beauty store. Their points program is actually amazing because you get points for just about everything you buy and it can really build up. (I think my mom is considering cashing in points for about $200 right now) 

Re: Splurge or Save?

Maybelline Color Tattoos > Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows > MAC Paint Pots Smiley Happy


Also, I'm a drugstore mascara junkie. For some reason, I can't find too many high end waterproof mascaras that can hold the curl of my lashes.


Foundation is one thing I will always steer clear of in the drugstore. First of all, it's hard to color match, and secondly, the list of ingredients is a bit off-putting. Same with skincare -- I prefer going high end.

Re: Splurge or Save?

I totally agree!! Love the maybelling Color Tattoos! I wish they would come out with a matte skin tone! Then my life would be complete lol.

Re: Splurge or Save?

Watch they come out with one like that and make it limited edition! LOL

Re: Splurge or Save?

I've been meaning to try Maybelline Color Tatoos and L'oreal infallible. I actually heard the latter is pretty much = to Lancome's shadows (Loreal owns Lancome, so no surprise)

Re: Splurge or Save?

L'oreal also owns Giorgio Armani, and the Infallibles are wonderful dupes to the Eyes To Kill, which I absolutely adore! Smiley Happy

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