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Specific stores for specific beauty needs?

I was just wondering where else you all shop besides Sephora.  If you do have other places, what draws you to them? For me:

Sephora: My #1 beauty store. (I come here as often as I come to FB. No other online store is nearly as fun. Smiley Tongue ) And I do get most of my beauty products from here. Except for items I don't want to splurge which case I head to:


Ulta: Some of the cheaper lines work great for me when it comes to hair care (I love Organix), face wash, and random beauty tools like cotton balls, q-tips, razors, hair color....basically any beauty item I can easily get at Target or Walmart, I pick up at Ulta, b/c the price is comparable, but I get points. Smiley Happy And I'm a platinum, so I get 1.25 per $1, so my points rack up a little faster. I occasionally cheat on Sephora and get high end products from here when I've got a lot of points racked up here (best reward splurge to date: $20 off a bottle of J'adore. *sigh* )


Amazon: for the occasional non-designer perfume not found at Ross/Marshalls/TJ Maxx. I also sometimes get random beauty products from here b/c they're slightly cheaper than Ulta and Sephora, and if it's prime eligible, I get free shipping, no minimum purchase!


Ross/Marshall's/TJ Maxx: the occasional skincare product (from time to time I do see really great deals on high end skincare), but mostly for perfumes. These are actually my absolute favorite stores for getting discounted perfume.  


Bath & Body Works: I totally forgot about them!! I love getting lotions, shower/bath stuff from here. And the occasional perfume during their semi-annual sales Smiley Happy


I used to have some box subscriptions (Birchbox, Ipsy, and Beauty Army), but I unsubscribed when I was leaving my job/moving...I'm debating whether or not I want to resubscribe once I'm back in the cash flow; they've introduced me to some really great products in the past, but at the same time I know once I start earning again I'm going to go on a beauty binge at all the other aforementioned stores. (I haven't had a real, proper beauty haul in MONTHS, lol, I'm going to burst!!)

Re: Specific stores for specific beauty needs?

I shop Sephora for High end, Bed Bath and Beyond for drugstore... They are the cheapest I've found!

Re: Specific stores for specific beauty needs?

Bed Bath and Beyond, really? I didn't know they had beauty products! (but then, I haven't been to one in many years)

Re: Specific stores for specific beauty needs?

I know I've seen some nice mirrors there before, and some nice hand soap. Occasionally they'll have some sort of as seen on tv beauty buy.

Re: Specific stores for specific beauty needs?

Not all do.  But if they do, it's the best place to look for travel size products.  One store near me carries things, the other doesn't.  But the one that does has two aisles of travel size things.  I couldn't believe the selection!

Re: Specific stores for specific beauty needs?

Most of the ones by me merged with Harmon discount stores, so they carry a full drugstore makeup/beauty line.

Re: Specific stores for specific beauty needs?

Oh wow! I didn't know that I might have to check out my local Bed, Bath, and Beyond just to see.

Re: Specific stores for specific beauty needs?

Definitely my number one would be Sephora Smiley Happy

Sometimes I order off of and I love Lush for bath/body products. Occasionally I also go to Department stores that's few and in between though. I use to do a lot of beauty shopping at the drugstore when I had less money to spend on make up.

Re: Specific stores for specific beauty needs?

I am completely loyal to Sephora.  And now that I'm Rouge I want to keep spending there.  Next year I'll need to do another $1000 to continue to quality.  


Can you believe I've never been to Ulta...and there is one in my town.  


For cheap products, I've come by a couple from NYX that I love, so maybe the whole Ulta thing might change.  Plus I really am loving LORAC products so I may have to check those out there too.  

Re: Specific stores for specific beauty needs?

Sephora is my #1 beauty destination.  If a product grabs my attention I typically check here first. is my #2.  I love that free shipping is at $35 and they constantly have freebies that you can (99% of the time anyway) combine with other offers.  Just this morning I got an email for a full-size Lippman polish with a $20 purchase.


Ulta is where I go to to get my hair and brows done so I typically have points to cash in.  I'll use them towards drugstore-ish type items or brands like Mario Badescu that Sephora doesn't carry.


My local Dillards has Chanel, MAC, and Kiehls counters.  A couple of times a year they do a promotion for $20 off a $100, $50 off $200 type of deal so I typically stock up on those brands then!


Re: Specific stores for specific beauty needs?

Sephora is definitely my number one. Smiley Happy Every once in awhile I'll grab some things from Amazon - last week I bought Bliss Fatgirlslim for a few bucks cheaper, plus prime free shipping.

I also browse Nordstrom Rack for beauty product deals. I just bought the Caudalie Vinexpert Eye/Lip Serum for $20 (retail: $80). I just checked and don't see it on Sephora's site anymore though...

Re: Specific stores for specific beauty needs?

Sephora is my number one as well but I shop at all the stores mentioned. I'm shocked no one has mentioned mac here! I guess that community doesn't come to BT?


im definitely swayed by deals but there are staples that I get t lush,  the body shop, and bath and body works. If rouge is worth it, I might start spending more of my moolah here 

Re: Specific stores for specific beauty needs?

I honestly barely shop at MAC I think I've gone there all of four time.

Re: Specific stores for specific beauty needs?

I used to love MAC, but I have been very disappointed in recent years to watch their quality decline as their prices skyrocketed.

Re: Specific stores for specific beauty needs?

I go to Sephora (online bc the closest one is ~60 minutes from home) for most of my products. Some of my fave brands aren't carried at local shops.


Ulta: for me, it's where I go if I run out of something and don't have time to wait for Sephora to ship it to me. and they have great coupons that I use. Best one was getting a year's supply of Clarisonic brush heads for $60 instead of $75. But again, they don't carry all of my usual brands...


Making Faces: a local shop that carries lots of brands, but not all. I love shopping local, and it's convenient to pick up my products via their Curbside service! I also have a 10% off coupon good for the whole summer because I'm a great customer. So, I've been shopping there a lot lately.


I get cotton rounds from the grocery store. I like the ones they have. And I never occurred to me that I could get them at Ulta and get rewards...q-tips, too...


I have one HG product that I get from MAC, and that's their Eyebrows pencil. I guess I've just always loved it and never tried to find a new one.

Re: Specific stores for specific beauty needs?

Oooh forgot about B& their loofahs!

Re: Specific stores for specific beauty needs?

I go to Sephora almost exclusively for my high end makeup and perfume.


I go to Ulta for low-cost makeup like NYX, and for things like razor blades and sunscreen.  Occasionally I will purchase my Murad here if there is a good promotion.


I like The Body Shop for their body butters and scrubs.


I love Inglot and Lush for their products.





Re: Specific stores for specific beauty needs?

I shop at Sephora for nearly everything, and at CVS for the remaining stuff.  I've been meaning to check out Ulta, mainly because I've been meaning to check out nyx and CVS doesn't stock it, and to see what Ulta is all about. And I've got an order coming in from elf to see if I like it, if I do I anticipate shifting a lot of my business their way.  I've been trying to re-assess my beauty spending as I start grad school and need to be on a tighter budget so my Sephora trips may become fewer and farther between.


OH! and Bath and Body Works.  Their True Blue shea butter foot cream is a miracle.  Total HG product for me.


(but so many things at Sephora call to me, financial responsibility is the worst)

Re: Specific stores for specific beauty needs?

Most unfortunately, it was in grad school that I started to take an interest in Sephora, so I know all about the struggle. Smiley Wink I managed to shop quite a bit, actually, but I always waited for a good promo, like free shipping, % off your order, etc...less guilt that way. Smiley Happy

Re: Specific stores for specific beauty needs?

I pretty much always get my beauty things from Sephora Smiley Happy. For things like q-tips, cotton balls, etc I usually just go to my local drugstore. Amazon is a great place for getting makeup artist goodies (like mascara wands, doe foot wands, etc).

Whimsically yours,

Re: Specific stores for specific beauty needs?

Since Sephora opened here a few years ago, it's definitely my place to go for most everything.


Other stores I shop at are Target, Walgreens, Meijer, Sally Beauty Supply, and Bare Minerals Boutiques.


I also like the Clinique counter at the Elder-Beerman in my town.  If Sephora doesn't have the Clinique item, I can usually find it at this particular store.


I've been to Ulta twice and have had unpleasant experiences with the rude and inconsiderate staff both times.  I might try on-line if I really want something.


The Bed, Bath, & Beyond in my town also has a nice, but small, selection of beauty items, including some of the "As Seen on TV" products someone else mentioned.  It's fun to look through what they have!

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