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Something new you're wanting to try?

Hey there, my lovely guys and gals!


With the move into the Spring and the New Year, that means tons of brands and lines are launching out new promos and products! I love checking in and seeing all the new things featured on the Sephora front page.


What I wanted to know is, what are you looking to possibly try or consider trying? It doesn't necessarily have to be a new item, maybe something you've had your eye on for a while or something you're tentative on but decided to take the plunge!


I for one have been eyeballing the Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush!

Too Faced - Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush


I'm not even going to deny it, I'm a sucker for pretty and unique packaging and design and this blush just takes the cake! It's so cute and sweet, it reminds me of candy and chocolate boxes around Valentine's Day. Though I'm at no shortage of blushes, this one is just so, so, so eye catching, I can see it on my vanity now!


I'll probably go into my local Sephora today and swatch it and check it out in person before making any decisions, but again, to all those in the Sephora and Beauty Talk world, what are you wanting to try?


Smiley Happy

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

Holy cow, I know I'm bad if you have 3 shadow palettes and have the will power to not buy anymore until you hit pan on one of the eyeshadows. I have more palettes than I know what to do with! Ugh, I wish I had your will power!

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

@latinadiva. How often do you wear make up?

My problem is I don't wear them, as in I only wear make up 1-2x a week, and I only wear eyeshadows in the summer. So, yeah...=/


Now the harder part for me is I'm a skincare junkie. I've got ~50 full/half/deluxe sample sized product and prob ~30 sample packets. My skin doesn't really appreciate change, so I try very hard to wait a week before switch things up and am slowly going through the samples.

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

You can always swirl the color together, or even lightly dust it on lids!


The bronzer I use is from Cargo and that has a warm shimmer to it too, it looks so natural on that I can't imagine back to those days when I didn't use bronzer! It can be the perfect touch to a simple complexion, making you look polished and finished without being overdone.


The way you feel about palettes is like how I feel about that just, don't NEED it...BUT...... Smiley Tongue

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

I looooooove Lorac eye shadows, they have the most incredibly gorgeous textures and super pigmented to boot.  I was so sad when the Lorac display at my local Sephora was removed!

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

Oh no! Hopefully they were just moving it to a new spot in the store or changing out promos and banners!

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

That blush melts my heart everytime I look at it--so precious! Let us know what you think of it when you swatch it!


Of course there are always items lingering in my shopping bag that I contemplate for weeks and weeks.  But to narrow it down, here are a few I've been eyeing:


Josie Maran Bronzing Argan Oil:

Josie Maran - Bronzing Argan Oil


I'm a huge fan of Josie's regular Argan oil and have been contemplating this pricey purchase for a while now.  I think it would be a nice boost of slight color/luminance on lazy days/days I don't want to wear a full face of makeup/those winter mornings when I look super pale and pasty.  I've read pretty much every review and they seem to be mixed, so I'm not sure if I'll take the leap or not.  I've swatched it on my hand once but might take another look at soon!  


Tarte Cheek Stain in Awakening:

Tarte - Cheek Stain



So I already have the Tarte Cheekstain in Blissful (which I adore) but I've been thinking about getting another one in a different shade (was thinking Flush?) for days when I want a pop of color that's a little more intense than blissful. When I was looking at the swatches online, I noticed this new color in Awakening (described as a sheer glowy nude with a pink undertone) and was instantly intrigued. I definitely want to swatch it before I make a purchase though!


Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Soft & Sexy Shadow Collection:

Too Faced - Boudoir Eyes Soft & Sexy Eye Shadow Collection



Three words...Oh. My. Gosh.! Ah.  Love the packaging and more importantly I LOVE the colors!!!  I have the Naked Eye soft & sexy Shadow Collection which I like a lot (although it's on a temporary loan to my roomie) but I love the colors on this (although there are a few of the same in both palettes).  I tend toward eye colors with a purply/bluish hue, so this looks like it would be right up my alley! I am really looking forward to testing this puppy out!


Last but not least....


Bite Beauty Lush Lip Tint or Luminous Creme Lipstick



Bite Beauty - Luminous Crème Lipstick


Everytime I'm in sephora I swatch these and love the colors (although I haven't decided on one yet) and how creamy the product is.  My lips tend to get super dry (and even dryer when I wear lipstick), but I hear these are pretty hydrating and wear really well.  The only reason I haven't committed to this yet is because I have like 8 million lip products and sure as heck don't need another.  But I can't wait to get my hands (or lips, in this case) on one of these babies!

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

I used Josie Maran's Argan Oil, and loved it- but not the price! I ended up finding a 100% pure organic moroccan oil from another brand at whole foods (also available on amazon, it is called "acure" but there are others), for only $15. I think this is something great to try, but you can find a better value than Jose Maran's, then you can try more products with what you have to spend! Smiley Happy

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

Thanks for sharing!


Oh boy, telling us to save money so we can spend more! Smiley Tongue

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

I can justify anything, haha! Smiley Happy

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

The concept of the Bronzing Oil sounds interesting! I bet it would be perfect getting from Winter to Spring and giving a complexion some color.


Tarte's limited edition cheek stains normally don't disappoint, I'm still kind of regretting not getting their True Blood cheek stain, it was such a beauiful cherry red with gorgeous shimmer to it!!!


I saw that TF eye kit along with the blush and man, TF just keeps hitting it on the head with their eye palettes! I love that they always give a nice range of shimmer, satin, and matte finishes and the shades are very universal.


Don't even get me started on lip products. I'm going to have to back awayyyyyyy!!!!! Smiley Tongue

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

One of my biggest regrets too! I see people posting about the true blood cheek stain and I'm like mannn, why didn't I take the plunge when I had the chance! Agh, the things I'd do for that!!

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

I know!!!! The shimmer aspect of it was just so gorgeous!!!! Plus it smelled divine!

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?


auuuuuugh!  I've been trying so hard not to even LOOK at that adorable blusher because I definitely don't need any more blush but it's so tempting and irresistable!  Thanks to you it's now going in my shopping list, LOL!


Now something I don't actually have already is a good luminizer so I've been eyeing Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl.  There's a mini version of it in the new Primping with the Stars kit which is also incredibly adorable and includes a mini of the POREfessional which I've also been wanting to try!




Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

I have to agree with lylysa, Porefessional is an amazing product, Its great to have in your collection of makeup.

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

Hahaha, my bad! Smiley Tongue


Girl Meets Pearl is so pretty! I love that it's like a blend of their High Beam and Moon Beam, making it very flattering on many skin tones rather than strictly having a pink or golden undertone. To me it's a bit creamier than their regular highlighters alone, it feels like their That Girl primer which is almost like a thin lotion.


Porefessional is awesome! Even if you don't have a huge issues with pores or oil, I love that stuff! It's a good touch up product too because you can tap it over oil spots on top of make up to absorb shine without using powder or blotting sheets that may either just cake on more product or lift your make up.


P.S. This might not help any, but Some Kinda Gorgeous is one of my stand-by products because it's so sheer, it's almost like a BB cream but lighter in feeling and texture!

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

oh that's good to hear!  I admit I really wanted the mini of Some Kinda Gorgeous JUST because of the tiny size (I just can't resist small adorable things!).  I've almost talked myself into buying this set now!

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

Do it! Do it! Do it!



Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

Hahaha you evil enabler!!!!

Seriously LMAO!!

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

I know!!! I'm so bad!

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