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Something new you're wanting to try?

Hey there, my lovely guys and gals!


With the move into the Spring and the New Year, that means tons of brands and lines are launching out new promos and products! I love checking in and seeing all the new things featured on the Sephora front page.


What I wanted to know is, what are you looking to possibly try or consider trying? It doesn't necessarily have to be a new item, maybe something you've had your eye on for a while or something you're tentative on but decided to take the plunge!


I for one have been eyeballing the Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush!

Too Faced - Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush


I'm not even going to deny it, I'm a sucker for pretty and unique packaging and design and this blush just takes the cake! It's so cute and sweet, it reminds me of candy and chocolate boxes around Valentine's Day. Though I'm at no shortage of blushes, this one is just so, so, so eye catching, I can see it on my vanity now!


I'll probably go into my local Sephora today and swatch it and check it out in person before making any decisions, but again, to all those in the Sephora and Beauty Talk world, what are you wanting to try?


Smiley Happy

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

Haha, after I made this thread and saw other posters with curiosity on the blush it was like a mission to help my girls with being able to swatch the thing! Smiley Tongue

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

Thank you for posting this!  I'm often bummed out by Too Faced products because it seems like, no matter what, they are too warm for my skin tone.  This looks like it would work! Bonus: I'm a sucker for cute packaging.


Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

I've found their blushes/bronzers to be very flattering, I still have one of their older blushes in Papa, Don't Peach and I love the pigmentation it has.


I'm glad my review was able to help you out!

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

I still have a bunch of TF shadow duos from waaaayyy back in the day when they were named after famous couples.  I know I should get rid of them but I can't bear to part!

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?


Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

Thanks for posting these pictures! I tried to find it this weekend...but even though the website says it's in stock at two stores near me, it was not (and I don't live near an Ulta -- at least not one that doesn't involve driving). I think I will definitely be getting this when it's available! Smiley Happy

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

I've got at least one more Sephora by me that I can check sometime this week, if not, it'll be the good ol' online purchasing route!

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

If I write down everything the site might crash! Here are a few things:

Perricone MD Blue Plasma serum

anything from the SK-II line

Ciate sequin nails kit

YSL Touche Eclat OR Dolce and Gabbana luminous foundation (though I shouldn't since I have oily skin)

Tarte Inner rim eye brightener (looking for a cheaper alternative though that has more product, think I might check out Ben Nye)

Smashbox or NARS BB cream

Tom Ford cream eyeshadows

Nails Inc Bling it on kit

sephora + Pantone Universe Cashmere brush set



Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

Try Stila's Kajal liner in Apricot, it's a $1 less than the Tarte liner and isn't a thin pencil so you do get more product.


It's super creamy and goes on so smoothly! I use the black for my inner rim and it lasts so long!

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

I really want to try Glam Glow. I just don't want to pay $69 before knowing how it truly works. lol If I manage to snag a sample I will post a review. Fingers crossed!!!

Also, Lip Tar. I'm on the fence about this one but it is something i would like to try.

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