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Something new you're wanting to try?

Hey there, my lovely guys and gals!


With the move into the Spring and the New Year, that means tons of brands and lines are launching out new promos and products! I love checking in and seeing all the new things featured on the Sephora front page.


What I wanted to know is, what are you looking to possibly try or consider trying? It doesn't necessarily have to be a new item, maybe something you've had your eye on for a while or something you're tentative on but decided to take the plunge!


I for one have been eyeballing the Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush!

Too Faced - Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush


I'm not even going to deny it, I'm a sucker for pretty and unique packaging and design and this blush just takes the cake! It's so cute and sweet, it reminds me of candy and chocolate boxes around Valentine's Day. Though I'm at no shortage of blushes, this one is just so, so, so eye catching, I can see it on my vanity now!


I'll probably go into my local Sephora today and swatch it and check it out in person before making any decisions, but again, to all those in the Sephora and Beauty Talk world, what are you wanting to try?


Smiley Happy

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

I've been wanting to try that Too Faced Sweethearts blush, too! I just love the fact that it's heart-shaped, and it looks like the perfect balance between warm and cool. I wonder if it's in a tin or cardboard...hmm. Thoughts?


I really want to try the new NARS illuminating setting powder, too. I also feel like I should buy the new NARS blush (Seduction) only because I collect them -- but, truth be told, it looks so pigmented (like a cooler version of Mounia), and I'm already drowning in pigmented blushes that are difficult to use!

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

It's a cardboard box, but it's pretty sturdy, not thin. If it was a tin that would be too much! Then it could get reused!!!

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

I've been wanting to try Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Nylon Lash Extension System... but the reviews are really mixed (and it's a little expensive). Have any of you tried it?


Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

Oddly enough, I LOVED it!  I'm lacking in the lash department, so being able to build up my lashes with the fibers was amazing Smiley Happy  I didnt have any problems with fibers getting into my eyes at all, the way some complained.  I did realize that I had to skip putting it on my lower lashes because it causes some serious sticking, but that is my one real complaint.  Definitely not a quick use product since it takes a few coats to get my lashes looking fab, but I felt it was worth it.  I use it when I have the time and for those occassions where I want my eyes to really stand out.  If I find a good close up shot when I used it last, I'll attach it Smiley Happy


xo, Mia

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

Thanks for sharing that, Mia! Though I found reviews online and even on the product page that were positive, I wasn't 100% on this product, but it's good to get your input and the tip about avoiding the lower lashes. 

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

Oh that would be awesome! Thanks! Hmm... okay this is good to know!

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

@mia- Have you ever thought about trying Latisse?

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

I havent really considered Latisse.  The thought of my lashline darkening doesnt make me want to ty it Smiley Sad I do have lashes, but they're just average.  I wish my lashes were long & curled on its own!  I could put false lashes on someone else with my eyes closed, but it takes me just as long to put it on myself as it does to use the mascara, so no big.  Thanks for the suggestion Smiley Happy

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

I have used it for close to a year and my lash line hasn't darkened at all and now my lashes are really long and black. It's the best product to use a far as lash growth. It's actually for people who have sparse or average lashes who want more.

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

Good to know!  I'll keep it in mind Smiley Happy

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

I thought that product looked interesting too when it came out. I ended up passing on it due to the fact I was after curl rather than length ultimately.


Some of the users and Mods here gave their reviews in the "Items you regret buying in 2012" thread:


You can do a word search through the thread, it got mentioned at least a couple of times. Unfortunately it wasn't a hit for some users.



Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

Oooh that you for the heads up! If it made it to that category that is definitely a red flag. Smiley Sad

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

I mean I'm sure it's a good product for certain lash types more than others, so you may still consider it.


I wear contacts too, so that was another factor I had to personally weigh in with when I was debating it.


I ended up getting Fairy Drops' Scandal Queen mascara and have been in love ever since. The Cargo mascara that I liked is about $35, and I just didn't want to fork over that price anymore, but still wanted a great curling mascara. FDSQ is around $25 and is water resistant, curls, lengthens, and wears very well!

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

Well, I don't wear contacts but I do have semi-sensitive eyes (which is why I do appreciate Clinique mascaras), so I should probably just realize the mixed reviews means that it isn't great. Smiley Sad


Ooo I haven't heard of that one! I'll have to look it up! Thank you!!!

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

This year, I hope to experiment with more brands.  I always say I will, but I always get pulled to the Urban Decay display lol.  Most of my stuff is Urban Decay, especially eyeshadow.


Once my Tennessee Tan returns, I would love to try this set by Benefit.  I've worn the coralish shade of blush from my Tarte set this winter, but I'm always cautious lol.  



I'm also really interested in Tarte since I love their finishing powder and the blush set.  I saw this palette online, and that dark green called out to my greenish eyes lol.


Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

I love love love this tarte palette, I have hazel eyes and I read where the colors gold and olive bring out all of the colors in hazel eyes. YAY! I need this!

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

Get it!!!! Smiley Tongue

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

I love how you refer to your "Tennessee Tan"! It shoulds like a shade for a Benefit product.

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

If they make a product with that name, I would HAVE to buy it lol.

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

OMG, it DOES -- I can see it now...

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?



To my awesome ladies that were so on board with me and my plans yesterday to go to Sephora and swatch the Too Faced blush, I'm sad to say they did not have it available! Smiley Sad


The associate helping me even checked in their stock room to see if they even had it in their inventory yet and they didn't, she advised it might be on shelves at the beginning of February!


The TF section did look like it was under some maintainence though, lots of the promo photos were missing and some products weren't labled with shelving strips.


Hopefully this means the promo and print material are on their way to stores along with the new product!

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