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Something new you're wanting to try?

Hey there, my lovely guys and gals!


With the move into the Spring and the New Year, that means tons of brands and lines are launching out new promos and products! I love checking in and seeing all the new things featured on the Sephora front page.


What I wanted to know is, what are you looking to possibly try or consider trying? It doesn't necessarily have to be a new item, maybe something you've had your eye on for a while or something you're tentative on but decided to take the plunge!


I for one have been eyeballing the Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush!

Too Faced - Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush


I'm not even going to deny it, I'm a sucker for pretty and unique packaging and design and this blush just takes the cake! It's so cute and sweet, it reminds me of candy and chocolate boxes around Valentine's Day. Though I'm at no shortage of blushes, this one is just so, so, so eye catching, I can see it on my vanity now!


I'll probably go into my local Sephora today and swatch it and check it out in person before making any decisions, but again, to all those in the Sephora and Beauty Talk world, what are you wanting to try?


Smiley Happy

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

Ohhh that could definitely work! I'll have to look for it, although my Sephora has a wimpy MUFE section. It would definitely be nicer to save the $8 but then I almost started thinking about this like perfume...small perfumes cost a fortune, and then when you see the price of the big bottle it's usually like $15-20 more for twice the amount of product so then I say screw it and get the full size because of the amount more I'm getting. While I'd probably never use up either, the NARS one is twice the size of this one for $8 more...but again if I'd never use it up, does it even matter!?

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

If they have the MUFE one at your Sephora, swatch both and compare the textures and pay off, that way, you get the most bang for your buck!

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

Agreed! I swatched the MUFE and it was definitely a more true red but the swatch wasn't as smooth as the NARS one, plus the NARS was slightly warmer which is probably better for checks. But I'll have to look into that Amazing Cosmetics blush!

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

It's really pretty! The satin finish it has it just gorgeous, my friend who wore it all the time had a nice chocolate undertone and that blush just looked like the most natural flush in the world on her skin!


It's called Cinnamon Spice.

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

katie----I saw the Too faced blush (heart shaped one) at ULTA. I didnt swatch it but its in cardboard packaging and its HUGE. Very bulky, but the colors look fantastic. It would make an awesome Valentines day present for myself lol. My blush drawer has no breathing room though!

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

FYI, I couldn't resist any longer and went to Sephora last night, I justified the purchase because I had a return and Christmas money so I broke down. I swatched the NARS Exhibit A and MUFE 99 next to each other...NARS definitely is warmer, MUFE is more blue tone and doesn't have as smooth of a swatch. With both being matte, I think the application is definitely crucial so I broke down and got the NARS since it was slightly warmer and I didn't really want blue tone red on my cheeks. You should definitely check it out though!!

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

Hey, awesome!!  I thought about it later and really for getting double the size for only $8 more sounds like a great deal.  Plus I love matched sets so it would fit in nicely with your other NARS blushes.  Also it's nice to know that the Exhibit A is a bit warmer color, that also makes a difference. 

Great choice and have fun with the new racy red blush! Smiley Happy

Maybe you could scrape off a little bit into an envelope and mail to me! (just kidding!)

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

Actually, with red shadows and blushes there can be a huge difference.


The pigment that's used in certain blushes or even lip products are deemed not safe for use on lids as the quality can irritate the delicate skin on lids and around the eye area.


Though that's on a case by case basis, since not everyone has the same sensitivities, it's better to still play it safe than sorry and use only red shadows specific for lids. The same can be said for certain hot pinks or fuschias.


Smiley Tongue


MUFE makes a matte red shadow! #158

Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

I've had some of my powder blushes for years and years -- the opinions are divided on this, but powder products last so much longer than other cosmetic products (like liquid or cream-based ones, such as foundation or mascara). I feel totally comfortable using them as long as they don't change color / smell (and I store them in a regular room, too -- not in the bathroom or anywhere humid).


Re: Something new you're wanting to try?

Benetint is a bit on the watery side, which makes it good for starting use of stains and to offer flexibility, if you ever need something that looks like Benetint but not as thin of a formula, Stila's Cherry Crush Lip and Cheek Stain is an almost dupe. It's a gel based tint so you don't layer on as much but still blends easily.

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