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So tell us about..

Your user name! I know we may have had this thread before but with some new people on our boards I thought it would be fun to find out how you all picked/chose your names (PLUS include a favorite product or beauty tip)


My user name is DianaBT because I'm a moderator on here but my personal account name is LuvMyGloss because I am HOOKED on lipglosses of all colors and brands. 


And something I love would be... well,  I love super thick glittery and sparkly shades or nail stickers with tons of sparkle and flash!


Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: So tell us about..

My name is Garnett because I was born in January and garnet is my birthstone.  I spell it with 2 T's at the end because the normal spelling was taken. 

It's hard to pick one favorite beauty product but I seem to always be gushing about the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders. 

Re: So tell us about..

Mine is Kenny, short for Kendra. It was a nickname that my mom used when I was little.


A quick tip: If you're wearing foundation always add a little color back into your complexion with a bit of blush and/or bronzer, it helps you look more lively and it looks more natural. My current favorite blush is Kat Von D's Everlasting Blush in Por Vida, a great bright, warm, matte pink.

Re: So tell us about..

roxy - I grew up on the beach/surfing & used to have roxy pictures up on my walls as a kid.


star- my favorite symbol. Stars are also beautiful.  The star is for the balls of burning gas in the universe - not movie stars.


My previous avatar was a good reflection of my user name:


Re: So tell us about..

veevali is derived from my name. It's actually something I came up with in middle school and its never taken so I use it a lot Smiley Happy


one of my favorite products right is the Clinique chubby sticks intense. Can't wait to get more colors!

Re: So tell us about..

I pretty much use the same username on the social media sites I use (Twitter, Instagram, and Vine).  Kimmi is my nick name from my name, Kimberly.  Other people tend to think my nickname would be Kim, but my parents, when I was born, said no one is to call me Kim.  They didn't like it for some reason, and that was kind of passed down to me lol.  However, I believe my papaw came up with Kimmi, and many family members call me by it.  If my cousins call me Kimberly it kind of weirds me out.  I don't think they've every called me by my first name lol.  1115 is my birthday.


My favorite beauty product, at the moment, would have to be my Biore scrub and UD Naked Basics Palette.

Re: So tell us about..

I actually didn't realize when i picked my name that it was for these boards. i thought it was a different account. i wish i could change it lol 


Re: So tell us about..

I chose the name Quenbee because the queen Bee was the very first charm I got with my pandora bracelet.  In my house I am quite outnumbered too, it's me, my husband and our three sons!  people say I'm the queen of the house, or that im the queen bee Of my house.  I had to spell it wrong because the correct spelling was taken.


i am addicted to lipgloss!

Re: So tell us about..

my user name is waterbaby1981 because of my zodiac sign, scorpio, is a water sign and the fact that water is very calming to me.  When I lived at home, the pond Dad created right outside my window in the backyard would run at night and I would always fall asleep to the sound.  It's no accident that Ashley's noise machine is the sound of crashing waves on the shore.  Smiley Wink  1981 is my birth year.

Re: So tell us about..

How fun! I love hearing about everyones user names and how the came about! Super creative and fun to learn more about you all as well. Smiley Happy 


Right now we don't have the ability to change user names to anything else (sorry about that aviscardi!) but hopefully we can in the future! 


Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: So tell us about..

Great topic, have been finding everyone's replies really interesting!


I know no one would EVER guess this, but my username comes from the fact that I'm crazy and an RN (registered nurse). Mind. Blown.


Haha but no really... I am very proud of being a nurse, and hope that I am able to make a difference in others' lives. I have a crazy, wacked out, sick sense of humor that goes hand in hand with being a night shift ER nurse. I love a lot of things that most people find contradictory for a female- super involved in martial arts, but am very girly, love makeup (who would have guessed), even WEAR makeup to martial art classes, love video games, zombies, blood, guts, and TRAUMA! Smiley Happy


Favorite newest product discoveries: Too Faced La Creme Lipstick and Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm!

Re: So tell us about..

@dianabt- Love your nails their adorable!

Re: So tell us about..

I tend to use my username all over town!  I'm a guitarist and I write, and i'm French so poeme and lyric.  Poeme was also my favorite Lancôme perfume too. 


Best beauty tip?  Easy on the Mascara! 


I'm a Nars addict so they can do no wrong with me... except for not filling the bottles of the Illuminator...  I hate that it's only filled 3/4's of the way.  I'm also a MUFE fan too... 

Re: So tell us about..

My SN is a play on my name, and in video game shooters I tend  to play the heavy.


my tip, take care of your lips!  It's rare to see me without some kind of goo on them Smiley Tongue

Re: So tell us about..

Mine is DolceLoure, which is what I always use when a username is required somewhere! "Dolce" is Italian for sweet, and in musical terminology, means to play sweetly/ gently. "Loure" (with accent on e) is also a musical term -- French -- and it's a bow technique.


I'm a nerd. Smiley Tongue

Re: So tell us about..

@dolceloure I used to be in band so I had a feeling I knew where you were going with the name! Smiley Happy If i I had a music related name it may have ended up something like "Staccato Trills" LOL

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: So tell us about..

I chose ilovetopurplefy as my username for youtube, IG and here just to keep it the same. I made that username because purple is my favorite color and I had a 2 year phase that a lot of my things that I bought was purple. Every shade of purple you can think of in my bedroom. My bed sheets were purple, my Adidas were purple, I painted my closet shelves purple, the velvet hangers in my closet were purple, I wore purple eyeliner everyday, my tote bag for school was purple, my locker shelves were purple, pretty much everything that were not my clothes were purple haha Smiley Happy Now I'm into warmer metallics like golds and bronzes and pastels, blues, reds and oranges and my room isn't "Purplefied" anymore.  Purple is still my favorite color though. Smiley Happy



My favorite product would have to bee the OCC lip tar is Queen over a blue toned red lip liner. The red lipliner tones down the neon-ess of the pink and makes it  more of a  cool pink-red coral and wearable for every day. I've been doing that lately and I really like it.

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