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So speaking of interviews...

I've been hearing @lexikaye talk about her interview on here(and congrats on that by the way!) and I realized I had some questions for you guys. I actually have an interview coming up in a month or two at a hospital(but I'm not a nurse/doctor lol). The thing is, I'm a freshman in high school(13 years old) and the position is for an internship-type program that will give me my required service hours and let me have some experience in the medical field(which is what I want to go into when I'm older). Obviously I've never had an interview and I don't need a resume since I am, after all, only 13 years old lol.This is where all of you guys' help comes in- I have no clue what to wear to the interview(clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup) and I would also have no clue what to wear at the "job" if I got it. The "job" would be a 4 hour shift every saturday night and for the first year I would be at the patient info desk so I'm not wearing scrubs or anything! A little bit of self-info: I'm short(like barely 5 foot short) and yes, I can wear any heels. There are almost no parental restrictions on what I wear so don't be afraid to suggest anything lol! The reason why I'm short is from doing TONS of gymnastics btw. I also have long blond hair that I'm almost incapable of doing anything with besides um...brushing it and the occasional ponytail. My eyes are blue and I have fair, freckly skin that is almost totally clear except for my genetically bad dark circles. Also, I live in Florida so no need to suggest a fur coat or anything for the winterSmiley Wink Thanks for your help!!

Re: So speaking of interviews...

Hi gymchic365, 


I agree with ALL the tips you have been given! Stay positive and make eye contact to show you are listening and interested. Even if you're only 13 you can still show your maturity and excitement for learning so keep a positive vibe!  Dress nicely and keep your hair up or in a ponytail but I'm sure you will do fine!



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: So speaking of interviews...

I just did an internship at one of the top cancer hospitals in the US. I'm 16 but I don't want to go into the medical field. I just wanted to give it a try to see if I liked it. I had to go for an interview and I wore a professional outfit just for it . I wore a nice dress shirt, dress pants, and heels. But after the interview my boss said I could wear anything I want. I kept it casual but professional. I wore a nice casual blouse or a polo shirt with really nice jeans and ballet flats. I did not wear heels because I was walking around a lot and heels killed my feet at the interview because I was given a tour of the hospital campus and I was not expecting to walk a lot. You walk a lot. So keep it casual but professional. People will remember that you were well dressed and they like that. For makeup keep it simple. All you need is a little bit of eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, concealer, a pale pink blush, and pink lip gloss and your all set. Its simple but not overkill. For jewelry, do not wear necklaces, rings,bracelets, or dangly earrings because they can get caught on stuff. A simple pair of studs is fine. For hair, keep your hair up in a bun or ponytail so you aren't messing with it all the time and it isn't getting caught or getting into stuff you don't want it getting into. I hope your internship goes well!

Re: So speaking of interviews...

Since you are 13 and this is first interview from you I would be making sure I smile a lot during the interview and show that you are personable to patients and coworkers. Make sure you are making eye contact during the interview and please be sure to ask questions. Interviewers love it when you have put thought into asking questions. Even if now you dont have any, try to think os something to ask so it looks like you are really interested and want to be there. Dress professionally and good luck!!  Be on time ( or a little early) and Dont overdo the makeup Smiley Wink


Re: So speaking of interviews...

Since you are going to be the "voice of the hospital" during your shift, you don't want to go to work in shorts and flip-flops. You can wear a dress, skirt and top or pants, though I'd skip trendy denim or anything too low cut. You don't want panty peek when you are sitting at your desk! You can go and look at what other patient info people are wearing and model your outfit accordingly, though if they are dressed in a messy manner, it always looks good if you are dressed better!

As for your hair, wearing it up in an updo or high bun is always tasteful and keeps your neck cool if it's hot out. There are a number of articles this month in magazines about buns/high ponytails since they are so on trend now. For your interview, you can never go wrong with a nice dress or skirt/blouse and tasteful shoes (no high platforms or really high heels). Neutral makeup, a polished look.

Sounds like a fabulous job, good luck, hope you get it!
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