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So I went to my first college party and....

So last night I went to my first college party after modeling practice for the ALANA fashion show ( ALANA is a conference during the last week of September for students from all over the world to get involved etc. and it starts off with a fashion show showing our own personal style incorporated with ethnic clothing. It's a really big event and every one goes to it. I'll post pictures when the time comes) and I hated it. I just wanted to check out the party scene just once. I'm not into partying thing.I got all dolled up  (big hair, lashes, the whole shebang) but kept it classy. I didn't drink obviously because I'm underage and I didn't get soda or anything  in fear that I would get my drink spiked.The guys were animals. Two older guys guys wouldn't let go of me, and the older girls I was with were trying to get me away from them and their friends were blocking them. I knocked one guy out and broke the other guy's nose. I was in utter shock and I started crying 5 minutes later because I've never hurt someone physically before. Smiley Sad I fled before University Police got there because I was really scared and  I hate getting in/causing trouble. But late last night they came to my door and I told them what happened which matched up to the other girts I went with and they said I did the right thing by defending myself and that I wasn't in trouble. It was so scary Smiley Sad

Re: So I went to my first college party and....

I am so sorry  you had a horrible experience, but I am glad you are physically ok.  You did the right thing by standing up for yourself, and what you did is an inspiration to other girls to stand their ground.  


Do you carry pepper spray on you?  If not, that may be something you want to look into even though you may not go to an event like that again.  However, people wondering around on campus can be iffy at times.  There have been a few instances on campus where I didn't feel completely comfortable, and I was ready to whip out the pepper spray if needed.  Even though I commute to school, there are times that you never know.


Once again, I am proud of you for standing up for yourself  Sending virtual hugs your way!

Re: So I went to my first college party and....

WOW, that is an insane college party story.  I'm sorry you had to deal with that.  My first college party was a drunken mess in which I was almost taken advantage of by an upperclassman.  But then, things got much better and I had a ton of fun in the ensuing years.


I'm sure you'll make a ton of friends and find your way to much less obnoxious events.  There will always be awful parties, but I'm positive you'll figure out where all the best festivities are and stick to something more your style.  And if not, well I suppose it will help you retain laserlike focus on your studies. Smiley Wink


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