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Sleepy Hollow, worth it...

for the lead actor alone! Oh, the show is kinda cool too, but the lead is sexaaay! I am a sucker for a British accent. I am teaching The Legend of Sleep Hollow in my school, I am so making the students watch this show for homework! Lordy, I love being a teacher Smiley Wink

Re: Sleepy Hollow, worth it...

Eh, it's a FOX show, so it's bound to be cheesy, but you're right, the main character is cute! 

I watched it because I went to college in West Chester & know the area very well. I was curious to see how they portrayed the town 

Re: Sleepy Hollow, worth it...

I downloaded the first episode off itunes and I agree, he is dreaaaamy Smiley Wink I also love that there's a strong sarcastic wit through the episode! That last scene was creepy and I kind of hope there's more stuff like that!


I don't watch a lot of tv shows (my other favorite is hannibal) so I am definitely thrilled about this one. I love the four horsemen of the apocalypse tie in and so I'm totally game for more! Can't wait till next week Smiley Wink 

Re: Sleepy Hollow, worth it...

I just hope this doesn't end up like The River, Zero Hour, 666 Park Avenue, or Alcatraz, i.e. cool time travel/sci-fi premise that goes nowhere or falls apart because the logic is nonexistent.

Re: Sleepy Hollow, worth it...

I agree, the guy playing Icabod Crane, whoever he is, is handsome and a good actor I might add.

Re: Sleepy Hollow, worth it...

When they put that line, "The answer's are in George Washington's Bible" in the promo, I knew I had to watch it. I was hoping it would be so bad it would be good, and so far it has been incredibly entertaining. The lead actor is great; I think it would have been easy to make his part cheesy, but he has been pretty restrained so far and his accent is fun.

Re: Sleepy Hollow, worth it...

i just watched the pilot this morning Smiley Happy i enjoyed it! and i'm a sucker for a sexy accent like his, too! daaaaamn. 



Re: Sleepy Hollow, worth it...

I just watched the pilot online last night! I now have another show that I'm hooked on. The lead is extremely attractive and the plot line is really good. Definitely a winner haha. I can't wait till the second episode! Oh and I can't be the only one who flinched at the mirror breaking scene.

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