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Skin tone

How do I find my skin tone and how do I know my undertone?

Re: Skin tone

That's a very good question @starlight1234  I always thought how undertones were determined was by how color is pulling from your veins and eye and hair color .. and how certain color jewlery compliments your genetics . Also depends on brand of foundation and their shade ranges .. I was afraid of wearing red lipstick for the longest time  because I was terrified how it looked with my eyes , hair, skin undertone..  that's my  theory but yours could be different .  HAUS LABS BY LADY GAGA Triclone Skin Tech Medium Coverage Foundation with Fermented Arnica 070 Fair ... 

Re: Skin tone

@starlight1234   The easiest way to find out what your skin tones and undertones are is to go into a Sephora store and get one of the associates to find your ColorIQ. This is very helpful when shopping online, as the Sephora website will show you your colour match for products like foundations if there's one available.


If you want a more general sense of how to classify your skin, tones are descriptions like fair, light, medium, olive, dark or deep. Undertones are cool (pink, bluish), warm (peach, yellow, golden), and neutral (a mix of warm and cool). There is no one perfect way to figure out your undertones, but you can try swatching foundations that are close to your tone but with different undertones on the inside of your arm.


Other methods mostly involve deciding if golden colours or pink/bluish colours harmonize best with your skin, or if both look good. Peachy blush or pink blush, gold or silver jewellery, that kind of thing. Good luck!

Re: Skin tone

That's  great advice @Westcoasty  . I never had a color iq done in a sephora store before I just went on my education about how to pick a foundation  .. thanks for telling me and @starlight1234 


SEPHORA COLLECTION Best Skin Ever Liquid Foundation  HAUS LABS BY LADY GAGA Color Fuse Talc-Free Powder Blush with Fermented Arnica Lavender Blonde 

Re: Skin tone

@CocoLancome28   You're most welcome! I just find the ColorIQ saves me a lot of steps. However, be warned that your ColorIQ can change during the year if you pick up any kind of summer tan.

Re: Skin tone

Hi @starlight1234. Tone is subjective and kind of depends on the brand. I find it easiest to go in store and hold up a couple of different bottles to my face to start narrowing it down. Then, I’ll start swatching that small selection to see what’s best. Take a tiny dot and blend it onto your face around your jaw. It’s should disappear and not be visible. If you can tell it’s there, it’s probably not the best shade. Any associate at Sephora can help you out and find what works best for you. Or you can ask for a Colour IQ assessment. It will help get you really close but it’s still a good idea to swatch it anyway and make sure.

Undertone is a bit easier to do. One trick is to hold up some gold and silver jewelry to your face and see what compliments your skin better. If gold looks better, you’re warm. If silver looks better, you’re cool. If it could go either way, then you’re neutral. That doesn’t mean you have to like that one specific type of jewelry. I’m warm toned and gold looks more flattering on me but I do prefer silver jewelry. You can also look at some of the veins on your body that show through your skin. Green-ish toned veins means warm, blue means cool, and a little bit of both is neutral. Last trick you can try is to put on a white shirt or hold it beside your face. If your face looks more yellowish or golden, you’re warm toned, rosy is cool. 

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