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Sick Day :(

I haven't gotten sick in years, but it's finally happened. I have a sore throat, a runny nose that flows like a river (sorry about that terrible image of a snot river that is now embedded into your brain), and a bursting headache. But there is one thing that makes it all better: being sick gives me a reason to pamper myself! These are my sick day essentials, what are yours?


Re: Sick Day :(

intelexusallc dot com

Re: Sick Day :(

Now I want this frog -



Re: Sick Day :(

Yech - sounds like a lot of us are having *fun*...wearing glasses and no eye makeup today because my eyes have been so itchy and have a huge it Friday yet?

Re: Sick Day :(

Yup change of seasons. Killer sinus pressure & scratchy throat Smiley Sad At least we can all be sick together 

Re: Sick Day :(

Oh no! I'm sorry to hear some of you are getting sick. Smiley Sad I've been fighting off a cold that finally seems to have LEFT. An influx of citrus to my diet as well as some vitamins and a prescription nose spray seemed to fix it.


The tea and honey deal always helps me! Wishing you all a speedy recovery!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Sick Day :(

It must be something in the air! My throat is getting scratchy too and I've been fighting it off with Nyquil, Ricola, green tea with honey, and plenty of water!


I hope you get better soon, Glossyguru!!! At least if your nose is running it's not getting sucked back down to form mucus clogging in your throat!


I'm about finished with my honey bear (the poor thing is getting carried with me in my purse) and I've been trying to get as much chicken noodle soup as possible too.


I've found that taking EmergenC helps to ensure you're getting enough vitamin C without all the sugars of juices.

Re: Sick Day :(

I think I'm going to have to take some preemptive sick measures.  Everyone in my household is coming down sick, and between being short-staffed at work and having my convention in a couple of weeks, I can't afford to get sick myself!  Time for lots of curry ramen!

Re: Sick Day :(

I'm right there with ya, glossyguru. Started coming down sick yesterday & had to take today off of work. Ugh.


My daily essentials are zinc tablets, DayQuil, NyQuil, Advil cold & sinus, Sudafed, Emergen-C and lots of cherry Halls cough drops.

And not getting out of bed unless I absolutely have to. Smiley Tongue

Re: Sick Day :(

I got some advice that really helped me from a local vitamin shop-- eliminate sugar (even natural sugar from fruit, honey) when you are sick. It feeds the bacteria. Sort of counterintuitive but it really works.


There's also a supplement that she recommended called Counter Attack that helped me a lot. I was surprised because normally OTC stuff doesn't do anything.


Besides that, tea with oregano or rosemary can help (anti-viral). The Yogi Tea Cold Season sampler is pretty good.


I'm pretty lucky though, since I have a smoothie every day (not when I'm sick unless I make it a veggie only smoothie) with spirulina and coconut oil, I rarely get sick. Recently I've been dry brushing (which helps lymphatic drainage) and oil pulling and I feel like those practices keep me pretty healthy too.


Finally, if you do yoga, breath of fire is also supposed to help. Feel better!

Re: Sick Day :(

Get better soon, and I wish to have one of them elephants !

Re: Sick Day :(

Recently my immune system has really been letting me down. I've been sick a few times this year Smiley Sad. I find that drinking lots of water, sleep, and consuming hearty soups always do the trick for making me feel better.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Sick Day :(

Hi, glossyguru!  I'm sorry you are sick!  I can definitely empathize.  I had a cold a few weeks ago--it was the first one I've had in years (10? 15?).  I never get sick!


I used Ricola, took naps, and drank lots of tea from Teavana.


I hope you feel better soon!

Re: Sick Day :(

Get well! My "sick day" essentials are: Puffs with lotion or Kleenex with lotion, my favorite pillows with fresh bed linens, Lysol spray in Lemon scent...Halls throat slickers, lots of water with lemon, hot tea, ramen noodles for the salt factor, Powerade Zero in berry...and a dark room...and my phone turned off...and of course...sleep, wonderous sleep...the cure to many an illness... again...Get well!


Re: Sick Day :(

Aww, everyone on BT is so sweet! Thank you everyone for the get well wishes! I've taken all of your suggestions to heart: right now I am cocooned in a blanket, have my water, tea, candles, cough drops, and tissues next to me on a table, and also my dog and stuffed animal right by my side. And did I mention that I just woke up from a nap? The only thing I like about getting sick is that I get to be lazy, and the great tasting cough drops. But everything else stinks Smiley Sad

Re: Sick Day :(

It all depends on what I'm sick with. It varies if its' a stomach virus or a sinus/flu,but the number one thing is sleep.

Re: Sick Day :(

Aww I'm sorry that you're sick, Glossyguru!


The main essential for me is lots of naps! And a cold towel to put on my head if I have a fever.

<3 Melissa

Re: Sick Day :(

My sick day essentials are cheap ramen with lots of hot curry powder and eggs mixed in, On Demand movies, lots and lots of blankets, and my kitties.  The combination of all of that usually results in lots of sleep, too.

Re: Sick Day :(

I hope you feel better! My sick day essentials are a lot of sleep and a lot of water!

Re: Sick Day :(

orange juice , halls throat drops and soup, i happen to be sick also.

Re: Sick Day :(

I'm all about Luden's cherry drops, my snugly skull blanket (black with neon colored skulls - got it as a Halloween gift from a friend), Mucinex, Sudafed and saline nasal spray.  My dad always makes me chicken noodle soup. Mmmmm


hope you feel better.  Colds stink.

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