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SiJCP Favorites Sets

Did you guys know that Sephora iJCP has different favorites sets made specifically for SiJCP? 


Their version of the Give Me Some Lip includes: 

Stila- apricot

Bite pencil- pomegranate

Smashbox- nylon nude

Tarte- inspired

Buxom- kir royale

OCC lip tar- a berry color (can't remember the name) 

I believe this set was $25 or $28, not 100% sure exactly how much though


They also have a lash stash and draw the line set, I can't speak to the entire contents of each, but they were different than the ones online and in freestanding Sephora stores. 


Re: SiJCP Favorites Sets

I didn't mind it since I had some dollars remaining on a gift card, so I purchased it. I just don't think I can pull of the lip tar shade.

Re: SiJCP Favorites Sets

Melisa16, totally agree. I didn't think I could pull off the lip tar either and there is a pretty bright re in the set too. I think Bite.

Re: SiJCP Favorites Sets

Yes, I saw those. It was called lip service lip sampler. I thought it was from last year's too. I saw they carry some of the buxom new lip sticks that just got out. 

I kinda want to buy that lip service set, but I haven't tried the stila with a brush on it. Do they really work? I had a problem with that kind of container before from sephora, the fluid wont come out.

Re: SiJCP Favorites Sets

The Stila work well with the brush, I just find they are sticky.

Re: SiJCP Favorites Sets

I took a peek yesterday and they are different than last years.  The Lip set and Eyeliner set were $28.  I preferred the Give Me Some Lip set at Sephora free standing stores.  I felt the colors in the JCP set were a bit brighter and louder than what I can get away with wearing.  Last year though, my JCP did have the favorites set for $10 after Christmas.  I didn't like any enough to buy now, but for a 1/2 steal after Christmas I could be convinced.

Re: SiJCP Favorites Sets

Could this be last year's versions?

Re: SiJCP Favorites Sets

I had no idea! Do you know if the fragrance sets (Sephora Favorites) are also different?

Re: SiJCP Favorites Sets

Yes, they usually have a different fragrance set. They only have sets for product lines they carry sometimes it's only one or two scents different and sometimes it's very different. 


I've gotten lucky and found various sets on sale and then it's really a good deal, and sometimes a set has Inge I like better at SiJCP.

Re: SiJCP Favorites Sets

I like the favorites set inside JCP better, it has a lot more brands I normally wear, but I do like the Give Me More Lip set at the free standing stores....I'm waiting for the F&F sale to get it. Hopefully it will stillbe in stock by then, but probably not since it's already sold out online right now

Re: SiJCP Favorites Sets

Whoa! Had no idea, thanks for the tip!

Re: SiJCP Favorites Sets

I know right! It is rather nice in one way because of the different colors and product line-up.

Wonder if all SiJCP have same color/products as the one you listed...hmmm. I think I may have to go purchase, oops, I meant go take a look!!

Thanks for the info Smiley Happy

Re: SiJCP Favorites Sets

No problem!  Its nice that they are different enough that products wouldn't overlap if you got both. 

Re: SiJCP Favorites Sets

thank you for sharing dpp4v - i liked the set @ Sephora, will check out the one SiJCP when i get there - it sounds great Smiley Happy

Re: SiJCP Favorites Sets

You're welcome, I was excited about the extra options!

Re: SiJCP Favorites Sets

They also had a Favorites version. It included Smashbox bb cream, Urban decay eyeshadow duo in sin and mushroom, sephora liquid liner, mini nars laguna/orgasm duo,I think the same OCC lip tar as the kit you're talking about which was the shade Strumpet  and full size Benefit they're real mascara! It was 38$ I think.

Re: SiJCP Favorites Sets

Ohh yea, I thought I was forgetting one.  

I didn't particularly like that one, its another version of the Sephora Favorites Super Stars. 

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