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Shopping whats on your wish list ....


1. Bitterlace beauty mermaid palette colors not yet released yet it will be out this summer cant wait fot this one.I think she is expanding her brand so it may or may not even be highlighters.I dont like surprises but I cant wait to see what  she has in store.


2. Sigma Lip Switch the entire collection I dont want to buy it now because its too hot right now everyones selling out and only has two shades left so yeah once everyone has them the hype will die down and it will be easier and a more calm environment for me to purchase them in.I hate restocks I just cant deal with that craziness not my style .


3. Lime Crime Diamond crushers collection to try out and see them I know they are not that great but I'am still kinda interested plus their not too crazy expensive.


4. Victoria Secret - I'am waiting for their spring / summer semi annual sale coming up.I need bras , undies , pink items , perfume everything cant even tell you how excited I'am for that sale.I literally wait to buy everything because I refuse to pay full price plus I like freebies like bags .


5. MAC - patentpolish lip pencils , lipglass clear ,Justine skye powder


6. Too faced unicorn tears 


7. Kylie Cosmetics - This is a maybe for me not sure if I want it or just want it because of the hype and big deal everyone makes about them.The lip kits need to have better colors.


Oh I should have mentioned this thread can be anything shopping related it doesnt have to be makeup it can be clothes or anything you want.I dont care lol.



The Kylie cosmetics  Gina gloss I have had my eye on though thats a pretty shade of pink.For someone whos a white girl lol.I say this because the kardashians have olive skin tone and I'am not armenian.It wont let me post a pic of the D.... gina gloss on here even though I'am technically not cursing thats the name of the lipgloss lol.


8. Jesses girl glow stix - I dont want to buy these until they have all the shades in stock, I think they have 3 different colors .When you add certain shades together you can create a rainbow lip like below they used two colors from jesses girl to create this look.Its on their instagram page if anyones interested.


Image result for jesses girl glow stix instagram



 Image result for victoria secret pink


 Image result for too faced unicorn tears

Image result for justine skye mac



Image result for lime crime diamond crushers


Image result for sigma lip switch



Image result for bitterlace beauty mermaid palette

Re: Shopping whats on your wish list ....

The new YSL foundation: All hours.

Re: Shopping whats on your wish list ....

I'm trying to dwindle my wishlist down as far as possible for my boyfriend to prevent my boyfriend from getting too overwhelmed when he goes to pick up my birthday present/order it online.

Huda Beauty 3D Highlight Palette - I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel like my collection was missing out on one of the hot brands on Instagram these days, so I'll be making sure to add Pink Sands to my collection at some point over the summer.

Natasha Denona Sunset Palette - I think this will probably be the one product that's the hardest to convince him is worth it, but 25 shadows for $125 is a bargain assuming they're good quality.  I haven't tried anything from Natasha Denona quite yet.

Natasha Denona Contour Palette - It's been a while since I've bought a full contour palette and I was thinking the next one I was going to buy was the Kat Von D.  I'm really intrigued by the array of products and the colors are absolutely stunning.

Urban Decay Naked Shapeshifter Palette - This palette appeals more to my on-the-go makeup bag but I'm sure I'd use it around the house as well.  It's so compact and would be perfect for my typical going out contour routine. 

Re: Shopping whats on your wish list ....

lol yeah well at least he buys you gifts for your birthday and christmas. I have one of those like hippie type a boyfriends he makes me gifts.Which is nice but yeah lets just say I have really expensive taste when it comes to gifts lol.


I will probably be adding to my list pretty soon or changing it depending on what makeup I order next.

Re: Shopping whats on your wish list ....

@BarbieGirl1 he actually is really bad with gifts, I didn't get a birthday gift last year and we have very different ideas of gift giving.  


I'm trying to keep my list concise but there's just so many amazing new products out on the market.


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