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Shopping Rituals?

While I was indulging in my favorite post-shopping (or, as I jokingly call it, post-game) ritual, I  started to wonder if I'm alone.


BTers- do you have any rituals that you do when you shop?  Either before, during, or after?  Or do you shop at certain places at certain times (for example, I can't pass one particular outlet mall without stopping at 3 stores)?


I'll hold off on posting mine for a minute- because I might just be crazy!

Re: Shopping Rituals?

My favorite post-shopping ritual?


Sitting (inside on the couch during the winter or outside on the patio, hidden from the world during the summer) and drinking a cold beverage.  This is a family board, so it couldbe water, ya know?

Re: Shopping Rituals?

As I mentioned, I can't pass one outlet mall (halfway between home and where I grew up) without going to the 2 cosmetics outlet and the Kate Spade outlet.


I have my preferred parking decks at each of the local malls- I've mapped out the quickest route just from experience.


Re: Shopping Rituals?

Tonight I noticed I have normal shopping paths through HomeGoods and TJMaxx as not to miss anything but minimize the chances of hauling something heavy or needing a cart!

Re: Shopping Rituals?

It confuses me so much if I go to the mall with my mom and she just parks wherever instead of my usual area for wherever we're going. Throws me off completely. Also honestly, if you're going to the biggest mall on the continent, try to park near where you want to shop! Why is this so hard?? Smiley Very Happy


Re: Shopping Rituals?

one thing i always do is leave everything i bought in its shopping bag until I am ready to use it for the first time.  Right after I buy clothes/makeup i will take it out of the shopping bag to look at it, open, swatch it, etc. but then i will put the product back in its packaging and back in its shopping bag until the day when i actually use the product for the first time.  I don't know why, and I never really thought about it until this post, but it's what i do! lol

Re: Shopping Rituals?

Interesting, especially clothes! I rush to put new clothes in the closet since I'm a visual dresser. I'd be afraid that I forget a purchase and throw out the bags...

Re: Shopping Rituals?

Before I go shopping, I wash my face/remove all makeup and only put on a simple moisturizer. That way, I am in prime condition to play with all of the goodies at Sephora!


I sort of meander around shopping, no real ritual, but I always spray myself with perfume as I am leaving. Usually it's Chloe, but lately I've decided to try J'adore Dior. I take a deep inhale/exhale, smile, and walk out. I'm almost certain I look crazy when I do this, but I just love shopping at Sephora :-P

Re: Shopping Rituals?

I looove mall shopping. I always go to BBW and Victorias secret one after the other VS first then massage chairs between the 2 and then BBW. After Chick fil a!

Re: Shopping Rituals?

The only entrance to the mall is Nordstrom.  Smiley Happy  I start at Nordstrom, even though Sephora is at the other end of the mall.  To a previous poster who said why not park near where you're going?  More exercise!  (Bonus points if you're pushing a stroller.)


Besides, I have to work off some of the calories from Cinnabon *somehow*. Smiley Wink


If the hubby is with me, I've got probably 10 minutes before he starts bugging me to leave.  If I've got Ashley with me?  Whatever amount of time until she starts crying.  By myself?  However much time I please.  But there certain sizes or things that Sephora doesn't carry that I usually end up getting at Nordstrom.


Re: Shopping Rituals?

Ha, in this case I was referring to my mom, who will park somewhere in one of the 20 000 parking spots and go into one of the 45 entrances to the mall and not remember which. You get enough exercise just going from store to store in that mall. 800 stores plus a waterpark, amusement park, ice rink, skate park, 2 mini golf courses, 3 food courts, a casino, 4 radio stations, a gun range, etc etc. I promise you will walk far enough! Smiley Happy

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