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Shipping to Canada

Hi Ladies!


So I am sending my friend who lives in Montreal some goodies, and I live in the SF Bay Area. I know some of you have done TSBs that cross the border- does anyone have suggestions on the cheapest way to ship there? I don't mind if it takes forever as long as it gets there safely. I will be mailing a small bag, 9" x 9", plus some small goodies inside it.


Thanks so much in advance for any suggestions! <3



Re: Shipping to Canada

I ship a lot internationally and domestically. Post Office is the cheapest. International (yes includes Canada) allows First Class mail without the 13oz domestic rule (up to 4lbs internationally). You will need the custom form CN 22. The easiest is just going to the P.O. to mail (you can't mail FC International online through the P.O. site anyways). The form is in the counter that's usually where the line is. It's a really simple form, check gift, putting a value of zero is acceptable, P.O. can't tell you that, but it so many words I got it from them.


The form is small, can view online to preview.

Re: Shipping to Canada

Oops I forgot to add: what carrier would be best? 

Re: Shipping to Canada

Say  it's a gift and keep the value UNDER 60$ if not she'll get slapped with a fee!

Re: Shipping to Canada

I dont know about the cheapest. Print off the label online and make sure to mark it as a gift so they don't get charged duty. You may even want to just add a card in case they open it to show it is really a gift. 

Re: Shipping to Canada

Yep, pretty much this. Saying it's a gift is the best means of avoiding duty, and keeping the package as flat as possible usually helps.

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