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Shipping and Winter concerns...

I can't believe i'm saying the W word but from what I see from out my windows at home - it is. It's snowing. Right now. *Sad panda Smiley Sad *

Anyways, since it's pretty cold outside now (with all the S**W and whatnot lol),

is there anything that i should avoid ordering online, going into a store to get it instead? As my mail gets delivered in the morning and it sits outside my front door all day until someone gets home. Stupid low temperatures lol

Re: Shipping and Winter concerns...

I think heat probably does more damage to cosmetics than cold but even then I have never experienced any real problems. Probably shouldn't use a hot lipstick until it cools down so you don't smoosh it.  LOL  Anyway, back to the cold.  I think you are alright unless it becomes very severe.  Like way below freezing.  Just let any packages that experience severe weather come to room temperature before you start using the cosmetics. 

Re: Shipping and Winter concerns...

Sephora usually uses UPS for delivery, rather than the post office (at least in the US) so you would be able to precisely track it, and see if a neighbor could take inside for you, until you're home.

Re: Shipping and Winter concerns...

No dice over here lol.  Once the parcel crosses the border (from U.S. to Canada), Canada Post takes over. Which is fine with me, but if anything can freeze or get damaged by the cold, well I just want to prevent that lol.

Re: Shipping and Winter concerns...

FireSpinner - Go to the UPS website and look into UPS My Choice.  It's on the left-hand side of the main/home page.  It's free to setup an account (I think).  It allows you to manage you deliveries such as the route your package takes, signing for packages on-line, and changing the time your packages are delivered.  See if this is something you could use.

Re: Shipping and Winter concerns...

There's two versions of My Choice, free and paid, however free also requires a fee for a few changes.

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