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Sharing is Caring!! :D

So i wanted to make this post for people that are willing to share points in order to reach mainly the 5,000 points for the Bliss spa Party or the Benefit Boutique. Please comment if your willing to share and your area so people will know!


The Benefit Boutique is for you and 10 other friends, therefore like @ahbunny mentioned, it would be minimum 454 points per person (if we reunite all 11 people)


The Bliss SPA party will only be for you and 4 other friends and will be held in New York, San Francisco, and Miami only. This one however will be 1,000 each (if we reunite all 5 people)


I am in the Miami area and willing to do either one!! If anyone wants to share, please PM me!

Re: Sharing is Caring!! :D

I'm not really interested in competing in the contest but I have no problem giving someone 500 points. I enjoy chatting on this board and I'd gladly donate to someone who is a regular contributor. I've learned a lot from you all and you keep me company when my hubby constantly gets called back in to work for emergencies. 

Re: Sharing is Caring!! :D

that is really sweet of you! If i could give you more hearts i would!

Re: Sharing is Caring!! :D

Good Luck everyone!  Just PM me once the contest takes place and we'll set up the transfer. Now I'm excited to see who wins !!

Re: Sharing is Caring!! :D

I would donate if I had any!  I'm at 48 right now.  I cashed in on a 500 point perk right before all this VIB Rouge and 5000 - 10000 point perks came out.  I will donate if it will help.....not sure how to do it though.

Re: Sharing is Caring!! :D

@DoctorsMrs- That's a really sweet thing for you to say especially with you being new to the community.Smiley Happy

Re: Sharing is Caring!! :D

Good luck to everyone hoping to participate! This board is a great idea to help people find others who are interested. Smiley Happy



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