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Sexy lingerie as a Valentine's Day gift?

I know that "it's the thought that counts," and that we should be happy to just be thought of--but does anyone else think that getting sexy lingerie as a gift from your SO is more for him than for you?


What are your thoughts on getting sexy lingerie as a V-day gift? Would you be disappointed? Glad he even remembered it was Valentine's Day? Would you be secretly wishing he'd just bought you some chocolates instead? Or do you think lingerie is a good gift?

Re: Sexy lingerie as a Valentine's Day gift?

It's funny you should mention the option of buying yourself lingerie as a present for him--my friend is doing that this Valentine's Day. I'm interested to see what people have to say about this.

Re: Sexy lingerie as a Valentine's Day gift?

Dinner or flowers or something else had better be involved too!  It's definitely more of a gift for him!  I heard a statistic that 90+% of men want youknowwhat for Valentine's Day.  That's it.

Re: Sexy lingerie as a Valentine's Day gift?

The BF did well this year! He got me two Drybar blowout coasters. He has been listening! Then again, my Drybar addiction is no secret! The cutest part though? Each of the coasters had samples in the box because he knew I would like that Smiley Happy 

Re: Sexy lingerie as a Valentine's Day gift?

Hearts to your boyfriend for his good gift giving! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Sexy lingerie as a Valentine's Day gift?

I very much enjoy wearing sexy lingerie so I would appreciate it as a gift.  I am NOT a fan if flowers to the point that he is forbidden to buy me any, nor do I really like jewelry with hearts on it.   I've never seen much value in Valentines Day, so getting anything at all isn't important to me.  We're just looking forward to watching House of Cards this evening!

Re: Sexy lingerie as a Valentine's Day gift?

I'm with you on the heart jewelry! Every time I see one of those "every kiss begins with Kay" commercials with the (no offense meant to anyone who likes this jewelry; it's just not my taste) cheesy heart necklaces, I cringe a little. I like thoughtful gifts--like an Alex and Ani bracelet with a charm that is something meaningful to me. Plus, I think Alex and Ani bracelets are around $30; I know some are over $100, though. There's also a nice candy store where I live, and I'd be happy to get a baggie of Swedish fish Smiley Tongue

Re: Sexy lingerie as a Valentine's Day gift?

Getting sexy lingerie as a gift on Valentines from your special someone is a wonderful feeling. Although "its the thought that counts" but sometimes some gestures can make you feel good about yourself and a lingerie as a gift is a sign that the spark and romance is still alive in your relationship. Last Valentines, my BF gifted me a beautiful and sexy lingerie from g strings online - . The best part was that he could get it online which saved him the horror of going to a store and choosing! Such gifts assure you that your relationship hasn't fizzled out.

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