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Seriously off topic - coffee

So,I've learned that whatever I start/try, I do it two years before it catches on.  I started a "coffee bar" in my church class a couple of years ago and for months and months, I poured out coffee at the end of the class.  Now, I've got people coming from all over church to have coffee.  Tomorrow will be my first Sunday of making two pots so I won't run out.  Smiley Happy


Anyway, I've amassed a lot of different flavored syrups (I use DaVinci) - caramel, creme de menthe, gingerbread, french vanilla, etc.  Probably 8 - 10 flavors now.  I use an amazing coffee from Little River Roasting (look 'em up if you're a coffee lover - Papua New Guinea is the best!).  And today, I learned how to make real, homemade whipped cream!  Yes, it is THAT much better than the canned or tub stuff.  I keep half & half for creamer, real sugar & Splenda.  All in all, I think I'm pleased with it, but I just want it to be great for all those people who want a cup of coffee (and yes, some of them do just take it black). 


Are any of y'all coffee drinkers?  Connoisseurs?  Just plain picky?  If there's any way to make this thing better, I want to do it.  I love being able to give people something they like.  Do you have favorite flavors?  Coffee tricks?  I don't have espresso/cappuccino/latte machines and I can't make the hearts and swans and stuff in the froth even if I had it.  Just a coffee pot and a good brew.


Grace & Peace.

Re: Seriously off topic - coffee

I used to work at Starbucks- and a person's coffee order tells you a lot about them. No further comments.


That said, I'm a streamlined girl.  4-5 shot soy latte in the morning. Hot in the winter, iced in the summer.

Re: Seriously off topic - coffee

I absolutely love Scooters (it's mostly a midwest Starbucks basically). Where I'm from there's one on practically every corner. I get a skinny carmelicious smoothie. They are to die.

Re: Seriously off topic - coffee

I'm a fan of using a French press or percolaters to make fresh batches that don't taste burnt. Conventional coffee makers/pots that are glass and sit on a burner ruin coffee as glass containers directly on a burner end up causing the rich, flavorful oils in the coffee to burn as well, giving it a bitter taste. If you have to get a coffee maker, try for a metal pot at least as those provide a bit more insultation and a barrier between coffee, pot, and burner. Percolaters work well because they come in larger sizes too and keep the grouns up top in a container with slots and as the water boils it funnels through and back down where the grounds are kept, giving a good running cycle to brew. 


French presses are great for smaller batches and it's best to keep the grounds a bit more coarse and not as fine as using in a traditional machine. Water temperature is key as you don't want to burn your coffee nor not be able to extract full flavor. French presses do give great control over strength as you can control and pour out coffee to how you like, letting it sit longer for a stronger more full bodied brew or in less time for a lighter taste.


I love working with fresh beans, as coffee is so aromatic, keep beans in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. Don't keep them or grounds in the frige or freezer. Again, since oils are what releases the flavor, storing them in freezing or cold temperatures don't do that factor any favors, it also risks having beans and grounds absorb flavors and smells of products in your fridge/freezer. Grounds also tend to have less potent oils as they are already broken down and given the time from harvesting, packing, to delivery and purchase, you're not getting much bang for your buck though it does save time and may seem more economical. The key with beans (aside from storage) is purchasing a moderate amount each time and only grounding what is needed. This will prevent spoilage and waste.


Re: Seriously off topic - coffee

+1 on French Presses and proper coffee storage. When I want to drink coffee, that's how I do it.  When I need the morning caffeine shot, that's when I go for a latte.  All of the popular sugary drinks aren't actually coffee in my opinion. They're designed to hide overroasting and the actual coffee flavor.

Re: Seriously off topic - coffee

Mhmmm Coffee. So good! Saw this picture and had to share it on this thread!



Re: Seriously off topic - coffee

That's so cute!

Re: Seriously off topic - coffee

I just spent way too much time in Mexico, and had lots of amazing traditional cafe de olla, coffee infused with cinnamon flavor. If you want to get fancy one week, you could try making that! I found a recipe that looks great on a blog called "the other side of the tortilla" and I think it could be something that might be different (and tasty!). It's so much more than cinnamon flavored coffee if you make it with care, and it sounds like you do pay attention to the details! I hope your meetings keep growing, I'm glad you're being rewarded for your efforts! Have you asked any of your attendees for ideas? Maybe you could have one of them "host" for a week and be in charge of showing off whatever their specialty may be?



Re: Seriously off topic - coffee

As a college student, I love coffee!  It's my buddy lol.  My mom has a Keurig, which is perfect for this house.  I can't drink a whole pot of coffee, and neither can my mom.  Dad doesn't drink coffee, so he can't help with that.  Fixing it one K Cup at a time is perfect here.  


I don't know much about coffee, except for what tastes good to me.  Starbucks always tastes good lol.  

Re: Seriously off topic - coffee

I've made the switch to coffee from energy drinks.  I used to love Monsters but they just make me feel terrible now.  So I do coffee in the morning instead.  I've been to Starbucks a few times but where I am from the biggest coffee chain in the area is Biggby.  They expanding a lot lately and are even in quite a few state now besides Michigan.  My birthday is coming up and I have my eye on a purple Keurig.  I'm not very fancy or knowledgable when it comes to coffee.  I like vanilla or caramel flavored coffee.  It's so good.

Re: Seriously off topic - coffee

I agree with lylysa that a percolator or French press makes the best coffee.  I'm the only one in my home who drinks coffee and I use a French press.  I also grind my own beans and love Bailey's Irish Creme in my coffee although it's probably not appropriate for your church group.  My mom has an old percolator coffee pot that is well-seasoned and it make the most amazing coffee.  My brother and I joke that we are going to fight over who gets the coffee pot! 


I admire you for not giving up on your idea and giving it time to catch on.  Most people would have given up in 6 months.  I love that you are offering different flavors and whipping your own cream!  I recently attended a coffee house worhip service.  It was called applied light.  Their logo was all in lower case letters with the "a" shaped like a coffee cup.   


I wish you continued success in your class and that they come away with more than just a great cup of coffee!

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