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*~Sephora Watercolors~*

Working day-in and day-out on the Sephora site and apps, I am often seeking additional ways to be creative, and have fun, with beauty products. 


I’ve started a series that I dub *~Sephora Watercolors~*, mixing pencil, watercolors, a variety of shiny gelly roll pens and deco markers, and, of course, a healthy assortment of Sephora-sourced lip glosses, sparkly nail polishes, glittery face pigments, and more.


In terms of inspo? It’s a mix of the charming illustrations of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and the (precious) watercolors of my grandmother, an artist in her own time, known for her Asian-inspired and tropical tableaus, mixing watercolor with fine pen marks. She also designed and merch’ed up the windows for the historic West Coast department store I. Magnin & Company in Los Angeles, which I think is pretty cool. 


So, without further delay, here is the series. I will post whenever I have a chance, hopefully bi-weekly. I’ll note out the date of creation, link to the products and list out the materials used in the work. 


Can’t wait to hear what you think! 🙂 ❤️💄


Note: Worked with product management @ / contracted for Sephora previously.







  • Sephora product: CHANEL Chance Eau Tendre Eau de Parfum 
  • Date of creation: 4/19/23
  • Materials: Watercolors, pencil, pink gelly roll pen, gems, rapid tone repair dark spot corrector, Sephora Collection eyeliner, Dior lip gloss, Sephora Collection nail polish



Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

The ever-iconique juicy tube...The ever-iconique juicy tube...


Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

Dusting off this archive moment and giving her a fresh coat of beauty products / glitter assemblage. I actually made the (first draft) of this painting while I was studying abroad in 2011 in Beijing at Peking University. Hence, the Chinese idiomatic expression or "chengyu" in the painting... 


I have been really lazy to go buy more watercolor paper (even though it's just a close drive to Highland Park) and they say about creativity it manifests in other channels when you block one source off and it's definitely true here. Loving this makeup coat and honestly who doesn't need a few oxblood topaz bedazzles in their fur? 


Solar system vibe <3Solar system vibe ❤️Materials used (just a snapshot)Materials used (just a snapshot)Pink, topaz and lip gloss, oh my!Pink, topaz and lip gloss, oh my!Whole compositionWhole composition

Workshope sceneWorkshope sceneSmall, painterly momentsSmall, painterly momentsIt's giving momentsIt's giving momentsDe facto studio space?De facto studio space?




Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

Gem scatter...Gem scatter...Mise en placeMise en placeFinished piece... went more minimal for the lettering...Finished piece... went more minimal for the lettering...Abstractico: actual dae product here mixed with the gaga greenAbstractico: actual dae product here mixed with the gaga green

Work in prog 1Work in prog 1Work in prog 2Work in prog 2Gems from the French General (ugh I need a new gem source...)Gems from the French General (ugh I need a new gem source...)She's beauty and she's grace...She's beauty and she's grace...


Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

After Hours & Makeup AbstractionAfter Hours & Makeup AbstractionSmall shooting star details with three stripesSmall shooting star details with three stripesMise en place...Mise en place...Finished piece <3Finished piece ❤️Qt moment <3Qt moment ❤️


Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

Makeup abstraction <3Makeup abstraction ❤️


Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

Ooooo, purple glitter!  That's enough for me, @Julessss14 ! 💜💜💜

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

@Titian06 yas we lurve purple glitter!!! Actually someone at a party this weekend gifted it to me... can't think of a better present! 

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

Upclose detail: infinite chrome in juice tubeUpclose detail: infinite chrome in juice tubeIn situIn situMore in site: beauty products, watercolors and gelly rolls, oh my!More in site: beauty products, watercolors and gelly rolls, oh my!Real lifeReal lifeFinished product with textured glittery chromeFinished product with textured glittery chromeSailboat silver gem from the French GeneralSailboat silver gem from the French General


  • Sephora product: Danessa Myricks Beauty Infinite Chrome Holiday Kit - Eye &amp; Face Multichrome Pigments Bottle Service 
  • Date of creation: 9/11/23
  • Materials: Watercolors, Lancôme Juicy Tubes Original Lip Gloss 05 Marshmallow Electro , pencil, Clarins lip comfort shimmer oil in coral, yellow gelly roll pen, blue gelly roll pen, black gelly roll pen, Trixie Mattel stay the night shimmer topper in Spoiled, Trixie Mattel lip gloss in Prism

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*


Can never go wrong with a juicy tube....Can never go wrong with a juicy tube....Flower gems from the French GeneralFlower gems from the French GeneralDetail shot~Detail shot~


Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

Subtle lip gloss hint at a shadow / rendering dimensionalitySubtle lip gloss hint at a shadow / rendering dimensionalityHere she is!Here she is!Light reflecting the glitter (outside angle/direct sunlight)Light reflecting the glitter (outside angle/direct sunlight)Detail shot: shimmer blendDetail shot: shimmer blendMise en place: iced coffee editionMise en place: iced coffee editionMagenta Shimmer RealnessMagenta Shimmer Realness


Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

Dior Homme: Last DropsDior Homme: Last DropsDior Homme Watercolor + Glitter Makeup / NailpolishDior Homme Watercolor + Glitter Makeup / NailpolishDetail Shot: Sparkle AngleDetail Shot: Sparkle Angle



Actually, this was the first product I bought for myself after starting at Sephora.

Btw I think it was this sentence that really struck me about the bottle design:

The Dior Homme bottle has been stylishly reinvented with a sleek and modern design. This sculpted block is made in crystal-clear glass and is an expression of simple and understated elegance, revealing its essential beauty.

from here

Also I am a just a sucker for Dior so maybe it is that 🙂 


Art-wise, going for a more abstract, gestural moment that's light on watercolor and more heavy on pencil and makeup elements (with a big glitter focus obvi) 

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

LoveShackFancy Forever In Love Eau de Parfum: Sephora-esque B&W Gems from the French General <3LoveShackFancy Forever In Love Eau de Parfum: Sephora-esque B&W Gems from the French General ❤️LoveShackFancy Forever In Love Eau de Parfum: Feat AnchovyLoveShackFancy Forever In Love Eau de Parfum: Feat AnchovyLoveShackFancy Forever In Love Eau de Parfum: Detail ShotLoveShackFancy Forever In Love Eau de Parfum: Detail Shot



Btw, love LoveShackFancy (big fan of the boho vibe) and I actually learned about it years ago when working for my first boss, the art advisor Kim Heirston, who loved their dresses and since I was her assistant and wardrobe stylist (unofficial) I purchased quite of few of them for her.... Also with Kim I spent a lot of time running up and down Madison Avenue and doing laps around Bergdorf Goodman looking for bespoke items often in the afternoon. Kim was a big influence on me in terms of fashion education (you can peek her website here: and yes, one of my first projects with her was launching this website... an early indicator of a future in developing digital products...).

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

@Julessss14 - Forget your great artwork--tell me about your cat!!! 🥰💖🐾😍

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

Omgosh haha - his name is Anchovy and he is bengal, around 3 years old~ Total qt!!! 

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

@Julessss14 - First, when replying, please type the @ symbol so you can select the name of the person(s) you are replying to.  This way the individual(s) will receive a message that you replied; otherwise, they may never know.  (I was browsing. 😁 )


Second, feel free to join us on the Pet Paradise thread where we post pics of our pets and oooo and aaaah over everyone's fur babies!  We also provide love and support in times of need.  We'd love to have you and Anchovy! 🙂

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

@Titian06 thank you so much for the tip! @<3@ Very helpful.... I am still getting the hang of the tools!!!


That thread is adorable and I love the name. Since I technically work for Sephora, I need to disclose that fact in all my posts so I try to not engage too much outside this thread since the disclosure is here in the top post! But -- I can definitely discuss with the community team and will let you know! 💝

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*



Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*



Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*



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