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*~Sephora Watercolors~*

Working day-in and day-out on the Sephora site and apps, I am often seeking additional ways to be creative, and have fun, with beauty products. 


I’ve started a series that I dub *~Sephora Watercolors~*, mixing pencil, watercolors, a variety of shiny gelly roll pens and deco markers, and, of course, a healthy assortment of Sephora-sourced lip glosses, sparkly nail polishes, glittery face pigments, and more.


In terms of inspo? It’s a mix of the charming illustrations of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and the (precious) watercolors of my grandmother, an artist in her own time, known for her Asian-inspired and tropical tableaus, mixing watercolor with fine pen marks. She also designed and merch’ed up the windows for the historic West Coast department store I. Magnin & Company in Los Angeles, which I think is pretty cool. 


So, without further delay, here is the series. I will post whenever I have a chance, hopefully bi-weekly. I’ll note out the date of creation, link to the products and list out the materials used in the work. 


Can’t wait to hear what you think! 🙂 ❤️💄


Note: Worked with product management @ / contracted for Sephora previously.







  • Sephora product: CHANEL Chance Eau Tendre Eau de Parfum 
  • Date of creation: 4/19/23
  • Materials: Watercolors, pencil, pink gelly roll pen, gems, rapid tone repair dark spot corrector, Sephora Collection eyeliner, Dior lip gloss, Sephora Collection nail polish



Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

@missaa8 Great question! I actually have been considering remixing some of the gorgeous beauty packaging (or even the black and white polka fdot sides of the beauty inside rewards 500 pt set) or even using empty perfume bottles as a sculptural element! I loved using the MAKEUP BY MARIO Gentle Makeup Remover Wipes 25 wipes label as a focal element with glitter so might be some more of that style in the future 🙂 


Still taking a bit of a rest so might post again in Feb 🙂

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

Enjoy your resting, @Julessss14

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

@missaa8 thank you! ❤️💛💙

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

Of course, @Julessss14!

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

❤️🖤💮💖🌟 @missaa8 you are very kind! 


Actually, it is a little challenging to post frequently with new creations since my parents/family inner circle are not that supportive of my art... I have shared this thread with all of them multiple times and it has always been crickets. Perhaps, they have more traditional leanings or just want me to be purely a very conservative business man with no artistic ambitions. Also, I have to self-fund everything and therefore must be mindful of costs to not break the bank. But I did go to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for a graduate program and love to keep my art practice alive, whether on a very small scale or making larger pieces that could hang in LACMA or the Louvre (though I am much more democratic/pure with my art practice and just like to give them out as gifts with no monetary transaction)


The response from the Sephora beauty community has always been so amazing and it's truly been a wellspring of validation, warmth and unique insights. With lovely people with great eyes for beautiful things. ❤️


A few supplies for the future...


a few favez / the shape of things to comea few favez / the shape of things to come

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

Your perspective is appreciated, @Julessss14.

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

Thank you for sharing, @Julessss14!

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*



I heard this week that the Summer Fridays Dream Lip Oil for Moisturizing Sheer Coverage Pink Cloud had a launch party at the Chateau Marmont (iconic L.A. location, Eve Babitz also a noted writer on her Chateau-a-logues) for their lip oil. I wasn't lucky enough to get an invitation (sad!) but my friend Teddy was so I got to see some highlights of the party on his Instagram story (and he is a great photographer so really the aesthetic was 100...). I ordered one (in pink, obviously) and a PAT McGRATH LABS Luxe Eyeshadow Palette: Bronze Borealis Lunar New Year Edition (honestly love this series) and a few goodies from the beauty insider rewards bazaar (maybe something from Dior I can't remember). 



Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

Great drawing, @Julessss14 !  Love the purple glittery color in the bottom left corner 💜💜💜  Enjoy your new goodies! 💖💖💖

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

@Titian06 💚💚💚

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

Welcome back @Julessss14 .  Loving everything, no surprise 💗

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

@danielledanielle thank you! ❤️


I was listening to the Linda Fargo podcast episode Bergdorf Goodman's Linda Fargo on Bringing Glamour to Retail.


She mentioned a lot about found objects so I decided to experiment with a little bit more mixed media, using some found objections and a little bit more blush from a trixie cosmetics western set and makeup by mario illuminator in addition to the standard glitter pigment / pencil / misc. makeup products. Obviously, as a student of Chinese, I love the fortune cookie. The gold drunk elephant charm is from New York, I think... (not sure)


Kind of a productive day? 


Spellbound sky crystal cardSpellbound sky crystal cardfortune cookie fortunefortune cookie fortunegold drunk elephant charmgold drunk elephant charmfortune cookie fortunefortune cookie fortuneabstraction with blush and glitter eye pigmentabstraction with blush and glitter eye pigment



Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

@Julessss14 Those are all amazing!!!! 😍😍😍

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

@SportyGirly125 💝💝💝

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

@Julessss14, I'd say.  Most effort I put into today was putting on my face and working up the nerve to make a phone call 🤣


I like how you pull inspiration from all sorts of places

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

These are all gorgeous, @Julessss14 ! 🤩


I agree with @danielledanielle , putting on makeup and driving to my hair appointment was about all I could manage today. 🤣

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

@Titian06 sometimez a hair appt is the most important thing... 💜💛

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

Happy 2024! 


Dusting off the old paintbrush and seeing the new merch! I loved the color of the Drunk Elephant Bora Barrier Rich Repair Cream with 6-Butterlipid Complex 1.69 oz / 50 mL (a gorgeous coral adjacent) and I did bit of a pink-orange tie-dye twist for the cap. 


The name reminded me of the the tropical island in Tahiti, Bora Bora. Since I was going for a tropical / glitter-star scene, I did a little research and found these flowers, the Tahitian Gardenia, the National Flower of French Polynesia. The scientific name is Gardenia taitensis. And added two in the corners.


In a glitter gardenIn a glitter garden


Just one little housekeeping note since I have the legal disclaimer at the top of this thread that I am no longer working with/contracting for Sephora - still taking some time to rest in L.A. - but a fan of the brand, nonetheless! ❤️ 


Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

Welcome back, @Julessss14 !  I hope you and Anchovy are doing well. 🙂  This watercolor is very pretty!  I love the coral color, gardenia, and tropical feel. 🥰

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

@Titian06 luvz a tropical vibe! Thank you for asking about Anchovy! ❤️ He is doing well, though maybe in need of a paw-dicure soon...

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