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*~Sephora Watercolors~*

Working day-in and day-out on the Sephora site and apps, I am often seeking additional ways to be creative, and have fun, with beauty products. 


I’ve started a series that I dub *~Sephora Watercolors~*, mixing pencil, watercolors, a variety of shiny gelly roll pens and deco markers, and, of course, a healthy assortment of Sephora-sourced lip glosses, sparkly nail polishes, glittery face pigments, and more.


In terms of inspo? It’s a mix of the charming illustrations of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and the (precious) watercolors of my grandmother, an artist in her own time, known for her Asian-inspired and tropical tableaus, mixing watercolor with fine pen marks. She also designed and merch’ed up the windows for the historic West Coast department store I. Magnin & Company in Los Angeles, which I think is pretty cool. 


So, without further delay, here is the series. I will post whenever I have a chance, hopefully bi-weekly. I’ll note out the date of creation, link to the products and list out the materials used in the work. 


Can’t wait to hear what you think! 🙂 ❤️💄


Note: Worked with product management @ / contracted for Sephora previously.







  • Sephora product: CHANEL Chance Eau Tendre Eau de Parfum 
  • Date of creation: 4/19/23
  • Materials: Watercolors, pencil, pink gelly roll pen, gems, rapid tone repair dark spot corrector, Sephora Collection eyeliner, Dior lip gloss, Sephora Collection nail polish



Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*



(gave this one to my sister)



Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*



Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely adore Hello Kitty (and truly all characters from the Sanrio Universe) - sharing this one just for fun - materials are watercolor and pen/pencil 🙂



Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

@Julessss14 I love this painting! Hello Kitty holds a special place in my heart.

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*


Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

@Julessss14 @Love Hello Kitty and Sanrio. 

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

yesssss Sephora or Sephora Collection x Sanrio collab happening soon lol??? Would totally dig that!!! 



Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

@Julessss14 I like that idea!

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

Yasss esp something qute with the b&w stripes (could be bedazzled...) 💖

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

@Julessss14 I still have the brushes and container Sephora did with Hello Kitty years ago. 

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

omg wanna see a pic!!! 

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*




They also came out with makeup but I didn’t get them and a mirror and compact. Sanrio has released similar ones. I got a white, black and red container and a red brush. 


Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

O-M-G! These are so fabulous....... 

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*



Mini art studio in situ moment. 


Abstraction with stars, featuring HAUS LABS BY LADY GAGA Hy-Power Eye, Cheek & Lip Pigment Paint Rose Gold Shimmer, SEPHORA COLLECTION Wild Wishes Nail Polish Set (clear nail polish), silver deco marker and some pailettes from the French General as materials. 



Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*



I've been playing around with pure abstraction and this moment with Good Dye Young Poser Paste Temporary Hair Makeup Steal My Sunshine Yellow (in pink) & Dior Dior Airflash Spray Foundation 3 Warm Peach (303), mixed with some white glitter gel and pearl beads from my favorite store, the French General of Riverside Drive, is one such example. 


There are many more... and lots involving Sephora Collection nail polish.... I am considering maybe putting in mini-Sephora-watercolor-products or just leaving it as a more abstract composition, focused on materiality and form as the primary elements. TBD! Or maybe a mix of both???


The first page of the Arches watercolor palette is black (btw this is the same brand my grandmother used for her watercolors - Arches is quite historic - dating back to 1492!) and oftentimes people throw it away. In the spirit of recycling & sustainability, I opted to take this first page and use it as the black background for this pearl-pink-black abstract color story. 

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

Impressive, @Julessss14 , what you can do--or think to do--with other products to create your drawings! 💖💖💖  (I know these aren't "drawings"!)

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

💖💖💖 the joy is the process of discovery 💖💖💖 - thank you so much! @Titian06 ❤️

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*



This is actually a collaboration I did with my friend one night after dinner (you can tell she/they did the background - it's much more maximalist than my usual style... and you can tell that she/they is also a big fan of the Dodgers with the spin on the classic LA logo....) but honestly love this one and all the colors remind me of a tie-dye vibe~ 🙂



Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*




I ended up gifting this one to a girlfriend before she went to Coachella.... honestly think it was the right decision and she said she loved wearing it there 🙂

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*



Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

This is so cute, @Julessss14 !  I'm not familiar with the actual product.

Re: *~Sephora Watercolors~*

Thank you! ❤️ 


@Titian06 I discovered Kaja as well in the past year and really love their stuff. The packaging is too cute! And, of course, a big fan of anything glittery (or replete with charms)...


Here's the link to the brand page:


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